Looks like a normal decision of a day, right? But in today’s age, it isn’t. It’s more than everything as you have to be concerned about the safety and security of the content, privacy of the information, fax or email content and many such things.

While email is widely popular, is it better than a fax? Yes, it is in many cases, but fax is also prominent in certain ways. However, there are many reasons because of which neither of them has lost their importance. In this article, we are going to discuss a few ways in which fax is better than email.

Sending Email Vs Sending Faxes

We are all aware with the working knowledge of email. It’s quite simple. You draft a message, add recipient(s) and click send. You can send it via desktop, laptops and even smartphones anywhere, anytime.

Long before email became the means of a primary source of communication, faxes have been dominating since ages to send documents. Fax machines work with fixed phone lines, paper, ink-toner and a similar facility at the receiver’s end to another machine on a different location. In today’s age though, the process has become streamlined and there appear to be online fax services available with mobile and web application to conveniently send and receive faxes no matter where you are or what you doing. However, emails are still considered a better option when it comes to sending a quickly typed message. But, faxes are more preferred when it comes to sending documents especially confidential and signed ones.

Quick Process For Hard Copies

It is quite a straightforward process to send a signed document or a document in a hard copy format via fax, as you are able to send it placing a hard copy on a fax machine and by pressing few buttons. On the contrary, with email, you’ll have to first scan the document, edit the scanned image if required and save it on the computer before composing and attaching in the email. Even once it is received by the recipient, the attached file has to be printed.


Sometimes the document contains confidential or secured information and in such cases, it is better to send it through fax. As the transmission of the document only involves a phone network and the physical copy of the document, it is received directly by the recipient with less risk of compromising with the integrity of the document.

With email there is always a little security concern will remain in the loop such as an attack of malware and spyware on the sending or receiving end. The random attacks and practice of phishing and hacking have made computer network security more vulnerable to such threats from time to time.


Everyday we receive tend to receive lots of emails and at the end of the day, it is usually a tedious task to locate a document or correspondence. When using an online faxing application, faxes are automatically archived in the cloud while also being sent to email. Rather than having to go through entire email inbox but on the contrary, your faxes are conveniently organized so as find them easily.

HIPAA Compliance

Health and Medical industry is one such where lots of document transmission happens in regards to the patient’s medical records and history. Under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the privacy of individually identifiable health information should be protected and the same health information has to be securely kept or transferred in electronic form.

Hence, focussing on this account, faxing is more preferred over email when it comes to HIPAA compliance.

Delivery Confirmation

While it is hard to know whether actually, the recipient has received your email or not and not all of us have email tracking system in place. In such instances, we are always unsure until we receive the reply back.

On the other hand with faxing, if the fax has not gone through, then you will come to know. Also, once it is delivered, you will also get the confirmation of the same.

In Short:

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