SFax vs. Nextiva

SFax and Nextiva differ in features and faxing capabilities. The former is best known for offering HIPAA-compliant fax solutions but only to users within Canada and the US. Meanwhile, Nextiva’s vFax service caters to businesses seeking a hybrid fax solution.

sfax vs nextiva comparison


 PricingHIPAA ComplianceFax SchedulingFax BroadcastingFax API
SFax$29 per monthYesNoYesYes
Nextiva$9.95 per monthYesYesNoNo

SFax vs Nextiva Feature Comparison

SFax vs. Nextiva

Is SFax more secure than Nextiva?

SFax utilizes high-level and industry-standard security measures, such as 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), which has unique keys associated with specific levels of access for users, and TLS encryption to encrypt data at rest and in transit.

Nextiva, on the other hand, uses data centers in North America that are SSAE-16 certified and SOC II audited with a 24/7 security scanner for continuous monitoring of potential threats. The fax service also uses 256-bit AES and advanced network monitoring tools.

Is Nextiva more user-friendly than SFax?

When faxing online, the user’s overall experience is crucial in determining which service is more user-friendly. While both Nextiva and SFax allow seamless faxing, the former offers a more intuitive interface. Its web portal lets users view and manage faxes, regardless of their technical experience. SFax limits its international reach, making it less ideal for businesses operating on a global scale.

SFax vs. Nextiva
SFax vs. Nextiva

Are both fax services HIPAA-compliant?

Compliance with HIPAA regulations is necessary, especially when handling health and medical documents. These records contain protected health information (PHI), which requires proper safeguards to ensure protection against breaches and other forms of unauthorized access. 

The good news is both Nextiva and SFax support HIPAA-compliant faxing. You can also request that they provide a signed Business Associate Agreement (BAA), which further attests to their commitment to comply.

Can SFax and Nextiva sign documents?

Whether it’s SFax or Nextiva, you can count on both fax services to help you accomplish your document-signing tasks. SFax automatically generates a digital certificate from SecureCare Technologies for each fax you send or receive, ensuring authenticity. 

Nextiva, on the other hand, has an all-in-one native eSignature, making it easier to affix digital signatures to faxes.

SFax vs. Nextiva
SFax vs. Nextiva

Is Nextiva better than SFax in fax broadcasting?

SFax offers fax broadcasting. However, its fax-blasting feature comes with a hefty price tag, making the fax service less ideal for businesses with a limited budget.

Meanwhile, Nextiva allows sending up to 6 faxes at once. The fax service does not support fax blasting, which limits you from faxing to a large group of targeted recipients.

Which fax service supports fax scheduling?

Even if fax scheduling isn’t possible with SFax, Nextiva allows it, so you can optimize tasks and save time. 

Nextiva’s fax scheduling feature makes faxing less tedious, as you can send the faxes at a pre-defined schedule. It’s a handy feature that helps deliver your faxes on time, keeping you from missing any important deadlines. 

SFax vs. Nextiva
SFax vs. Nextiva

Which fax service supports number porting?

With SFax, you can keep your existing fax number, but that’s in exchange for a $10 one-time fee. The process usually takes 2 to 4 weeks to process per line. 

Nextiva also allows number porting, but the service will require you to present a Letter of Agency (LOA). It’s a legal document that gives the new service provider authority (i.e., Nextiva) to port your existing number.

SFax vs. Nextiva

SFax vs Nextiva Pricing

SFax pricing

  • Standard: $29 per month with 350 pages
  • Plus: $49 per month with 700 pages
  • Contender: $99 per month with 1,500 pages

Nextiva vFax pricing

  • Essential: $9.95 per month with 500 pages
  • Professional: $18.95 per month with 1,000 pages
  • HIPAA-Compliant Plans: Contact sales

Choosing Between SFax and Nextiva 

SFax is ideal if your business primarily caters to the US and Canadian markets and for those who intend to fax to a large audience via broadcasts. 

If your business uses scheduling options to save time and improve work efficiency, Nextiva is a better option.

SFax vs. Nextiva

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SFax utilizes industry-standard security measures, such as Transport Layer Security (TLS) and 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), ensuring all data at rest and in transit at their platform are well protected and secured.

Aside from employing robust security measures and being HIPAA compliant, they are also GDRP and PCI-DSS compliant. This further enhances their capability to protect sensitive information, making them more suitable for industries that need to follow strict regulatory requirements.

Yes, Nextiva utilizes firewalls and intrusion detection systems in its network infrastructure to ensure that there will be no unwanted disturbance and unauthorized access that could badly affect user experience. They also use data centers that are SSAE-16 certified and SOC II audited.

Moreover, they also employ robust security protocols, such as the 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), which uses advanced encryption algorithms to protect documents at rest and those in transmission.