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importance of hipaa fax cover sheet

Importance of HIPAA Fax Cover Sheets: All You Need to Know

This post delves deeper into the importance of HIPAA fax cover sheets and how their inclusion in faxes helps ensure…

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best enterprise fax solution for businesses of all sizes

Best Enterprise Fax Solutions for Businesses in 2024

If your company faces a high volume of fax transmissions daily, you should consider moving to a more secure and…

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online security for secure internet faxing

Why Online Security Is Important When Faxing Over The Internet

If your organization decides to transmit and receive faxes online, there's no need to be concerned about online security.People frequently…

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Best Business Communication Tools For Insurance Companies

Best Business Communication Tools For Insurance Companies

The modern business world is moving so quickly and as it does, so our reliance on technology to communicate better…

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hipaa faxing

HIPAA-Compliant Faxing 101: Tips and Best Practices

The healthcare industry still heavily relies on online fax solutions to send and receive confidential fax documents. What’s the reason for its staying…

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importance of HIPAA compliance

The Importance of HIPAA Compliance

Patients' information and medical records are confidential. With that said, all healthcare providers, institutions, business entities, and data storage and…

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What You Should Know About Surprise Medical Bill News

Consumer groups have been pushing for more stringent laws against surprise medical bill news, which can occur when an out-of-network…

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is faxplus safe

Is FAX.PLUS Safe? Pros and Cons in 2024

Many healthcare professionals still rely on faxing to share medical records. This technology is relatively more secure than other tools,…

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who does hipaa apply to nurses doctors

Who Does HIPAA Apply To? 5 Key Points to Remember

Does HIPAA apply to everyone? Who is not required to follow its rules and guidelines? The HIPAA Privacy Rule states…

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