faxplus vs faxzero comparison

FaxPlus vs FaxZero

The main difference between FaxPlus and FaxZero is affordability and faxing capabilities. FaxPlus is excellent for international faxing at an affordable cost. Meanwhile, FaxZero suits those who want to fax occasionally and for free.

FaxPlus and FaxZero Comparison

FaxZero vs FaxPlus


Price per page

HIPAA Compliance

Local and toll-free numbers

eSignature Tool

Fax Broadcasting











FaxPlus vs FaxZero

FaxPlus vs FaxZero? Consider these fundamental differences.


FaxPlus is an ISO 27001-certified online fax provider that uses 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) to protect data at rest or in transit. During fax transmissions, FaxPlus enables Transport Layer Security (TLS) as an added security.

As for FaxZero, file uploads are protected with HTTPS for encryption, while faxes are equipped with SSL or TLS. However, the fax service is not a suitable alternative to FaxPlus for faxes containing PHI and other confidential information. 

User Experience

FaxPlus has a modern, sleek, easy-to-navigate web interface. Its platform provides clear and straightforward options, allowing you to fax with little or no assistance. If you urgently need to transmit messages, FaxPlus is a good option since it has no complicated setups.

Similarly, FaxZero makes faxing quick and hassle-free. You don’t even need to create an account or log in to start using it. It’s easy to get familiar with, and the features are self-explanatory. 

HIPAA Compliance

FaxPlus is a HIPAA-compliant fax service. Aside from its stringent security measures to safeguard fax transmissions, especially those that contain protected health information, it is also willing to sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with its Enterprise plan clients.

FaxZero, unfortunately, does not comply with HIPAA. You cannot use this service to fax medical records or any healthcare documents containing sensitive patient data.

Device Applications

With FaxPlus, users can download its fax app on their iPhone or Android phones. You can also access your account via its desktop applications for Windows and Mac.

As for FaxZero, this service will work on any phone or computer, but there’s no dedicated app that you can install on your desktop or mobile device. You must always access it through its website, and for that, you need a web browser like Chrome or Edge.

FaxPlus vs FaxZero


If it’s signature signing you want, you can count on FaxPlus to let you do it within its Android and iOS apps. You can either sign by checkmark or by inserting your handwritten signature. It makes faxing that requires signatures easy since you don’t need a third-party eSignature signing tool.

FaxZero lacks this functionality. If you want a document signed first before faxing it, you must do so using your preferred electronic signature app (e.g., Fill, Adobe Sign).

Fax Broadcasting

FaxPlus lets you send high-volume faxes to multiple recipients in over 180 countries. Its fax broadcasting functionality is as simple as importing contacts and attaching documents. You may also send your faxes instantly or schedule them later at your preferred date or time.

As for FaxZero, there’s no option to send fax broadcasts. You can only send faxes to a single recipient. 

Fax Numbers

With FaxPlus, you can send and receive faxes. Subscribing to any of its plans already includes one fax number, which you can use to receive faxes directly on your phone or computer. You can add more toll-free or local fax numbers for a fixed fee or, better yet, port your existing number.

With FaxZero, you cannot receive faxes. It doesn’t offer any service that would let you set up a new fax number or port an existing number. You can only use this service to send faxes.

Pricing and Plans

The basic plan for FaxPlus starts at $6.99 per month, which already comes with unlimited fax storage and multiple-recipient faxing features. If you want to subscribe to any of its paid plans, it’s best to pay annually to save up to 3 months. Aside from the basic plan, the other available plans are Premium, Business, and Enterprise.

FaxZero lets you send faxes for free but only up to five pages daily. However, anything that’s free always has a catch. For FaxZero, that’s including its branding or watermark on your cover page. If you want to send more than the set limit, you must pay $2.09 per fax. Its rates for international faxing also vary depending on the destination country.

FaxPlus vs FaxZero

Comparing FaxPlus and FaxZero

While both are known online fax providers, FaxPlus lets you do more than send a fax. With it, you can have a new fax number or port one from your old fax service. It also packs a full lineup of dependable features, such as receiving and broadcasting faxes. Plus, it’s HIPAA-compliant, so those in the healthcare industry can rely on it to fax documents containing sensitive healthcare information. 

Meanwhile, FaxZero’s functionality is limited. While it’s great for free and occasional faxing, especially for those who can’t find a nearby fax center, that’s about it. It offers no additional functionalities like fax broadcasting or fax scheduling that would help you streamline your faxing process.

If you want nothing but to fax on the fly, without a fax machine, and for free, consider FaxZero. But if you’re a business or a professional who wants to fax documents securely and efficiently, FaxPlus is the way to go.

iFax: The Best FaxZero and FaxPlus Alternative

When choosing between FaxZero and FaxPlus, both are good options for people without fax machines who wouldn’t want to get one because of the costly maintenance. These two fax services are beginner-friendly and easy to use without complicated setups. But for an all-around online fax provider that won’t break the bank, choose iFax instead. 

Our fax service is a better FaxPlus and FaxZero alternative since it provides all the best features you’re looking for in a modern fax provider. You can send bulk faxes, schedule transmissions, and sign documents all within one intuitive platform.

The best part? iFax is suitable for all industries that need secure faxing, especially healthcare businesses looking for a HIPAA-compliant fax solution. 

Get started with a trial account to explore iFax’s best features.

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Kent is a content strategist currently specializing in HIPAA-compliant online fax. Her expertise in this field allows her to provide valuable insights to clients seeking a secure and efficient online fax solution.

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