Kareo EHR Software: A Closer Look

Kareo EHR Software: A Closer Look

If you are looking for a trusted EHR platform, you might have come across Kareo EHR. Full-featured EHRs like Kareo help you manage your medical practice easily, improving workflow efficiency. 

It’s time to learn more about Kareo EHR and whether its features and pricing options suit the needs of your healthcare practice.

Kareo EHR Software

What Is Kareo EHR?

Kareo EHR software is a cloud-based electronic medical record system built for independent practices, avoiding the cost and complexities of hospital EHRs. It integrates Kareo Clinical practice management features to reduce administrative workloads. With Kareo EHR, you can write medical notes, fulfill prescription requests, send messages, schedule appointments, request online payments, view a patient’s medical charts, and more.

Tebra, the company that offers it, is a result of the 2021 merger between medical software developer Kareo and healthcare marketing company PatientPopFierce Healthcare reports that the company hopes to fill the gap in modern healthcare needs in the digital age. With Tebra, customers can use PatientPop’s features for client engagement and retention. 

Meanwhile, Kareo’s platform provides EHR and billing features.

KareoHealth EHR Software Features

Patient Portal

The Kareo Patient Portal helps you connect with patients online. Patients can securely view their complete medical records, including laboratory results, medical history, allergies, clinical summaries, immunizations, diagnoses, and more. You only need to send an invitation to your patients through the portal. Once logged on, patients can check their records 24/7.


When you enter a diagnosis in Kareo EHR, the platform automatically fills in the superbill. Users can also search through the application’s pre-populated diagnosis and procedure codes. Kareo EHR’s superbill feature also includes a coding assistant that makes suggestions so you can quickly and accurately fill in superbills. There’s also an option allowing users to add special notes and comments.

Secure Messaging

Kareo EHR lets you send secure messages to patients and staff. You can view unread messages on the patient portal dashboard and reply to patient messages within the platform. From its secure message center, you can view the inbox, flag important messages, and keep track of sent messages, including those you want to archive.

Kareo EHR Software: A Closer Look

Patient scheduling and reporting

The scheduling features accommodate single or multiple provider schedules. You can browse your calendar by day, week, or month. If your practice runs in various locations, users can view the schedules in these locations side by side. What’s more, you can set up recurring appointments and batch insurance verification through the platform. Once a patient arrives at your clinic, you can quickly update their status on Kareo EHR. Reporting features help you track no-shows and other missed encounters.

Charting and documentation

Kareo lets you search for patient charts easily. Once you select a patient’s chart, you can view vitals, immunization history, medical history, lab results, and more. You can also add more information in the Notes section of the chart. SOAP note templates and quick text shortcuts can help you accurately document the patient’s symptoms and diagnosis.

Mobile app

Physicians can quickly view a patient’s charts while on the go. The full-featured Kareo EHR is available through iOS apps. It also includes voice recognition and document templates to help you record notes accurately. 

Kareo EHR makes a good choice for those seeking an electronic health records system that can work on iPad and iPhone devices.


Kareo Patient Payments allows you to take credit card or phone payments. The payment information is stored securely in the system, making it possible for you to use it for future billing. With an EHR like Kareo, you can collect payments faster, reducing the likelihood of missed payments.

Kareo EHR Software: A Closer Look

How Does the Kareo EHR Work

The Kareo EHR system is easy to use. Best for independent practices, it reduces administrative workloads and avoids the costs of more complex hospital EHR. You only need to avail of a subscription, enter patient information, and start using the EHR. Users say that the interface is intuitive and well-designed. However, do expect a few days before you can fully grasp how the system works.

Kareo EHR Pricing and Live Demo

Pricing and live demo for Kareo EHR are available upon request. You only need to fill out the online form on its website for a price tailored to your requirements and expectations. Be ready with information like your practice name, email, phone number, and specialty. A representative of Kareo will assist you through the entire process.

Getting Started With Kareo EHR

For starters, it’s best to review the Kareo EHR demo videos on the software’s website and check the above features to determine whether its pricing and features suit your needs. Once you decide to move forward, that’s the time to request a demo and a quote. 

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