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online faxing for business

What Is Hybrid Faxing and Its Benefits for Businesses?

Find out what hybrid faxing is and how your business can benefit from this innovative fax solution.

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faxing for international business transactions

Benefits of Online Faxing for International Business Transactions

Faxing has long been a staple in every business communication. But with the rise of digital technology, it's time to…

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environmental impact of faxing

The Environmental Impact of Faxing: A Guide to Going Green

For years, faxing has been a popular method of communication, particularly in the business world. What’s not to love about…

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traditional fax machines to online fax services

Traditional Fax Machines to Online Fax Services: A Guide

You may think that fax machines are already antiquated and a relic of the past. Yet this 180-year-old technology remains…

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Incorrect Tax Returns

Incorrect Tax Returns: Understanding the Consequences

It is easy to make errors and omissions when preparing tax returns. These mistakes could be as simple as not…

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how to find a fax number

How To Find A Fax Number: Strategies For Finding A Fax Number

Whether you’re doing it the traditional or the modern way, finding a fax number could be quite a chore. This…

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Fake Fax Numbers

Fake Fax Numbers: Why They Exist and How to Identify Them

If there is one massive disadvantage of going digital, it’s exposing oneself to online scams. From phishing websites to seemingly…

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ehr fax service featured image

EHR Fax Service: A Beginner’s Guide on Efficient EHR Faxing

Do you want to simplify your Electronic Health Record (EHR) faxing process? Are you ready to bring paper-based faxes into…

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online faxing for insurance companies featured

Online Faxing for Insurance Companies: Transforming Workflow

Insurance companies are no strangers to paperwork. This has been a challenging task for any company. Thankfully, technology has evolved…

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