In the old times, as we all know that faxes were sent over a phone line. Home-based businesses and industries had to rely on a separate fax line so as to fulfill their faxing needs. To some extent in many such said industry network, faxes are still sent via conventional way.

Nowadays fewer people have fixed phone lines and working remotely even reduces the chances of a fax line or fax machine.

So the basic question which remains is… can we send a fax without a phone line?

Faxing Without A Phone Line

For small businesses or to send an off document via fax, it is neither a feasible option to buy a fax machine nor it seems that you’ll want to opt for a monthly fee to have a fixed phone line. Needless to say about the cost involved in the additional accessories & supplies such as paper, ink toner, etc. One option is to visit a nearby store or shop who can facilitate for you to send and receive a fax but this option has its own drawbacks for e.g, it’s time-consuming.

However, with technology gaining momentum in every aspect of our lives, faxing has not left behind as well. Now you are able to send and receive faxes online.

Online Fax Services

Online faxing is an Internet-based hosted service wherein you are excluded from having to buy and install fax servers, modems, and software. All you have to do is to subscribe to a third-party online faxing service that converts emails to faxes and vice-versa. You will need 3 things: Internet connectivity, ability to send and receive emails and subscription of online faxing service.


  • Low cost
  • Confidential
  • Mobility
  • No fax machine
  • No installation
  • No need for a telephone line
  • Environmental friendly
  • Efficient and Speedy

With iFax, the quickest & simplest online fax services you can easily send a fax and your documents directly from your smart device, i.e, smartphone, tablet, desktop, etc. You can use the iFax app, email or online web account to send and receive faxes hassle-free, anywhere anytime!

You can even avail a free fax number for your customers and clients to send you faxes. These faxes are securely embedded to protect your data and are stored in the cloud for you to access even while you are on the go via the app or online.

Few benefits of iFax to have a quick glance upon:

1) Save Money
No Fax machine, fixed phone line, paper or ink toner cost.

2) Full of Options
Select your preferred fax number from a pool of local and international numbers.

3) On The Go
Feel the convenience to send and receive faxes from your desktop, tablet, laptop or smartphone.

4) Highly Secured
Faxes as an email attachment are delivered straight to your email inbox.

5) Enhanced Reliability
Free from busy signals, no more paper jams, changing ink toner and lost/misplaced faxes.

6) Feature-rich Components
Customize images, add a company logo and digital signature. Receive fax notifications, updates and many more with iFax only.

7) Stay Organized
Now sync all your digitized files to the cloud and retrieve it anytime-anywhere hence, no more need to manually arrange and declutter your office desk regularly.

Instead of having to scan a document, you can simply attach your documents as PDF files. iFax supports all the major file formats of your documents. You can even send photos as an attachment to the email. The best part of all is that all your data is safe and secure with cloud storage so that you never lose any important conversation, bill or document.

iFax is quick because of simple UI, filled with the rich feature set, exceptionally integrated document scanner, cloud storage and most importantly, online fax encryption. The 128-bit TLS (Transferred Layer Security) fax encryption creates a defensive atmosphere around your sensitive electronic data to protect against any type of security hazard or threat.

Additionally, apart from other features such as fax image editing, automatic optimizations, add company logo, 24*7 support, iFax’s major benefit is that it is HIPAA & GLBA compliant. iFax has truly stood up to its reputation for becoming world’s no.1 fax app in providing fast and reliable online fax services.