There were times when fax machines were the epitome of modern-day technology and communications; then came the era of mobility and took everything by storm. We saw technology becoming obsolete in a matter of months; emails and other modes of faster communication smashed fax machines out of the picture. However, in some settings, faxing is still crucial to the core tasks and their completion.

It’s a real struggle when we find ourselves looking to send a fax and we don’t have a fax machine to hand. Thanks to smartphones, there are some apps that enable you to send or receive faxes using a smartphone.

It’s a simple process, and here are some easy guidelines you can follow to fax from your smartphone instead of going for a fax machine hunt.

Steps To Send A Fax Through Your Smartphone Using A Free App

Download An App

Whether you are an iPhone or Android user, go to your app store and search for the keyword ‘fax,’to download an app. There are many free mobile faxing apps for Android and iPhone users; however, you might have to make an in-app purchase later. So, go to the app store and download iFax, which will simplify faxing for you like no other app on the market.

Launch The App

Once downloaded, open the app, and you will see an option prompting you to start, click on it to begin.

Fill-In Your Details

In the next step, you come across a form to fill in your related details. Make sure you select the correct country code and phone number of the recipient. Then enter personal information such as recipient’s & sender’s name along with the subject of the fax, email, and date etc. The sequence may vary but the format is more or less the same in all apps.

Compose And Customise

At this stage, you mention details relevant to your fax. For example, how many pages are you going to fax? Or you might be asked to select the priority option, whether it’s a normal delivery or an urgent one etc.

At this stage, you can also add a cover letter note or cover page – If you do not know what a cover page is then let me explain. It is a page where you fill and all the details about yourself and the recipient, along with details about the fax. The recipient receives this page before you can send out the actual fax message.

The purpose is to present the sender to the recipient in a recognisable fashion by providing some details about both parties. However, this is an optional process and does not affect your fax. The next step will be to upload or attach your file.

Upload The File

Do not be alarmed – It is not as daunting as it sounds. Uploading a file or paper that you would like to fax is easier than you think. However, the process for uploading a file differs from uploading a hard paper in your hand. Let me explain.

Uploading A File

To upload a picture or a file that is already on your smartphone is very simple – click on the ‘Add Attachment’ or ‘upload’ option available on your app and browse through your smartphone to find the file you intend to send as a fax. Once you have selected the app, click ‘OK’ and you are good to go.

Uploading A Hard Copy

You must be thinking, how? The answer is, most of the apps have built-in scanners that use your phone’s camera to scan the document, or you can take a picture of the paper/hard copy. Once done, you can follow the steps mentioned earlier in how to upload a file.

Press Send

After following the above-mentioned simple steps, now all you are all set to send your fax to the recipient. A click on the ‘send’ button and your fax is on its way.

Can I Fax From My Phone For Free?

A common question that comes to your mind is if this is free.

You will be amazed to know that apps such as iFax offer a free trial where you can use the app for 7 days completely free of charge. This gives you the chance to experience faxing from your smartphone and decide if you want to continue with the subscription.


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