SRFax vs. FaxPlus

The main difference between SRFax and FaxPlus lies in the features they offer. SRFax provides flexible healthcare plans and a print-to-fax driver but doesn’t include a mobile app or a free plan. FaxPlus only offers one healthcare plan but supports Zapier integration and has mobile apps.

srfax vs faxplus


 Basic PlansHIPAA ComplianceMobile AppsFree PlanFax API
SRFax$9.70 for 200 pagesYesNoNoYes
FaxPlus$6.99 for 200 pagesYesYesYesYes

Deep Dive Into SRFax vs FaxPlus

SRFax vs. FaxPlus

User experience

Managing faxes is easy through SRFax. The interface is clean and intuitive. Log in to your SRFax account on a web browser using your laptop, computer, or mobile phone. On the left-hand corner, you will see a drop-down menu showing Send a Fax, Faxes Received, Faxes Sent, Faxes Queued, Junk Faxes, Edit Address Book, and Call Log Reports. 

The FaxPlus dashboard has a different layout but is just as easy to navigate. Signing up with a Google account or any email address takes less than two minutes. The main dashboard shows tabs for your fax inbox, sent faxes, outbox, and trash. On the upper part of your screen, you can see the options to send a fax or view your contact list, profile, and fax number.

HIPAA compliance

SRFax provides flexible HIPAA-compliant fax plans. However, its claim on the SRFax Security and Privacy page that “SRFax is the only HIPAA-compliant fax for healthcare that will sign a Business Associate Agreement” isn’t true at all. Many other internet fax providers can sign a BAA with you. 

One of these is FaxPlus. FaxPlus by Alohi is a suitable alternative to SRFax for HIPAA compliance. However, unlike SRFax, which has different healthcare plans, getting this service to sign a BAA is only possible if you’re an Enterprise user.

SRFax vs. FaxPlus
SRFax vs. FaxPlus

App integrations

All SRFax plans include access to its print-to-fax driver and API for app integrations. Print to fax allows you to fax directly from any program to a fax machine or service. The SRFax API also allows you to integrate faxing capabilities into other apps.

FaxPlus doesn’t offer a print-to-fax feature. However, its Enterprise plan offers Zapier integration and a fax API. FaxPlus Zapier integration extends faxing capabilities to different apps and services. Meanwhile, the FaxPlus API works similarly to SRFax’s API.

Mobile applications

Unfortunately, SRFax isn’t the best alternative to FaxPlus for mobile faxing. It doesn’t provide a dedicated mobile app. To fax from mobile, you must first log in to your user account from your mobile web browser or use its email to fax service.

FaxPlus is the better SRFax alternative when it comes to mobile faxing. You can use email to fax or download its free mobile apps on the Apple Store or Google Play. The app lets you digitally sign documents, add notes to faxes, access contacts, and scan files using your phone camera.

SRFax vs. FaxPlus
SRFax vs. FaxPlus

SRFax vs. FaxPlus Pricing

FaxPlus offers five plans. These are the discounted prices if you pay annually:

Free – 10 pages
Basic – $6.99 for 200 pages
Premium – $13.99 for 500 pages
Business – $27.99 for 1,000 pages
Enterprise – $79.99 for 4,000 pages

SRFax offers standard and HIPAA-compliant plans. Here are the discounted prices for annual payments:

Basic Lite – $9.70 for 200 pages
Standard Lite – $12.65 for 500 pages
Standard $18.50 for 800 pages
Standard Plus – $32.20 for 1,500 pages

Comparing SRFax and FaxPlus

FaxPlus and SRFax offer similar features. The former is slightly more affordable as it offers lower prices for the same number of pages and, at the same time, provides a free plan. SRFax, on the other hand, offers more flexible HIPAA-compliant plans. 

SRFax vs. FaxPlus

iFax is the best SRFax and FaxPlus alternative 

Secure HIPAA-compliant plans

iFax offers an affordable HIPAA-compliant internet fax plan with complete fax features that you can customize and scale as you grow.

Convenient mobile faxing

Conveniently send, view, manage, and electronically sign documents while on the go. The iFax mobile app is fast, secure, and free to install.


Pay as low as $0.03 per page for HIPAA-compliant fax with OCR, eSignatures, free number porting, and API access.

Glad I found iFax

“Faxing is not necessarily a thing of the past. And when you need it, it needs to be quick and easy without the headache of maintaining a fax machine. iFax is the perfect fit.“

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“Easy to use”
“It was great and easy to use. I will use it again. I didn’t have to go anywhere to fax or provide my credit card number.”
Jacinda T., Medical Records (Hospital & Health Care)

“For Medicals”

““iFax has helped us make that transition into a paperless reality. Ifax support is always kind and fast to respond to my emails.”

Syed H., Consultant Physician (Medical Practice)


Switch to iFax and see how easy it is to send and receive faxes

From sending fax broadcasts to managing team inboxes, iFax offers a complete suite of tools and features that make faxing secure and efficient.

“It was cheaper compared to other providers, the ease of use and very intuitive design and the reliability of the faxes being sent. My team and I always get great support from the team whenever an issue needs to be dealt with.”

John M., CIO (Medical Practice)

No. SRFax charges a one-time $25.00 fee for number porting. SRFax provides a Fax Number Portability Tool to help you check if the number is portable. If it is portable, you can access the Letter of Authorization (LOA), which gives SRFax the ability to port your number to their service. You must also include a PDF copy of the recent invoice for the number being ported. If you don’t have an invoice, you can send a screen capture of your online account or a letter from your current provider. You can complete number porting by navigating to Port Request on your SRFax Portal.

Yes. FaxPlus offers free number porting so you can keep your current number. However, you might be asked to upgrade your plan depending on the number’s country of origin. To port your number, fill out the Porting Request Form on the FaxPlus website. Once FaxPlus receives your request and the number is confirmed portable, you must complete the LOA and provide an invoice for your existing fax number. You will receive a temporary fax number, which you can use until the porting process is complete.