Online Services For Realtors

6 Essential Online Services For Realtors

Alexis Basilla

With the ongoing pandemic and all of us needing to WFH, getting back to an office as a realtor is looking more and more unlikely this side of Christmas.

To that end, what essential online services and tools do you need to help keep your real estate business running smoothly through the pandemic and beyond?


6 Essential Online Services for Realtors

  1. Social media management
  2. Video conferencing
  3. Online fax
  4. Contract signing
  5. CRM
  6. Project management/workflow


1. Social media management

Social media should be an essential part of any real estate business marketing strategy. But if you’re new to social media for business, then having a tool that can help you connect with target customers and engage with your home buying audience, will be key to your social media success.

Social media is an incredibly invaluable tool for realtors and real estate professionals because it helps you market your business and promote your brand to the very people you want to connect with.

Whether you like it or not, social media is what your real estate business needs. To help you do it effectively, employing a social media management tool can be essential to help you reach more people in less time.

Popular social media management tools for realtors include:

2. Video conferencing

Video conferencing is one of the best ways for realtors to communicate with clients and colleagues.

With over 90% of our communication non-verbal, it really helps to be able to see the people you’re talking to.

Skype and Zoom have become the go-to video conferencing tools of choice throughout the pandemic because they are compatible with almost every device and its operating system, plus they have many additional features that can come in very handy when you’re trying to close a real estate deal.

3. Online fax

Faxing is one of the most trusted and legitimate ways to transfer time sensitive and confidential documents.

Real estate is one of those businesses that requires realtors to take quick actions to secure your spot. And faxing enables this.

Traditional faxing is the typical way for real estate agents and their customers to communicate, but with everyone WFH and the insecurity of faxing, realtors need a solid and secure, reliable fax solution that will establish trust and offer the security that the buyer and their house transaction requires.

The benefits of online fax services are numerous, examples include:

  • Unlike emailing, fax stands up in a court as a legally binding document.
  • It enables you to sign a document legally. No more having to work around trying to get a wet signature from all parties, simply sign electronically and go.
  • Online faxing means you can work from anywhere. Just because your client is about to exchange in one location doesn’t mean you have to stick around town. When you can work online, you can work from just about anywhere.
  • Online faxing negates the requirement to have a good filing system. Every digital fax you receive is stored securely in cloud storage where you can easily find and retrieve it.
  • All you need is your mobile phone to snap a picture of the document and off you fax. You don’t need clunky machinery, you don’t need an analog phone line, you don’t need fax paper or a toner. You don’t need to worry about whether the message will get truncated or worse, sent to the wrong fax number.
  • Online fax services come with high security protocols – all messages are sent with end to end encryptions meaning that the data contained is safe and no one else other than sender and receiver will have access to it.

4. Contract signing

Being able to sign contracts is essential for realtors.

Signing agreements, signing contracts, signing documents creates a legally binding agreement. Whether you have previously chosen to go with wet ink signatures and have all parties come together in the office, right now, that option isn’t open to you.

Plus, given the diasporic nature of modern living, having all parties in close proximity rarely happens anyway. Online contract signing has been around for a while with established tools such as:

Adobe Sign

5. CRM

Any business that has customers should put in place a CRM tool – Customer Relationship Management. In real estate, a CRM tool can be indispensable on so many levels.

From helping you keep track of existing clients to managing new leads, most CRM tools integrate with a plethora of other third party applications too, streamlining your processes even further.

The most popular CRM tool for realtors is Zapier for the very reason that it is incredibly compatible with so many other tools.

6. Project management/workflow

Ensuring your realtor workflow processes flow seamlessly will help you project manage each client better.

Having a tool that will enable you to create bespoke workflow processes for your real estate business can be incredibly beneficial, and having one that encourages communications is vital.

The most popular workflow management and communication tools include:


Online realtors

Moving your real estate business online can seem daunting to begin with, but luckily there are a myriad of online services, tools and applications that can help you make the transition.

However once you’re online the hard work really begins. Everything moves so quickly when you’re digital that you can’t afford to neglect your real estate marketing and promotional efforts even for a day. But worry not, there is an online service that can help you there too…

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