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8 Reasons Why You Should Stop Using Fax Machine and Start Using iFax for Your Fax Requirements

Traditional Fax machines are fast becoming the dinosaurs of the past office set up. The last few years have been witnessing companies increasingly migrating and adapting to newer tech tools like Apps for various communication purposed. Along these lines comes the modern successor of the Fax Machine – iFax, the Fax App.

8 Advantages of Using iFax

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iFax is a mobile fax app that helps you to receive and send Fax Online or through email, over an internet connection. This completely eliminates the need for a fax machine.

Whether it is for enterprise or personal use, this revolutionary Fax App offers hordes of benefits to alike. Let’s look at the advantages of using a Digital Fax App like iFax.

Cost Efficient

Contrary to the conventional fax machines that need paper, ink, telephone lines, power and staff to man it, Fax App like iFax enables you to do as much as faxing as you want at a fraction of the cost.

For businesses on the go

With free fax App like iFax, you can receive and send fax online from anywhere in the world by just being connected to the internet. You can send a fax from iPhone, receive faxes by email, etc.

Increased Security

With Fax Apps like iFax, since you will be able to send and receive faxes by email, it provides more security and confidentiality. Fax machines have more staff using it, and it ‘s hard to control access to confidential documents. On the other hand, digital faxes are 128-bit TLS encrypted, making it very secure.

More Organized

With Fax machines, you have a higher risk of losing or misplacing the documents. This is not the case with fax apps, you can organise it just like how you would with your emails. Moreover, some Apps provide cloud storage as well where a copy of your fax will be saved.

Send Documents

Some Apps like iFax come integrated with a document scanner and support major image formats, which make it possible to attach images and documents while sending your fax.

Customizable with Digital Signature

Most of the Fax Apps like iFax offer a good range of templates to customise your faxes. You can add your logo and personalise your fax. Moreover, when you need to sign business deals, you can receive a fax, sign it by adding your digital signature and resend it.

Mobile Optimized

Nowadays Fax Apps like iFax come optimised to be used in Mobile Devices, it is easy to work as you go. Clean UI, smooth navigation, instant faxing, and affordable plans make Fax Apps an incredible option.

Environment Friendly

More than all the above benefits, using Fax Apps is a terrific way to save the environment. According to, it is possible to save more than a million trees from being cut, if only 5% of businesses opted for Fax Apps over the regular fax machines.


It is apparent that Internet Faxing will help you save not just money, time, effort but the environment too. Get started, check out the range of incredible features that leading Fax App like iFax can offer, choose a suitable plan and get faxing.

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