SRFax vs. MetroFax

The main difference between SRFax and MetroFax is that SRFax offers essential features like eSignature and cloud storage integration, while MetroFax does not.



 PricingHIPAA ComplianceSecure Fax TransmissionseSignature ToolFax API
MetroFax$9.96 for 550 pagesNoYesNoYes
SRFax$8.50 for 200 pagesYesYesNoYes

Comprehensive feature breakdown of
MetroFax and SRFax

SRFax vs MetroFax

Security Measures


SRFax has put forth “Defense in Depth,” which provides multiple layers of protection against internal and external attacks. The SRFax network implements strict information security practices as recommended by councils on cybersecurity, especially the NSA and NIST.


MetroFax uses SSL/TLS encryption to ensure your data is secure during transmission and storage. They also add an extra layer of protection during the faxing process by using encrypted channels for sending and receiving sensitive information.

HIPAA Compliance


SRFax is a HIPAA-compliant fax service, making it suitable for faxing documents containing sensitive patient details and personally identifiable data. Every transmission that goes through it follows the guidelines of HIPAA and PHIPA.


On the other hand, HIPAA compliance is something that MetroFax lacks. Yes, it offers encrypted fax communication, but it appears to not fully meet the stringent requirements set by the said federal law.

SRFax vs MetroFax
SRFax vs MetroFax

Pricing and Plans


When it comes to pricing flexibility, SRFax tailors its plans to meet diverse needs. The Standard plans cater to businesses of all sizes, starting as low as CAD 11.45 monthly for up to 200 pages. For those requiring HIPAA compliance, the healthcare plans offer a specialized solution, beginning with Lite at CAD 12.60 per month.


In contrast, MetroFax is budget-friendly, offering faxing services starting at $9.96 per month for up to 500 pages. However, exceeding this limit incurs a charge of 3¢ per additional page. Consider your budget and usage requirements when choosing between SRFax’s tailored plans and MetroFax’s cost-effective approach.

eSignature Integration

When it comes to eSignatures, both SRFax and MetroFax present a similar landscape. Currently, neither service directly supports eSignatures. Users of these platforms may need to explore workarounds or alternative options for digitally signing documents. You may manually write the signature by hand, which requires printing a hard copy, or use a third-party digital signing app.

SRFax vs MetroFax

Why iFax Stands Out as the Preferred Alternative to SRFax and MetroFax

Built-in eSignature Tool

eSign fax documents directly within the platform. No need for workaround or 3-rd party applications

Robust EMR & EHR Integrations

Boost communication and efficiency in your healthcare systems with our smart integration with EHR and EMR systems.

Military-Grade Encryption

Confidence send sensitive information with high-grade security including TSL and 256-bit AES encryption.

“Cloud-Based Faxing”

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“Easy to use”
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Shamin R.
Digital Marketing Mentor

While MetroFax provides encrypted fax communication, it fails to achieve full HIPAA compliance. Despite offering encryption for secure transmissions, it only partially meets the stringent requirements this federal law mandates.

Your choice of online fax service should always be the one that fits your needs and preferences. If you want a HIPAA-compliant alternative to MetroFax with a built-in eSignature tool, consider looking into what iFax can offer.