Key Reasons To Opt For Online Fax System For Your Business

Key Reasons To Opt For Online Fax System For Your Business

Alexis Basilla

It is no longer the talk of the town; or shall we just put in a way that no longer anyone has to go the town to send a fax, thanks to the internet or online fax. Traditional fax usage has considerably reduced with the evolving and emerging market and industry sector and their increasing needs especially in the health and legal organisations. As a matter of fact, faxing still remains at the core for the said industry as documents being part of records and contracts.

Today, documents still remain an integral part of building public relations as well as at the core of it lies secure and professional communication. With hackers and malicious files corrupting system to steal data and personal records, Internet fax offers secure means of sending and receiving documents via encrypted services. Below listed are several reasons why you need an online fax system for your business.


Three Key Reasons for Start Online Faxing

Professional Approach

It is quite hard for small businesses, solo and entrepreneurs to approach with the same level of professionalism and credibility as compared to established businesses, companies and brands. Even with a visually attractive website and alluring mobile site, they aren’t able to compete and the only possible way seems is to go for online fax system when you quickly need to send and receive confidential documents.

The Internet fax system lets you get rid of the fax machine, phone line, etc and the cost associated with it. Moreover, you can send and receive documents anytime, anywhere even while you are on the go. Internet faxing lets you save time and money while increasing efficiency and productivity.

Marketing & Public Relations

Every company needs to put out their products and advertise to their target audience. But before that, a long process of product optimization has to happen during which the marketing team has to collaborate with writers, designers and more so as to bring out the best product conveying the meaning of the brand. This requires a lot of intra or inter-departmental (if the team is located offshore) communication to take place during which, internet faxing can play a very important role. To get the process started, you must communicate in a secure and efficient way.

Fax Anytime, Anywhere

There are many ways in which one could accomplish the task of sending online fax viz, from a website, mobile app and web app. There is no need for a fax machine, dedicated phone line, paper or ink. Everything can be sufficed electronically.

Online fax services offer easy managing and filtering of faxes either sent or received via email, leading cloud storage, or often both. The lucrative benefit of online faxing is that it is pocket-friendly and more so sort of free for infrequent users. For regular users, a small monthly fee will cover everything which is negligible as compared to the cost paper, ink, phone line, etc. As a matter of fact, online faxing is convenient, environmentally friendly and offers loads of features. Hence, cloud faxing allows you to send and receive faxes anywhere, anytime even while you are on the go.


For such a service trust no other than industry leader iFax enterprise. iFax lets you use fax services using your smartphone (fax from iPhone or Android, etc), tablet or computer making it your business’s necessary tool for all the faxing solutions. With HIPAA & GLBA compliant, iFax allows your employees to securely start sending and receiving faxes instantly from anywhere.

With iFax you get customizable cover page template options, integrated document scanner and supports all major image formats. All your faxes are automatically saved and your office staff can easily connect to the cloud storage platform and upload from web, email or desktop computers.

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