CocoFax vs RingCentral

CocoFax vs RingCentral

The main difference between CocoFax and RingCentral is pricing and range of features. CocoFax is cheaper than RingCentral at $4.99 per month, unlike the latter, which costs $22.99 per month. CocoFax also comes with 256-bit encryption, while RingCentral uses SRTP encryption.

CocoFax vs RingCentral Comparison

RingCentral vs CocoFax


Price per page

HIPAA Compliance

Secure Fax Transmissions

Built-in eSignature

Mobile Apps











CocoFax vs RingCentral


CocoFax uses 256-bit Advanced Encryption to encrypt fax files, whether in transit or at rest. Encryption works in a way that even if the fax gets exposed to unauthorized individuals, the information remains secure. This fax service also uses two-factor authentication to validate user identities. If there are any security bugs, a team of analysts is on standby to check and fix them.

As for RingCentral, it employs (Transport Layer Security) protocols and Real-Time Transport Protocol (SRTP) encryption for inbound and outbound faxes. It also blocks unknown users from sending spam emails and junk faxes.

User Experience

Navigating through CocoFax’s dashboard is easy. Besides showcasing a clean-looking interface, its controls and options for customized faxing are easy to find. It makes faxing online a pleasant experience and way more convenient than driving to find a Staples or Office Depot nearby. 

For faxing on the go, RingCentral would make an excellent option. Its simple and seamless interface allows faxes to go in and out securely. Moreover, it’s easy to drag and drop files and attach them to your faxes or emails. You can also seamlessly integrate it into your desired cloud storage.

HIPAA Compliance

One of the things to look for in a fax provider is its ability to comply with healthcare industry regulations like HIPAA. Thankfully, CocoFax and RingCentral are both HIPAA-compliant fax platforms. With CocoFax, covered entities can secure a Business Associate Agreement (BAA). It also comes with advanced privacy and security controls.

RingCentral also enables compliance by implementing HIPAA safeguards to protect faxes at rest and in transit. This comprehensive communication service also offers a BAA, which attests to its willingness and readiness to handle protected health information (PHI).

Device Applications

CocoFax has mobile apps available on Android and iOS systems. It works well across multiple platforms, enabling users to fax anywhere and on the go. It also recommends installing a Chrome extension and using the G-suite add-on for faster faxing.

RingCentral lets users download its mobile app on iPhone or Android. Its free desktop app is also available on Mac and Windows. Plus, it supports integrations for cloud storage apps such as Google Workspace, Salesforce, and Microsoft 365. 

CocoFax vs RingCentral


CocoFax offers a digital signature feature with automatic reminders. It also lets you save your signatures or create new ones from scratch. Moreover, it supports bulk signing for multiple signers.

Meanwhile, RingCentral doesn’t offer a built-in tool for electronic signatures. However, it has an alternative eSignature integration with a third-party app like DocuSign. But you’ll need to agree to its Federal Electronic Disclosure and Consent terms.

Fax Broadcasting

With CocoFax, you can send bulk faxes to multiple recipients. Its broadcast fax feature can help you reach target audiences simultaneously without hassle. 

As for RingCentral, users can send a single fax to at least 50 recipients. But if you need to send to 51 or more recipients, you must enable the fax broadcasting feature on your RingCentral account.

Fax Scheduling

With CocoFax, you can schedule faxes just like you do with emails. Simply log in to your account, hit the new fax button, and enter the recipient’s fax number. From then on, you can enable the scheduled delivery option and select your desired time and date.

As for RingCentral, there’s also an option to set the exact date and time for sending specific faxes. Its fax scheduling feature allows you to automate your document workflows and save time.

Pricing and Plans

As low as $4.99 monthly, the CocoFax Lite plan is ideal for professionals and businesses who fax occasionally. It lets you fax up to 60 pages and will charge you $0.20 per additional page. Upgrading to higher tiers will enable you to fax more pages. Access to specific features will depend on your chosen plan. 

RingCentral, on the other hand, has two straightforward plans. As its name suggests, this fax service’s Fax 3000 plan lets you fax up to 3000 pages per month, and that’s for $22.99 per user. If you want to fax unlimited pages, in addition to being able to make calls and send team chats, you can pay $25 monthly for RingCentral Advanced. 

CocoFax vs RingCentral

Comparing CocoFax and RingCentral

When selecting between CocoFax and RingCentral, consider the pricing and range of features. The former is a cheaper alternative to RingCentral with a digital signing feature that the latter fax provider does not provide.

However, for large businesses and organizations that need a more comprehensive fax solution, RingCentral is the best CocoFax alternative. The best thing about this cloud service is it offers other communication features like team messaging, SMS, voice, and video calls.

iFax: The Best Alternative to CocoFax and RingCentral

If choosing between RingCentral and CocoFax still leaves you undecided, choose iFax instead. That’s if you want a cost-effective but equally reliable internet faxing solution. 

With our HIPAA-compliant fax service, you can streamline processes with features that make faxing documents online hassle-free and maintenance-free. You can fax in bulk, through email, or even directly from your existing systems via API. It even integrates with existing apps like Google Workspace and OneDrive.

And guess what? You can even request a free tailored demo.

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Kent is a content strategist currently specializing in HIPAA-compliant online fax. Her expertise in this field allows her to provide valuable insights to clients seeking a secure and efficient online fax solution.

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