RingCentral vs. HelloFax

The main difference between RingCentral and HelloFax is that the latter lacks fax broadcast and scheduling, while RingCentral is a pricey alternative with a broader range of features and communication tools.

ringcentral vs hellofax


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Feature breakdown of RingCentral and HelloFax

Ringcentral vs Hellofax

HIPAA Compliance

RingCentral has a dedicated line of security protocols, such as encryption and fax blocking, to ensure its users comply with HIPAA while using the service. Moreover, covered entities and business associates can request a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) for secure fax transmissions involving PHI.

As for HelloFax, it also adheres to HIPAA by implementing encryption and advanced security measures. Like RingCentral, this fax service requires users to sign a BAA before sending documents with sensitive patient health data.

Pricing and Plans

The Basic plan for RingCentral starts at $22.99 per user per month. However, you need to upgrade to the Advanced plan at $25 monthly for other premium features like unlimited internet fax. The said plan also comes with unlimited video conferencing and internal team messaging.

As for HelloFax, you can choose from its three flexible plans: Home Office, Professional, and Small Business. The basic plan starts at $9.99 monthly, while the Professional plan costs $19.99 monthly. As a RingCentral alternative, HelloFax allows users to experience premium features such as eSignatures, cloud integration, and international faxing for free.

Ringcentral vs Hellofax
Ringcentral vs Hellofax

Fax Scheduling

RingCentral lets you pick your desired time and date whenever you want to send your faxes. All you need to do is enter your recipient details, attach the files you want to include in your fax, and click Send Later to confirm the scheduled fax.

Unfortunately, HelloFax does not support fax scheduling. You can only do real-time faxing, meaning you must manually send your faxes at the exact date or time you want them delivered.

API and Developer Support

RingCentral’s Programmable Fax API helps with ensuring high-volume scalability and deliverability. You can send API requests for fax transmissions from 29 different file formats. You can also resend or forward faxes to other recipients despite busy signals. 

For HelloFax, there’s a dedicated Dropbox API that you can integrate with your existing workflows. This allows your document management software to send faxes seamlessly without manual faxing.

Ringcentral vs Hellofax

Attaching Digital Signatures

With RingCentral, you can digitally sign forms related to consent and PHI disclosure with ease. Note that its eSignature feature is only available for legal forms, which include letters of authorization and transaction forms.

HelloFax is a good RingCentral alternative that allows digital signatures for any document type. It uses Dropbox Sign to add legally binding signatures to contracts and agreements. After signing, you and your team members can access the signed documents in one centralized platform.

Fax Broadcasting

RingCentral allows users to send faxes to up to 50 recipients for bulk faxing. However, you must first submit the Credit Card Authorization Form (CCAF) to RingCentral to activate the fax broadcasting feature. Afterward, the fax service will conduct a one-time verification procedure for fax broadcasts.

Meanwhile, a HelloFax free account does not allow you to receive or send faxes simultaneously to multiple recipients. You must upgrade to a paid plan to access this feature, yet the service doesn’t clarify whether it allows the creation of broadcast lists for fax campaigns.

Ringcentral vs Hellofax
Ringcentral vs Hellofax

Which Fax Service is better?

Comparing MetroFax and MyFax is tricky, as both are significantly similar in features and functionality. However, after careful review, it’s noticeable that MyFax’s more expensive plans offer better faxing features. You can enjoy updated mobile apps, live customer support, international numbers, and a longer list of supported file formats.

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RingCentral supports various file formats, including PDF, Adobe PhotoShop, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Publisher.

Yes, RingCentral deploys  dedicated security protocools protocols, such as encryption and fax blocking, to ensure HIPAA compliance while using the service.