concord vs mfax

Concord vs mFax

The main difference between Concord and mFax is pricing and the ability to fax from mobile. Pricing for Concord starts at $10.95 for 100 pages, while mFax’s pricing starts at $25 for 400 pages. It also has a free 14-day free trial offer. Between the two, only mFax has apps for Android and iOS.

Concord and mFax Comparison

mFax vs Concord


Starting Price

HIPAA Compliance

Free Mobile Apps

eSignature Tool

Fax Cover Pages


$25 for 400 pages



Yes, via mSign



$10.95 for 100 pages





Concord vs mFax

Read on for our full Concord vs mFax comparison.

Security and HIPAA Compliance

Concord provides HIPAA-compliant faxing with its TLS and AES 256-bit encrypted secure fax transmission, which is one of the primary requirements for HIPAA compliance. Also, this fax service uses secure data centers in highly restricted facilities for data storage. It’s a safe and HIPAA-compliant cloud fax solution that organizations and businesses can truly depend on.

As an alternative to Concord, mFax also offers HIPAA-compliant plans. It utilizes the same 256-bit AES and TLS 1.2 encryption to protect stored faxes and those in transit. It also has access controls, audit trails, two-factor authentication, and automatic timeout sessions. It will also sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with clients upon request. With its servers being located in secure facilities with state-of-the-art security, you can count on this fax service to operate round the clock with minimal downtime.

Device Applications

Concord shines when you’re using it to send faxes from a desktop or laptop. It has print-to-fax functionality and integration with Google Workspace and Office 365. It has a web app for easy account access without the complicated setups. You can also use any email client to enable its email-to-fax feature. One downside of this service is it lacks dedicated apps for iOS and Android. While its web app may suffice, apps can make sending and receiving faxes on mobile more convenient. There’s the web app, but you can’t expect users to open their browsers whenever they need to view, send, or receive a fax.

As a Concord alternative, mFax offers free Android and iOS apps for mobile faxing. You can easily download these apps for free from their respective stores. There’s also a downloadable Windows driver that you can use to enable print-to-fax. This feature allows you to fax directly from applications like Microsoft Word by converting the document into a fax-friendly format. You can also use its intuitive web portal to manage and configure your desired settings for incoming and outgoing faxes.


mFax supports signing faxes electronically, but there’s a catch. You’ll need to subscribe to mSign, a separate service from the same developer, Documo. mFax has no inherent feature that would allow you to affix electronic signatures. 

The mFax alternative, Concord, is obviously lacking in this aspect. If you want to sign a document, your next best option would be to affix your signatures by hand. 

Concord vs mFax

Fax Numbers and Porting

mFax offers number porting for $15 per number. The process takes 7 to 10 business days, so they let you route your number while waiting for the porting process to finish. This will prevent any downtime. Besides porting existing numbers, it’s worth noting that the basic plan already includes one fax number

As an alternative to mFax, Concord also offers toll-free numbers. This service also allows fax number porting, although its website fails to mention any information about its processing time and cost.

Fax Cover Pages

Both Concord and mFax allow the inclusion of fax cover pages. With Concord, you can add a custom cover page for your faxes or select from the default ones. For a fee, you can also customize a cover page to suit your needs or preferences.

Likewise, mFax has an assortment of fax cover sheets available. You can also create your cover page from scratch.

Pricing and Plans

Concord Pricing

  • FaxPro 100 at $10.95 monthly for 100 pages
  • FaxPro 300 at $14.95 monthly for 300 pages
  • FaxPro 1000 at $49.95 monthly for 1,000 pages
  • Customized pricing is also available

mFax Pricing

  • Free 14-day trial plan
  • Professional at $25 monthly for 400 pages
  • Business at $150 monthly for 2,500 pages
  • Enterprise at $500 monthly for 10,000 pages
  • Clients can also request for a custom quote
Concord vs mFax

Comparing Concord and mFax

Concord and mFax are secure, HIPAA-compliant cloud faxing solutions with robust features that make faxing sensitive patient information worry-free and simple. They both have user-friendly web portals and can send faxes directly from email and other business apps.

If your goal is cost efficiency, choosing mFax would be best. Although its base plan will cost you $25 per month, that price is already reasonable for faxing 400 pages. You can also access features like fax histories, custom fields, and tags. You can also fax from mobile using its Android and iOS apps.

Conversely, Concord is best if you want to focus on having a HIPAA-compliant solution that can fax sensitive documents securely.

Concord vs mFax (Plus the Best Alternative)

iFax offers a secure and HIPAA-compliant alternative to Concord and mFax. It uses military-grade security to protect sent and received faxes and has premium features like eSignatures, OCR technology, and Fax API that can streamline your faxing process.

Discover how you can make iFax work for your business. Start with a free tailored demo of its features and functionalities.

Kent Cañas

Kent is a content strategist currently specializing in HIPAA-compliant online fax. Her expertise in this field allows her to provide valuable insights to clients seeking a secure and efficient online fax solution.

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