RingCentral vs SRFax

RingCentral vs SRFax

The main difference between RingCentral and SRFax is the latter focuses on providing fax-to-email capabilities. With RingCentral, you can fax directly from the web using its combined fax and business phone solutions. These two services cater to different needs and industries.

RingCentral and SRFax Comparison

SRFax vs RingCentral


Monthly Pricing

HIPAA Compliance

Secure Fax Transmissions

Mobile Apps



$12.60 for 200 pages






$27.99 for 3000 pages





RingCentral vs SRFax

When comparing RingCentral vs SRFax, there are several notable differences to consider.

HIPAA Compliance

SRFax Security and Privacy claims, “SRFax is the only HIPAA-compliant fax for healthcare that will sign a Business Associate Agreement.” But this isn’t true, as RingCentral and a host of other providers also offer HIPAA-compliant internet fax services. 

Like SRFax, RingCentral is also willing to sign a BAA. While there is no official certification for HIPAA compliance, many internet fax providers include security features that enable healthcare providers to comply with the HIPAA law. To prove that they adhere to HIPAA and have the necessary security measures to handle protected health information (PHI), these providers must offer a signed agreement that outlines the compliance responsibilities of both parties.


RingCentral prides itself in being a secure faxing solution from product development to implementation. It offers industry-standard 256-bit AES encryption, administrator controls, network redundancy, and SSAE 16-compliant data centers with round-the-clock monitoring.

SRFax is a solid alternative to RingCentral when it comes to HIPAA compliance. It hosts its software within the TellPhone-Navigata Data Center, which also hosts the telecommunication needs of several well-known companies in Canada. Only those with security cards and digital PIN codes can enter their data center. The site also has 24/7 video surveillance. Uptime is ensured with UPS systems and a backup diesel generator. Moreover, the SRFax support staff can only access call detail records of transmissions, not physical fax documents. The network protects against security threats with third-party penetration testing, real-time data backup, access controls, call record logs, AES 256 encryption, and SSL encryption.

RingCentral vs SRFax

Mobile Apps

SRFax users have been requesting iOS and Android mobile apps from the support channels, but the idea has yet to go beyond this discussion. Unfortunately, SRFax apps are still missing from Google Play and Apple App stores. You would have to scan your faxes via a third-party app and fax via email or use their other methods to send faxes. 

As an SRFax alternative, RingCentral offers convenient mobile faxing on iOS or Android devices. 

Sending Faxes

SRFax lets you send a fax in three ways: email, print-to-fax, or API. You can use Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, or other email clients to send a virtual fax with any device and browser. Another option would be to download SRFax’s Windows printer driver, which allows you to print to fax from any app. Print to fax lets you add, remove, and edit a cover sheet to your fax document. You can also add a HIPAA disclaimer and preview the fax before sending it. Meanwhile, the SRFax RESTful API has 10 basic operations and lets you send hundreds or thousands of faxes simultaneously. It accepts attachments in 156 file formats.

RingCentral has more faxing options since it lets you fax via email, print-to-fax, API, mobile apps, or a web portal. Fax via email works the same way as SRFax’s fax via email. Print-to-fax lets you attach files to your fax messages from Office apps or your browser. Meanwhile, this fax service’s API enables you to create, send, and resend faxes. Attachments, however, should be limited to 50 MB. Its API lets you specify fax cover sheets, join multiple files in one fax, retrieve fax histories, and more.

Fax Numbers and Porting

SRFax offers toll-free and local numbers in Canada and the US. If they cannot provide a local number, they will give you a toll-free number at no additional cost. The fax service also provides number porting, which takes 10-15 business days to process. Number porting will cost you a one-time $25 fee.

RingCentral is a suitable alternative to SRFax, especially if you want more flexibility. It allows you to choose from a local, toll-free, or vanity number. However, vanity numbers will cost you an extra $30 setup fee. A complete phone system plan will also allow you to purchase an international number. It’s also worth noting that RingCentral’s number porting service can transfer more than 100 numbers from the same carrier at no extra fee.

Pricing and Plans

RingCentral offers two monthly subscription plans: Fax 3000 at $27.99 per user for 3000 faxes and RingCentral Advanced at $35 for unlimited faxing. Its pricier plan includes API access, video calls, audio calls, team messaging, and SMS.

SRFax separates HIPAA compliance from standard plans. Organizations requiring compliance with relevant US and Canadian privacy regulations can opt for Healthcare Lite or Basic, priced at $12.60 monthly and $16.05 monthly, respectively. Those that do not require compliance can choose from SRFax’s standard solutions, starting at Basic Plus at $11.45 per month.

RingCentral vs SRFax

Comparing RingCentral and SRFax

Between SRFax and RingCentral, the most suitable fax service for your business is the one that can cater to your needs best. If cost is a huge consideration, consider the number of users and fax pages. 

Remember, a RingCentral plan charges per user, although it gives very high fax limits compared to SRFax. RingCentral also doesn’t charge for number porting, which means higher cost savings. Meanwhile, SRFax offers affordable plans for light users. Still, this may cost you as much as $0.06 per page. 

If features are a consideration, then RingCentral offers more options. It supports mobile faxing. You also have the choice to get a vanity number or an international number for a more global reach.

RingCentral vs SRFax: Is There a Better Alternative?

The choice doesn’t need to be limited to RingCentral and SRFax. Considering costs and advanced features, iFax is the best SRFax and RingCentral alternative. 

Our cloud-based service lets you fax for as low as $8.33 monthly with instant and free downloads to its iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows applications. Beyond that, iFax also has tailored email and fax broadcasting solutions. Plus, it helps you achieve HIPAA and other regulatory compliance with its robust encryption, free BAA signing, and audit trails.

All set to try iFax? Get a free demo now.

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Kent is a content strategist currently specializing in HIPAA-compliant online fax. Her expertise in this field allows her to provide valuable insights to clients seeking a secure and efficient online fax solution.

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