RingCentral vs Sfax

The main difference between RingCentral and Sfax is their ideal market and pricing. RingCentral is great for businesses with high-volume faxing requirements, while Sfax is best for healthcare institutions that need a HIPAA-compliant fax solution.

ringcentral vs sfax


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Detailed Feature Analysis of Sfax and RingCentral

RingCentral vs Sfax

Is Sfax and RingCentral HIPAA Compliant?

Sfax is built explicitly for healthcare practitioners, and Scrypt, which runs the said cloud faxing service, has been in the healthcare industry for over two decades. This guarantees the fax service’s HIPAA compliance, along with the fact that it provides a signed Business Associate Agreement (BAA). Sfax also provides audit trails, helping ensure accountability and traceability of protected health information (PHI). It’s also worth noting that this service will only sign a BAA for its Plus, Contender, and Enterprise plan users.

RingCentral also signs BAA with customers or clients, making it HIPAA compliant. It has various security protocols like fax blocking. This comprehensive communications platform allows covered entities and business associates to fax documents with PHI.

Which fax service is safer?

Sfax protects sensitive information using 256-bit TLS security and AES encryption. This guarantees that your information is secure during transit and at rest. Its data centers are also SSAE16 Type II certified. For added security, Sfax doesn’t support single sign-on (SSO).  

RingCentral also uses the same AES encryption and TLS connection to encrypt all incoming and outgoing faces. But it also offers best-in-class DevSecOps industry-grade security and employs stringent security measures at every product development stage. It also supports SSO. 

RingCentral vs Sfax

API and Developer Support Provisions

Sfax and RingCentral also come with API and Developer Support, letting you connect these platforms to existing CRM, EHR, and EMR systems. The RingCentral API also offers broader functions, like audio, video, team messaging, SMS, and MMS.

Which Fax provider Supports eSignatures?

Both Sfax and RingCentral support eSignatures, a necessary feature that lets you digitally sign fax documents so you don’t have to print them. 

For RingCentral, you must provide consent on their website concerning electronic communication, records, and using eSignatures for forms. You can also request to obtain a paper copy.

RingCentral vs Sfax
RingCentral vs Sfax

Fax Broadcasting Features

By default, you can fax up to 50 recipients at a time with RingCentral. If you need to fax to more recipients simultaneously, you can submit a Credit Card Authorization Form to turn its fax broadcasting feature. 

Meanwhile, Sfax offers the same feature but can be quite expensive, given its current rates.

Fax Number Provisions

Sfax offers number porting services for a $10 one-time fee for each line. Otherwise, they’ll assign a toll-free number upon sign-up. 

Conversely, RingCentral lets you choose from toll-free, local, or vanity fax numbers. Vanity numbers are a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols and cost a one-time fee of $30. The online fax service also offers number porting and can walk you through the process. You can also request additional numbers in exchange for a small monthly fee.

RingCentral vs Sfax
RingCentral vs Sfax

What devices do they support?

Sfax supports Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, and Mac devices. Sfax limits mobile faxing to iOS and any web browser. However, its last update for its app was in January 2022, which says a lot about its app’s stability. 

In contrast, RingCentral recently updated both its Android and iOS apps. Additionally, the fax service supports fax from email, a feature that lets you send faxes straight from your Gmail or Outlook. Sfax doesn’t have this feature for security reasons. You can only send faxes from your Sfax account. 

Sfax and RingCentral Rates and Plans

RingCentral offers two plans. First is the Fax 3000, which costs $27.99 monthly per user. The second plan is RingCentral Advanced, which costs $35 monthly per user. Fax 3000’s focus is faxing, allowing each user to send 3000 faxes per month. Suppose you need messaging, voice, phone, SMS, and faxing. In that case, you can get the RingCentral Advanced, which gives unlimited internet fax, an advanced business phone system, domestic minutes, and unlimited audio conferencing. 

Sfax costs $29 per month for the Standard Plan, which is suitable for faxing 350 pages. For BAA and HIPAA compliance, getting the Plus plan costs $49 monthly for 700 pages is best. For higher volume faxing, consider getting the Contender plan, which is $99 monthly for 1,500 pages. 

RingCentral vs Sfax
RingCentral vs Sfax

Which Fax Service is the best?

RingCentral and Sfax are secure online faxing services with user-friendly interfaces packed with comprehensive features. These services also integrate with other business systems, making faxing online more accessible and streamlined.

However, they drastically differ in their pricing. If you need to send thousands of faxes monthly or want an all-in-one communication solution that includes IP telephony, get RingCentral. It’s a great alternative to Sfax that offers the best value for money.

However, if your goal is ensuring compliance with HIPAA while securing fax transmissions, get Sfax.

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Yes it is. Since RingCentral signs BAA with its customers it is HIPAA compliant because this communication allows covered entities and business associates to fax documents with PHI.

RingCentral offers two plans. The second plan, the RingCentral Advanced, costs $35 monthly per user. Fax 3000’s focus is faxing, allowing each user to send 3000 faxes per month.