RingCentral vs 8×8

RingCentral can provide more streamlined communication with its unified phone, SMS, and fax number however, with 8×8, you must purchase a separate number for fax.

ringcentral vs 8x8


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8x8 vs RingCentral: Feature Analysis

RingCentral vs 8×8

8x8 vs RingCentral Pricing

RingCentral is priced at $22.99 per user per month. Meanwhile, 8×8 recently increased its basic monthly plan from $15 to $24.

Both services offer message, video, phone, SMS, and eFax all in one.

However, 8×8 offers more value for money with video conferencing included while RingCentral requires an added cost of $3 to enjoy its premium features such as unlimited internet fax and an advanced business phone system.

8x8 combines many encryption layers to ensure security

With RingCentral, you can transmit your faxes securely over an encrypted connection (TLS). Users also have the option to store their faxes in a password-protected account. It also has an advanced fax-blocking feature to stop unwanted faxes and spam calls from unknown numbers.

Meanwhile, 8×8 combines cryptography measures and bug bounty programs to ensure utmost security and compliance with industry-leading standards. It encrypts data with Transport Layer Security (TLS) version 1.2, Short Message Peer-to-Peer (SMPP) protocol via TLS, and the 256-bit AES algorithm in Galois Counter Mode (AES-GCM).

RingCentral vs 8×8
RingCentral vs 8×8

Both RingCentral and 8x8 comply with HIPAA

RingCentral is committed to upholding HIPAA compliance. That means covered entities and business associates that aim to use RingCentral for PHI transmission must request a Business Associate Agreement (BAA). The BAA document highlights the obligations of both RingCentral and its client to ensure HIPAA compliance.

Similarly, 8×8 complies with HIPAA’s highest security and privacy standards. Healthcare professionals and businesses can rely on the fax platform to protect PHI against cyberattacks or data breaches.

Both solutions support digital signatures

With RingCentral, users can digitally fill out and legally sign forms related to authorization, communication responses, transaction updates, and disclosure. 

8×8 allows users to create elaborate HTML-formatted signatures from any website, CRM, or custom app. Users can seamlessly save their signatures in their profiles, click save, and insert them anywhere in the custom fields.

8x8 and RingCentral have APIs and support for developers

RingCentral Fax API lets you send and receive fax transmissions from 29 file formats. Despite busy signals, users can resend faxes or forward them to another number. RingCentral’s programmable fax API helps you manage a sending queue to maintain frequency compliance and high-volume scalability.

With 8×8’s flexible communication APIs, businesses can create omnichannel communications and personalized interactions with Connect through voice solutions, chat apps, real-time video interaction, and SMS. 

8x8 has no fax scheduling feature

RingCentral has a fax scheduling feature where you can choose what date and time you’d like to send your fax messages. With RingCentral, users can schedule in advance to speed up business workflows.

As for 8×8, there’s no option to schedule faxes. You can only send a single fax of up to 50 pages at a time

RingCentral is a better 8x8 alternative for fax broadcasts

RingCentral allows you to send a fax message to a maximum of 50 recipients at a time. However, users must enable the fax broadcasting feature by submitting the Credit Card Authorization Form (CCAF) to RingCentral. They need to conduct a one-time verification procedure to start sending bulk faxes.

Unfortunately, 8×8 does not offer a fax broadcasting feature. The only thing that 8×8 allows is to attach multiple files in a single fax under 20 MB. You can also experience issues when sending or receiving faxes of more than 50 pages.

Why businesses choose iFax over
8x8 and RingCentral

Wider Broadcast

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Swiftly integrate iFax cloud fax into your current workflow at no additional charge or setup fee

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“Cloud-Based Faxing”

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“Easy to use”
“It was great and easy to use. I will use it again. I didn’t have to go anywhere to fax or provide my credit card number.”
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Yes, it is. If you are in the healthcare industry and are in search for a HIPAA-compliant fax provider, RingCentral is a good option.

However, if you’re looking for more – free fax numbers, seamless fax broadcasts, and quick integration with EMR and EHR systems – iFax emerges as the superior fax service for a comprehensive and user-friendly experience.