Nextiva vs. Retarus

Both offer cloud-based fax solutions but differ in pricing and features. Nextiva, for instance, supports fax scheduling but lacks OCR functionality. Retarus provides the opposite, letting you extract texts from faxes using OCR.

nextiva vs retarus


 Monthly PricingHIPAA ComplianceeSign on FaxFax OCRFax Broadcasting
Nextiva$18.95 per monthYesYesNoYes
RetarusCustom pricingYesYesYesYes

Deep Dive Into Nextiva vs Retarus

Nextiva vs. Retarus


Nextiva utilizes Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP) encryption, Transport Layer Protocol (TLS), and 256-bit SSL encryption to protect all fax transmissions. Encrypting faxes in motion keeps malicious entities from looking into the contents of the transmitted documents.

As a Nextiva alternativeRetarus uses AES 256-bit, X.509, or PGP for encryption, depending on the file type. The fax service also utilizes Transport Layer Protocol (TLS) and Virtual Private Network (VPN) to ensure secure data transmissions.

HIPAA compliance

Both Nextiva and Retarus abide by HIPAA rules. They can willingly enter into signed Business Associate Agreements (BAA) with clients who wish to use their service to fax documents containing sensitive health data.

Nextiva vs. Retarus
Nextiva vs. Retarus

Device applications

As an alternative to Retarus, Nextiva has dedicated mobile applications for Android and iOS users. Also, they have responsive web applications, which users can access and use seamlessly across various platforms. 

In contrast, Retarus does not have dedicated mobile apps, but the fax service offers a web app called WebExpress, where users can manage their faxes. Users can also use their Mail2Fax to send and receive faxes directly from email.

Fax scheduling

If you need to schedule faxes, you are better off choosing Nextiva over Retarus, as the latter does not support such functionality. 

With Nextiva, you can draft faxes and have them delivered automatically to your recipients at your desired time or date. Fax scheduling eliminates faxing hassles since you can fax in advance, considering the different time zones and business hours.

Nextiva vs. Retarus
Nextiva vs. Retarus

Fax broadcasting

Both Nextiva and Retarus support fax broadcasting.

Broadcasting faxes means you can send a single fax to multiple recipients simultaneously. There is no need to send everything manually, making it easier to broadcast campaigns and disseminate information to a targeted group in one go.


Extracting texts from fax images helps streamline your faxing processes, making it easier to search, sort, and archive faxes without manual intervention. Luckily, even if this feature is lacking in Nextiva, you can count on Retarus to fill that gap. 

The fax service has Fax OCR (Optical Character Recognition), which can accurately scan and extract texts from any fax document.

Nextiva vs. Retarus
Nextiva vs. Retarus

Nextiva and Retarus Pricing

Nextiva’s pricing depends on how many users will be using the service. For a team of 20-99 users, you can consider getting any of the following plans:

  • Essential: $18.95 per month
  • Professional: $22.95 per month
  • Enterprise: $32.95 per month

Retarus, on the other hand, offers custom pricing options. The total cost will depend on your specific needs and preferences. You can also tailor the fax solution to suit your organization’s workflow in a way that aligns best with operational objectives.

Comparing Nextiva vs. Retarus

Which fax service is better, Nextiva or Retarus?

Ultimately, it all boils down to your faxing prerequisites and non-negotiables. Despite the two services sharing similarities, such as catering to businesses of all sizes, Retarus has specific features that Nextiva lacks and vice versa. 

So, if you want to do scheduled faxing to save time and optimize deliverability, choose Nextiva. If you need to extract texts from faxes automatically and minimize the dreadful manual tasks, Retarus is your best bet.

Nextiva vs. Retarus

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Nextiva and Retarus

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No. As of this writing, Retarus lacks the capability to schedule fax sending. The fax service only offers fax broadcasting, which allows bulk fax sending to a maximum of 600 recipients. 

Yes, with Nextiva vFax, your data and fax transmissions are secured. The fax service also abides by HIPAA privacy and security guidelines. 

Aside from being HIPAA-compliant, it also stores data in SSAE-16-certified SOC II audited data centers in North America.