Nextiva vs. SRFax

The main difference between Nextiva and SRFax is where you can use them. Nextiva lets you use a physical fax machine to send and receive faxes, while SRFax offers a secure email-to-fax option. SRFax also has HIPAA-compliant monthly plans. Nextiva only enables HIPAA compliance with custom plans.

Nextiva vs SRFax


 Monthly PricingHIPAA Compliance IncludedDevice ApplicationFax BroadcastingInternational Faxing
Nextiva$9.95 per month for 500 pagesYes, with custom plansConnects with a physical fax machineNo – can only send 6 faxes at onceNot supported
SRFax$11.45 per month for 200 pagesYesEnabled secure
Yes – can send to max 50 fax numbersSupported

Deep Dive Into SRFax vs. Nextiva

Nextiva vs SRFax

Security and HIPAA Compliance

SRFax assures HIPAA compliance through a BAA, securing patient data with SSL encryption, firewalls, and optional PGP encryption. User access is via email and password, preventing unauthorized data access. You can also count on its redundant backup systems and 24/7 server security.

Nextiva, as an SRFax alternative, offers top-tier security with its 256-bit SSL, TLS, and SRTP encryption. Its fortified facilities have security scanners, 24/7 monitoring, and bullet-resistant glass. The service also meets the standards for HIPAA compliance.

Both offer API and Developer Support

SRFax offers a feature-rich RESTful Fax API, which you can use to control how you send or receive faxes in any app or platform. This is a useful feature that enables faxing straight from your EMR and EHR systems.

If you need integrations or APIs, you should get the Nextiva business plans which integrate with various apps like Salesforce, Zoho, Google Workspace, and more. Its dedicated faxing solution, Nextiva vFax, doesn’t offer any integration with other apps.

Nextiva vs SRFax
Nextiva vs SRFax

Fax broadcasting is better with SRFax

SRFax enables fax broadcasting, which you can tailor to your specific needs. You can add or remove recipients as required and integrate SRFax with your business applications like CRM systems. With fax broadcasting, you can fax simultaneously to a maximum of 50 fax numbers.

As an alternative to SRFax, Nextiva lets you send up to 6 faxes at once. To send additional faxes, you need to wait for these faxes to complete. Technically, this isn’t fax broadcasting, which they don’t currently support. 

Easy team management

Nextiva lets multiple people log in to the vFAX portal at once, so they can share one fax number. However, for each vFax, only one unique email address can be used to send faxes. You can add up to five additional email addresses to receive fax notifications. 

SRFax offers unlimited outbound users free of charge. They can have their own login accounts and won’t be able to view faxes of other users. If you want each user to have a unique fax number, they can with a fee of $4.95 per number.

Nextiva vs SRFax
Nextiva vs SRFax

Uninterrupted faxing

Nextiva lets you keep your existing number to ensure your fax service isn’t interrupted. They will help you port your number as long as you present a Letter of Agency (LOA) and your latest bill from your previous carrier. You can use either a local or toll-free number. There’s no extra usage fee for using a toll-free number. 

With SRFax, you get toll-free and local numbers for Canada and the US. You can also port an existing number for a one-time fee of $25. SRFax also supports international faxing with varied rates depending on the country. 

Nextiva vs SRFax

Nextiva and SRFax Pricing 

Nextiva has two pricing plans for its online faxing service: 

  • Essential: $9.95 per month for 500 pages
  • Professional: $18.95 per month for 1000 pages

You can save 20% if you sign up for an annual plan. For HIPAA-compliant faxing, you have to talk with their sales team to discuss the setup and the costs.

SRFax offers three pricing plans: 

  • Lite: $12.60 per month for 200 pages
  • Basic: $16.05 per month for 500 pages
  • Basic Plus: $22.95 per month for 800 pages

All plans include HIPAA compliance.

Comparing Nextiva and SRFax

When it comes to SRFax vs Nextiva, the decision rests on your needs. Nextiva is great if you get their whole VoIP phone system with unlimited calls, faxes, and texts nationwide. It’s a complete communication solution that can be HIPAA-compliant with a signed BAA. 

For pure faxing needs, SRFax offers a better alternative because of its broader range of faxing applications.

Nextiva vs SRFax

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Nextiva and SRFax

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With Nextiva, you can use a physical fax machine to send virtual faxes. Using Nextiva Fax Bridge, you can configure your fax machine to print all inbound faxes automatically or on specific days. It also allows automatic printing of confirmations for outbound faxes.

You can also get mobile app faxing if you subscribe to one of Nextiva’s business phone system plans. Faxing via email is also possible, but this is only available with the standard plans.