How to receive a fax online with the iFax app

Our mobile fax app makes it simpler to receive faxes on the go.

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A guide on how to receive faxes online with the ifax app

STEP 1: Download The Free iFax App

Download your platform-specific free iFax mobile app to instantly receive faxes on your smartphone, tablet, laptop etc. Start using all the cutting edge features of online faxing.

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STEP 2: Create your iFax Account

You can sign up for the iFax account directly from within the mobile app. You can get your free fax number with our free trial plan. Once your iFax account is active, you can start receiving instant faxes on your mobile.

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STEP 3:Tap To View Your Faxes

Once you open your iFax mobile app, tap on your inbox and click on ‘new fax’ to start reading your received faxes. You can also open attachments, view, sign and forward your fax.

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With over 2 million downloads, we remain favourites among the users who sends or receives online faxes may it be for personal, professional and/or business needs. iFax uses enterprise-grade fax technology that makes it easy-to-use mobile fax apps from iFax. You can easily sign, read, receive, edit, customize, add an electronic signature and send fax from your mobile.

iFax offers pay-per-fax facility or you can also buy credits at a discounted price which seems to be a favourable choice for startup entrepreneurs and small & medium enterprises.

In addition to this, iFax is available across 5 platforms and it is the best cost-effective way to send fax online. iFax has become one of the trustworthy names in the mobile faxing app market.

Also, with iFax you can save over 70% in fax credits. Not only you get a free fax number to receive unlimited incoming faxes free for 7 days but also you can send free faxes by referring friends.

iFax, the cost-effective, easy and providing more ways to send online fax free seems to be making headlines in the mobile/online faxing industry.