Interfax vs. Retarus

The main difference between Interfax and Retarus is their subscription plans. Interfax has a flexible pricing plan, allowing users to pay only for their desired services. Retarus offers a more tailored pricing approach.

Interfax vs Retarus


 Price Per PageHIPAA ComplianceeSign on FaxFax BroadcastingFax API
RetarusCustom pricingYesYesYesYes

Deep Dive Into Interfax vs. Retarus

Interfax vs Retarus

Which fax service is more secure?

Interfax uses Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption for data at rest and in transit. They have an Audit trail where users can monitor the faxing activities throughout their account. They also have a “Delete Fax after Completion” feature that ensures fax images are automatically deleted and not stored in their systems for an extended time, more than necessary. Lastly, they are PHIPA-compliant, PCI DSS Level 1 certified, and accredited with ISO 27001.

Retarus uses AES 256-bit encryption and TLS 1.2 encryption. As an alternative to Interfax, it ensures that all data at rest and in transit are encrypted. The service also utilizes two-factor authentication and account-level user access control to prevent unauthorized access.

Which fax service is HIPAA compliant?

Healthcare organizations and businesses can use Interfax or Retarus to fax sensitive health records. The two HIPAA-compliant fax services offer a signed Business Associate Agreement (BAA) to clients handling protected health information (PHI).

Interfax vs Retarus
Interfax vs Retarus

Ease of modern faxing

Interfax offers a smooth and modern user interface. Also, you can count on its mobile-responsive web app to work with major web browsers, such as Chrome and Microsoft Edge. It also allows faxing using your existing email.

On the other hand, Retarus also offers a user-friendly interface where users can easily navigate through their system. Users can automate their workflows for a seamless user experience.

Mobile limitations

Unfortunately, both Interfax and Retarus do not have dedicated mobile applications. Faxing from a phone or any mobile device requires using a web app, which may not provide the same level of convenience and functionality.

Interfax vs Retarus
Interfax vs Retarus

Does Interfax offer a robust API for developers?

Interfax’s robust and well-documented API provides detailed information on its functionality and endpoints. Developers can also refer to its included code examples for guidance on how to integrate the API into existing projects.

Likewise, Retarus also offers comprehensive API documentation, providing code examples, detailed guides, and reference materials. Additionally, users can choose from SOAP, REST, and other development-friendly functions to integrate faxing capabilities.

Hassle-free bulk faxing

Both Interfax and Retarus offer a fax broadcasting feature where users can simultaneously send messages in large quantities to multiple recipients for fax campaigns, marketing, and newsletters. This will allow them to reach their intended audience seamlessly without wasting time.

Interfax vs Retarus
Interfax vs Retarus

Interfax and Retarus pricing

Interfax offers a fixed and custom pricing plan as a Retarus alternative. Here are their four monthly subscription plans that you can choose from:

  • Fax + 200: $9.95 per month with 200 pages
  • Fax + 500: $22.95 per month with 500 pages
  • Fax + 1000: $42.95 per month with 1,000 pages
  • Custom plans: Tailored to your needs

As for Retarus, they don’t have a fixed pricing plan. You’ll need to contact them first and request a custom quote. The pricing will solely depend on the needs and solutions that you will be using. 

Interfax and Retarus comparison: Which fax service is better?

Both are reliable and secure fax providers. However, choosing between the two will depend on your budget and needs.

Interfax offers a fixed plan, so you don’t have to go through the process of availing a custom plan. Retarus, on the other hand, doesn’t offer a fixed pricing plan, which means more savings since you can opt to pay only for the type of service you want.

If neither fits your needs and preferences, consider iFax instead.

Interfax vs Retarus

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Yes, Interfax offers a range of EHR and EMR integration options, where you can send and receive faxes directly from your EHR or EMR platform.

Such functionality enables healthcare providers to send, receive, and manage faxes directly from their EHR or EMR platforms.

Retarus, on the other, hasn’t explicitly stated whether it supports integrations with EMR and EHR systems.

Yes, iFax makes sending faxes from Google Workspace hassle-free, all while ensuring unparalleled deliverability. There’s even no need for complex setups or configurations. All you need is to install the iFax add-on and set it up, and you’re all set to send any PDF or Word document via fax.