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What Is Elation EHR?

Are you considering Elation EHR to streamline your healthcare practice? Many EHRs can trigger frustration from medical executives because of their cost and complexity, but can this electronic system do a better job? 

Here’s everything you need to know about Elation EHR.

elation ehr

What Is Elation EHR?

Elation Health EHR is an electronic health systems records (EHR) system built for independent primary health clinics. First created as a medical record system for Conan and Kyna Wong’s family practice, Elation EHR is now used by thousands of clinicians. It was built on the idea that EHR technology can help healthcare professionals focus on their patients.

Elation Health EHR is a clinical-first EHR. It responds to the everyday challenges of the primary care community. These challenges include EHR adoption, patient recruitment and retention, insurance reimbursement, and staff recruitment and retention.

On October 4, 2023, Elation Health introduced billing features in its EHR platform. The new unified Elation EHR unburdens primary care clinics from administrative tasks such as real-time eligibility checking for insurance claims and easy online payments.

Elation EHR Software Key Features

HIPAA-compliant and ONC-Certified

Elation EHR offers advanced security features to help clinics comply with strict standards of the HIPAA law on data privacy. Moreover, it is certified by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC).  This demonstrates that Elation EHR meets the required standards for functionality, security, and interoperability as defined by the ONC.

Online patient scheduling

Patients can book appointments online with Elation EHR’s self-service appointment system. Before the visit, the platform sends appointment notifications and reminders. Elation EHR also takes care of sending check-in and intake forms for clinics. These features reduce no-shows and decrease administrative workloads.


Patients can also book virtual appointments using Elation EHR. Online consultations are done within Elation Health’s secure platform, so sensitive health information is kept private and confidential. Physicians can easily see their patients while using Elation EHR’s charting features.

Automated charges and online payment

Elation EHR simplifies balance collection with online payment features. Clinicians can add the procedure and up to 12 diagnosis codes to a patient’s billing. For large balances, Elation EHR can customize flexible payment plans for patients. The platform can also automate electronic statements and securely store credit card information for billing purposes.

Claims Management

Elation EHR helps clinics process insurance claims successfully. One-click appeals allow users to initiate an appeal with a single click, while a worklist functionality will enable users to tag and track specific claims. The platform incorporates National Correct Coding Initiative (NCCI) edits, which are standards to prevent improper coding and incorrect payments. Moreover, it employs color-coding and age-based categorization to quickly identify outstanding balances. 

What Is Elation EHR?

Revenue Cycle Reporting

Clinicians can view extensive reports from Elation Health EHR’s dashboards. They can use these reports to gain insight into their practice’s financial status and help their team take appropriate action.


Elation EHR provides a comprehensive and precise overview of a patient’s medication history and allows physicians to prescribe refills and electronically sign prescriptions. It prevents medication errors by showing potential allergic reactions and harmful interactions related to specific drugs. Additionally, Elation EHR charts integrate with the state’s Prescription Drug Monitoring Program to monitor and track a patient’s opioid usage. 

Patient Passport app

Elation EHR’s Patient Passport mobile iOS app lets patients view their medication history and request refills. The app also allows patients and physicians to securely send messages with attachments. When doctors send a message via the app, patients are notified by email or text through Patient Passport.


Developers can use Elation Health EHR’s open API and webhook catalog to create integrations with other software. The API can be used to modify Elation EHR’s UI and workflows to meet a practice’s requirements. Users must fill out the Elation API form to explore Elation Health’s developer Sandbox.

Partners and integrations

Elation EHR provider integrates with third-party vendors and services. It works with Acadian Diagnostic Laboratories, AdvancedMD, Banner Health, Druscan Laboratories, Inland Imaging, Zocdoc, and more. Non-standard integrations with immunization registries and clinical data partners require an additional fee.

What Is Elation EHR?

How Does the Elation EHR Work

Once you subscribe, you can start using Elation EHR. Users say that Elation EHR is easy to use and intuitive. There’s no special training needed to use the software. Users can also view Elation Health’s webinars to learn more about the platform.

Elation EHR Pricing and Free Trial

Elation EHR offers personalized pricing. The provider doesn’t currently provide a free trial or version. Some external websites state a price for Elation EHR, but it’s better to get a quote from the EHR provider itself since pricing is customized.

Getting Started With Elation EHR

Customers can request pricing for the Elation EHR system or book a demo through the platform’s website. Once a customer fills out the online form, a specialist will respond with further information addressing their queries and requests.

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