Email-to-Fax Services:
MyFax vs iFax

The main difference between MyFax and iFax’s email-to-fax service is that iFax supports secure storage, large file attachments, and is HIPAA compliant, while MyFax, though budget-friendly, has very limited email-to-fax features and lacks data security.

MyFax vs iFax Email to Fax

Why businesses choose
iFax over MyFax

Cost Effective

Enjoy the benefits of HIPAA compliant email faxing at a reasonable price per page pricing of $0.01.

Secure Storage

Always have a secure backup of all your faxes on an encryped online storage that is accessible from your email inbox.

Large Attachments

Send large files as attachment in your email faxes without worrying about exceeding your limits.


 Price per pageHIPAA ComplianceSecure Fax Transmissions

File Attachment Size

Real-Time Notifications
MyFax0.12¢NoNoUp to 20MBNo

Feature breakdown of
Myfax and iFax Email to Fax Services

MyFax vs iFax Email to Fax

For secure transmissions, iFax takes the lead

Many online fax services claim superiority over traditional methods, but email-to-fax is prone to vulnerabilities. Your email client may lack privacy compliance crucial for customer trust. iFax excels in secure faxing, employing TSL, strong 256-bit AES encryption, and full HIPAA compliance. On the other hand, MyFax claims security without HIPAA compliance, a crucial gap for sensitive sectors like healthcare.
“Overall, iFax is easy to use, and I like it. I work in the health industry. It is important for me to have software with HIPAA compliance. It is worth to pay money to be compliant.”
Natsumi M. Business Owner

Fax Large and Multiple File Attachments with iFax

With iFax’s email-to-fax feature, sending high-quality faxes becomes seamless. It offers unlimited file uploads in PDF, DOC, XLS, JPG, and GIF formats, allowing multiple copies and sizable attachments within your plan’s page limit.
Meanwhile, MyFax permits attaching PDF, TXT, RTF, and Microsoft Office files (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) to your email faxes. You can upload up to 10 files, totaling a maximum of 20MB. When multiple files are attached, MyFax merges them into a single document, organized according to your attachment sequence.

“Great customer service! The Google Workspace integration has been great for our organization. Everyone likes it compared to our previous service.”
Omar C., IT Expert (Non-Profit)
MyFax vs iFax Email to Fax
MyFax vs iFax Email to Fax

Streamline Fax management and Archival with the iFax Smart Inbox

iFax stores your faxes in your email inbox and encrypts them in online storage. This ensures that you have a secure backup of all your faxes. Moreover, you have the option to configure the storage settings. You can auto-delete the faxes after a certain period or store them in your account forever. Note that both outbound and inbound faxes count in the total page allowance. 

As for MyFax, it’s unclear whether its fax archiving capabilities include faxes sent by email. Still, you can set custom fax storage periods and tag faxes to organize them. However, you will want to think twice about using their fax storage since the vendor cannot guarantee HIPAA compliance and strong security measures. There’s also the risk of anyone being able to view your fax documents if they manage to gain unauthorized access.

“It was cheaper compared to other providers, the ease of use and very intuitive design and the reliability of the faxes being sent. My team and I always get great support from the team whenever an issue needs to be dealt with.”
John M., CIO (Medical Practice)

iFax remains a cost-effective alternative

The iFax email-to-fax service is available to Pro users at $25/month billed annually or $29.99/month billed monthly. This includes 1000 pages, one fax number, HIPAA-compliant fax by email services, and 24/7 dedicated support.

On the other hand, all MyFax plans include email-to-fax services. The lowest plan is $12/month for 100 pages sent and 100 pages received. The highest plan is $45/month, with 600 pages sent and 600 pages received. This includes one dedicated fax number, sending faxes from up to 5 different emails, and a 24/7 support team.

Comparing MyFax and iFax plans, you’ll get more out of iFax. MyFax’s $20.83/month plan only allows 300 pages sent and 300 pages received (600 pages) with basic security features. iFax’s $25/month plan offers 1000 pages plus advanced security features at the same price tag.

“Our organization has been using this iFax service for a few months now, and it has been working very well. The customer service team are excellent, they have been very helpful in explaining our usage and how we can benefit from upgrading to a better package that will cost us less instead of trying to sell us more than we need.”
Shamin R.
Digital Marketing Mentor

Switch to iFax and never worry about a file being too big to fax.

Choosing iFax means your email communication capabilities go up.
Start faxing today and send any file size or type to your recipients.
“Game Changer”

“Overall experience is amazing. We are not submitting documents to government agencies as they are completed without waiting weeks for the mail service to deliver them. Clients lives will be greatly impacted for the better as this has cut out waiting time. The ease of setup and the ability to send fax directly from my computer without having a dedicated phone line.”

Phillip B., Team Leader (Non-Profit)