hipaa-compliant vaccine tracking solutions

5 Best HIPAA-Compliant Vaccine Tracking Solutions

Vaccine tracking is a fundamental aspect of public health efforts. It helps prevent diseases and outbreaks, ensures vaccine safety, and supports evidence-based decision-making. That said, striking a balance between effective vaccination tracking and ensuring patient confidentiality is equally crucial. Thus, complying with laws like HIPAA is a must to promote transparency and accountability.

Start with this list if you’re looking for vaccine-tracking providers that can comply with HIPAA requirements.

5 Best HIPAA-Compliant Vaccine Tracking Solutions

1. Calcium 

If you require your staff to be regularly tested for COVID-19, Calcium can help you easily track their testing results and status. The app lets employees easily share test results using their mobile phones. Their apps sync easily with your organization’s administrative dashboard for quick monitoring. Best of all, it’s free for organizations with up to 10 users.

Top features:

  • Automated reminders to complete vaccine screening
  • Upload vaccine records
  • Vaccine status self-reporting
  • Integrated with the Calcium consumer app
  • View, sort, and filter members, dose reporting, and vaccine brands (Moderna, Pfizer, and Johnson & Johnson)
5 Best HIPAA-Compliant Vaccine Tracking Solutions

2. Vaxcare

Vaxcare is a vaccine management software for healthcare providers. It helps you keep track of your inventory and check a patient’s eligibility for vaccination. Using an automated buy-and-bill platform, Vaxcare supplies your practice with a continuous supply of vaccines so you never run out.

Top features:

  • Integrates with EHR systems for automatic updating of patient records
  • No startup costs
  • Cancel with 30 days notice without penalties
5 Best HIPAA-Compliant Vaccine Tracking Solutions

3. WorkEQ 

Formerly called ReturnSafe, WorkEQ is a daily screening app that lets you track the vaccination status of your employees. The platform enables you to view vaccine status via web or mobile. You can also administer a quick daily screen to prevent high-risk staff from entering the building. 

Top features: 

  • Employees can easily upload vaccine cards
  • Quick daily screenings
  • Test results are stored in a HIPAA-compliant platform
  • Order tests in bulk
  • Authenticate users to grant or deny access
5 Best HIPAA-Compliant Vaccine Tracking Solutions

4. Caspio

Caspio helps organizations build HIPAA-compliant, low-code software. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the platform offered a no-code app builder for immunization tracking. You can make your own HIPAA-compliant immunization tracking system and customize it to reflect your brand’s identity and specific requirements.

Top features:

  • No-code development platform
  • Customized to your requirements
  • Visualizations and dashboards to identify HIPAA compliance gaps
  • Customized daily health surveys
5 Best HIPAA-Compliant Vaccine Tracking Solutions

5. GoCo

A complete HR and vaccine management system, GoCo also supports employee onboarding, time-tracking, and payroll services. The platform lets you monitor proof of vaccination files, generate compliance reports, and customize settings depending on employee types.  

Top features:

  • Proof-of-vaccination and weekly COVID-19 test results tracking
  • Employee self-service features
  • Web and mobile-friendly
  • Filter results by employee type
  • Track COVID-19 paid leaves

Importance of HIPAA-Compliant Vaccine Tracking Services 

Even now, healthcare organizations rely on vaccine trackers for the efficient and accurate monitoring and distribution of vaccines. 

Here are several reasons for acquiring vaccine tracking services: 

To monitor vaccine effectiveness

Vaccine tracking services help monitor a vaccine’s effectiveness. These platforms offer a way to collect and analyze data promptly so experts can evaluate whether they are working. As a result, policymakers can make informed, scientifically sound decisions and implement prevention measures to control the spread of diseases.

To protect against outbreaks

Let’s take the COVID-19 pandemic as an example. In November 2021, at the height of the pandemic, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) issued a Healthcare Emergency Temporary Standard to protect employees of large companies from contracting and spreading the virus. In line with President Biden’s National COVID-19 Preparedness Plan, the ETS mandated employers with over 100 employees to create a policy requiring vaccination or regular COVID testing for their staff.

The OSHA withdrew the vaccination and testing ETS on January 25, 2022. However, it has not withdrawn the ETS as a proposed rule and is still encouraging the vaccination of workers against COVID-19 in the workplace. Thus, any business that wants to protect its workers against COVID-19 should track its staff’s vaccination status.

To manage vaccine logistics and supplies

Efficient vaccine tracking helps manage the logistics of vaccine distribution. It ensures that vaccines are stored and transported properly to preserve and maintain their efficacy. Moreover, vaccine tracking tools may also track the number of doses received, administered, remaining, and expired. This ensures that healthcare providers can maintain an adequate supply.

Use HIPAA-Compliant Vaccine Tracking Services

HIPAA compliance in vaccine tracking is necessary to comply with federal law and avoid a HIPAA violation. HIPAA-compliant software should have advanced security measures to ensure that sensitive health information, such as vaccine statuses, remains safe from cyberattacks that could lead to a serious information breach.

Employers use vaccine-tracking solutions to ensure compliance with workplace safety. Healthcare providers, on the other hand, use vaccine tracking to monitor and manage vaccination supplies efficiently. It also helps streamline the process of administering booster shots and tracking a patient’s immunization history.

Regardless of how you use a vaccine tracker, ensuring its compliance with data protection regulations such as HIPAA is a must.

Kent Cañas

Kent is a content strategist currently specializing in HIPAA-compliant online fax. Her expertise in this field allows her to provide valuable insights to clients seeking a secure and efficient online fax solution.

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