Make Your Phone Smart With Real Accessibility To Online/ Mobile Faxing

Make Your Phone Smart With Real Accessibility To Online/ Mobile Faxing

Having a bad day just because you could not get the old fax machine fixed? Or simply got struck off from a nice business deal just because the documents did not transmitted well enough! I am not going to say it happens! It’s Life! But what I might suggest is by asking that, are you utilizing your phone to its optimum smartphone capacity?

Well, for sure, the following few scribbling is definitely going to relieve you from at least one topic that’s troubling your head and that is ‘How to fax a document from your Smartphone’ and few salient features on how it can help in business growth.

Whether you are working/ Individual/ Enterprise or managing a small business, there are still some organizations who would not accept documents attached in PDF format and sent through e-mail. Instead, they might specifically ask you to fax them. Just the internet connection of your phone is not going to act as a fax machine or dial-up modem. On the contrary, yes, your smartphone can help you halfway here by relying upon an app or third party online/ mobile faxing services.

These third-party services are chargeable which allows you to send faxes from your mobile. As with almost every other app, these are chargeable services but they also offer few free faxes initially. This is to promote their app and allows them to turn one-time user into a prospective customer. This trial period is also beneficial as one gets to decide about the User-Interface and likeability of the app. Since, from a stand-alone point of view your smartphone cannot act as dial-up modem, so you are depended on these third-party service providers servers to do the legwork for you.

You can either sign and fill details in PDF documents on your phone and fax them or use phone’s camera to scan physical copy of documents and fax them.

Moreover, these services are chargeable down the line hence, it all depends upon your perception or simply upon your usage of sending online faxes. In the conventional method, worse part would be to own a fax machine for yourself and also on top, have to shell out for fixed phone line, ink & papers, etc or walk up to store/ library every time you need to send a fax. One should not go through this trouble and opt for these online faxing apps especially if you need to send fax occasionally. Importantly, mobile faxing empowers you to do everything electronically with just pushing few buttons.

One must have to be careful about choosing such app as these faxes are going to contain sensitive work related or personal information if your are sending it to your bank/ GP/ government body, etc. So, the sole focus should not be kept upon the financial edge but also one should check reviews, trustworthy, popularity through number of downloads, etc.

If you are in a line of work wherein you have to send faxes frequently and also with tangible personal or business information than I would recommend none other than, The most secure ‘iFax’ app. With over 2 million downloads, and so far users have sent over 2.5 million super low-cost fax pages since 2008. With neat & simple User-Interface, one can easily remember how to manoeuvre within the iFax app. The unique presentable features of iFax are online image editing, custom & professional templates, add company logo & digital signature. iFax is securely embedded for online faxing services. iFax services are also authentic with HIPAA and GLBA compliant. You also get to choose your free fax number.

If you do not want to get tied up with any of online fax service provider and not looking to commit with their annual plan in such scenario also iFax provides unparalleled platform even if your usage is limited to just few online faxes now and then.

iFax has contemplated and catered to the needs of varied age group among different industry and ventures. iFax provides, No Sign-up needed for instant fax. Secured payment transmission. If you wish, you could also buy credits for extra discounts. iFax even has amazing innovatives such as free faxes by referring friends. Such experimentation always works in the favour of any user.

Moreover, you could also use iFax’s website to send fax or use their fax by email feature. iFax app runs on multiple platforms such as Mac, Windows, iPhone & iPad, Android and Chrome. Most of the service provider allows you to send faxes over email means that any mobile device can easily send faxes without needing to install an extra app.

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