We are iFax

Celebrating 13 years of effortless faxing.


The First Online Fax App

In 2008, Apple launched the App Store with only 500 apps. Like many developers worldwide, we were thrilled and excited as we relentlessly built an app for anything conceivable and participated in the mobile revolution. We failed on most of our apps, but we were unstoppable.


The Lightbulb Moment

One day we were confronted with a frustrating situation. Our bank requested that we send a document exclusively by fax, but we did not have access to a fax machine. We quickly discovered that this was a surprisingly common problem, and fortunately, a fax app did not yet exist.


The World’s First Mobile Fax Machine

We seized the opportunity and quickly developed a rough vision for how mobile faxing, designed a user interface and the technical architecture. Six weeks later we had an MVP and the world’s first fax app was born.

Top 10 Most Downloaded App

So, without any real-world testing or marketing plan, we decided to simply launch iFax on the App Store as a “beta” and hopefully get some feedback from users.

Shockingly, we got a lot more than we anticipated because iFax rocketed to the 8th most downloaded app on the entire App Store!

Our servers crashed.


There’s an App for That!

Apple featured iFax on the App Store, and they invited us to create product tweaks and participate in one of their famous TV commercials. Sadly, we never ended up making the cut.


Cross-Platform for Effortless Faxing

Soon, we quickly expanded to the Mac, Android, and Windows devices. From there, we added support for Apple Watch and Android Wear, and the web.

Fax is Still Evolving

iFax has supported every new iPhone, iPad and iOS update since inception.


iFax Always Delivers

iFax has consistently ranked as one of the highest-grossing business apps on all major app stores. We have been fortunate enough to serve millions of happy users and our customer satisfaction continues to increase.

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We’re looking forward to another decade of making faxing effortless and accessible for everyone.