FaxZero vs WestFax

FaxZero vs WestFax

The main difference between FaxZero and WestFax lies in the type of faxing services they offer. While WestFax provides a fully HIPAA-compliant fax with complete EHR/EMR interoperability, FaxZero offers free online faxing but with a catch.

FaxZero and WestFax Comparison

WestFax vs FaxZero


Price per page

HIPAA Compliance

Fax Numbers

Fax Broadcasting












FaxZero vs WestFax

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At first glance, you may think FaxZero isn’t secure. However, its website states that all submitted information is encrypted and transmitted using HTTPS protocol. It uses TLS or SSL to secure all outbound communications. Also, it periodically upgrades its security features to prevent any possible breaches. Moreover, the free fax service protects your privacy by not sharing any provided information. It also deletes all records of your fax transmissions within three days of delivery.

Meanwhile, as a FaxZero alternative, WestFax offers secure TLS 1.2 encryption for transmitted data and AES 256 encryption for stored data. Their systems are deployed in servers following HITRUST & SOC 2 compliance with strictly controlled access. It supports SSO (single-sign-on) and meets privacy protocols and standards.

User Experience

FaxZero is straightforward to use. Once you open its website, you can fax instantly from its homepage. You can also choose to send a free or premium fax and attach one or more supported files. After submitting the fax, you’ll receive a confirmation email, and your fax will be transmitted once you confirm. You’ll also receive an email stating that the fax has been delivered. To support its free fax, FaxZero displays ads across its website.

As an alternative to FaxZero, WestFax offers a more robust faxing interface that works across several devices. To start sending faxes, you need to subscribe to a plan and create an account. You can then send a fax using their intuitive web interface or by attaching your fax document to an email. You can also install a Windows driver and use its print-to-fax option. 


HIPAA Compliance

WestFax is built for the healthcare industry and comes out of the box with HIPAA compliance. It has different HIPAA-compliant plans that scale with your needs. They’ll sign a BAA (Business Associate Agreement) with their clients and provide various levels of access control to manage users and prevent breaches. They also have automatic log-off, multi-factor authentication (MFA), and audit logs.

As a WestFax alternative, FaxZero isn’t HIPAA-compliant. While it offers secure faxing, it won’t sign a BAA. Also, there are no audit logs or user access controls to ensure data confidentiality. This free fax service is best for sending non-HIPAA sensitive documents.


Neither WestFax nor FaxZero has a built-in digital signing capability. If you want to sign and annotate faxes, you could either print them or use a third-party eSignature tool like Fill. 

FaxZero vs WestFax

EHR and EMR Integration

WestFax’s enterprise fax API integrates its faxing solution into multiple hospital software and clinic management systems. It allows you to send faxes within your EHR or EMR, helping streamline communication. Plus, it minimizes the risk of errors and document discrepancies.

As an alternative to WestFax, FaxZero offers no API support since it’s not intended to be integrated into any system. 

Fax Numbers and Number Porting

WestFax assigns you a local or toll-free number, which you must choose upon signing in. The number is activated after at least 10 minutes. You can also port an existing number for free.

FaxZero is focused on sending faxes without fax machines. They don’t allow you to receive faxes and, as such, don’t offer any fax numbers. 

Fax Broadcasting and Scheduling

FaxZero doesn’t support fax scheduling. You have to queue each fax and send them manually. There’s also no option to send fax broadcasts. You can also fax to one recipient at a time. 

Meanwhile, WestFax lets you manage multiple faxes per hour. You can schedule faxes before distribution and review their contents. You can also broadcast fax to multiple recipients without merging multiple data manually. This helps you reach more people in a short period. 

Fax Status Monitoring

FaxZero alerts you of a successful or failed fax via email. Unfortunately, as per the warning on their site, some email clients flag their notifications as spam, causing users to miss the notice. If you’re using this service, remember to whitelist its email so you don’t miss any alerts. 

WestFax, on the other hand, has a user dashboard where you can view the status of every fax. You can see if it’s scheduled, in transit, successfully delivered, or failed.

Pricing and Plans

FaxZero is a low-cost option if you want to send faxes quickly. You don’t even have to create an account to start sending faxes. However, the free plan is limited to sending only 5 faxes daily. If you add a cover page, expect it to come with a FaxZero branding. To remove this, you must pay $2.09 for the premium fax. Paying also increases the fax page limit to 25. You can also send unlimited premium faxes daily since you’re paying for each fax.

Meanwhile, WestFax has 4 HIPAA-compliant plans: 

  • Basic at $14.99 per month (500 pages for 1 user)
  • HIPAA 1500 at $39.95 per month (1500 pages for 5 users)
  • HIPAA 3k at $69.95 per month (3000 pages for 25 users)
  • Enterprise (customized pricing)
FaxZero vs WestFax

Comparing FaxZero and WestFax

When looking at WestFax vs FaxZero, WestFax immediately stands out as the better solution. HIPAA compliance is crucial for handling sensitive faxes, and only WestFax offers that, along with other helpful features.

However, if you need to send a non-sensitive fax, then FaxZero works for you. It’s also the best option if you’re looking for a reliable fax service that you can use occasionally.

The Best FaxZero vs WestFax Alternative

If you’re looking for a simple online faxing solution that’s HIPAA compliant and offers excellent features, iFax is another option worth considering. 

It’s 100% HIPAA compliant and implements military-grade encryption. It also offers fax broadcasting, electronic signatures, user management, team management, customizable cover sheets, and more. 

Plus, it has a pay-per-fax option for sending faxes without paying for a monthly or annual plan.

Check out the rest of what iFax can offer. Schedule a free tailored demo.

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