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Billion PBX Review: What You Need To Know

Billion PBX positions itself as a software IP PBX that works on SIP protocol, offering efficiency and reliability at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional phone systems.

If your goal is to improve business communications, reach thousands of clients, and reduce the expenses associated with office telephony, looking into Billion PBX’s fully functional IP PBX could be more profitable than you think, and here’s why.

Billion PBX Review: What You Need To Know

What Is Billion PBX?

Billion PBX is a VoIP telephony software that turns any office computer into a powerful business phone system using SIP protocol on your IP network. It facilitates the seamless management of long-distance calls, thereby improving customer interactions. Aside from regular voice calls, Billion PBX lets you implement advanced functionalities such as call routing, forwarding, voicemail, and conferencing as opposed to traditional hardware systems.

The software also works on both Linux and Windows computers, offering easy configuration and quick setup.

Key Features of Billion PBX Systems

The Billion PBX software offers features that help enhance communication while utilizing your business’s existing hardware and network infrastructure. 

Some of its key features include:

  • Works on any office desktop or laptop that meets the minimum installation and configuration requirements
  • 64-bit Windows and Linux system compatibility
  • New generation IP PBX working on SIP protocol
  • Easy-to-use web interface for remote and local management
  • Call routing using SIP and H.323 protocols: by priority, by least cost (LCR), by endpoint load, by endpoint availability
  • Call authorization and authentication
  • Supports internal, long-distance, and international calls

Advanced features for IP PBX calling include:

  • Concurrent calls
  • Call forwarding and recording
  • Voicemail
  • Call on Hold and Callback
  • Group calling
  • Ring back tone
  • Music-on-hold

Other notable features:

  • Subscriber profile management (self-service)
  • Call Data Records (CDR)
  • Embedded call rating and billing system
  • Interface to external billing system
  • NAT-traversal

Call routing

Calls that go through Billion PBX are directed to the subscriber or the endpoint (terminator). There are two kinds of routing rules: static and dynamic. Static routing sends calls to terminators in the order set by the administrator. Meanwhile, dynamic routing happens when the end user accepts the call.

Call authorization and authentication

Billion PBX authorizes calls from endpoints or subscribers based on the authentication data from the registration. The IP address in the database will determine the endpoints.


To reduce expenses for long-distance calls, Billion PBX provides a callback feature. Moreover, the IP PBX software supports three methods for callback activation, which include HTTP requests, Interactive Voice Responses (IVRs), and SMS.

Interactive Voice Responses (IVR)

The IVR can respond to customers’ simple questions and direct the caller to the appropriate agent. Afterward, the caller can schedule a callback or move to another channel, depending on the customer’s response. With a powerful script processor for interactive voice responses, Billion PBX can handle such calls.

Billion PBX Review: What You Need To Know

Setting Up the Billion PBX System for Your Office

Configuring the IP PBX software to work on your office computers requires a few simple steps:

1. Setup and installation

Billion PBX can work on any of three operating systems such as Windows, Linux, FreeBSD. For every operating system, there is a separate installation package.

Microsoft Windows

If your office computer is running on Microsoft Windows, open bpbx_windows_en-Х.Х-X.i386.msi for 32-bit system or bpbx_windows_en-Х.Х-X.x64.msi for 64-bit system to install Billion PBX.

Linux or FreeBSD

For Linux or FreeBSD, you can use RPM-packets bpbx_linux-Х.Х-X.i386.rpm or bpbx_FreeBSD-Х.Х-X.i386.rpm. To finish the installation, you’ll need superuser (root) rights. Use tar-files if your operating system does not support rpm-packets.

2. Starting and stopping

After installation, Billion PBX will start immediately. Your computer will reboot first if you’re on Microsoft Windows. To enable auto-start on Linux and FreeBSD, you’ll need additional configuration. For recovery-enabling instructions, check the cron.txt file on Linux and FreeBSD.

3. Configuration and monitoring

Check the location of your Billion PBX on your web-based control panel. The administrator will conduct configuration and monitoring remotely via the Internet or LAN. If you’re trying to access the Billion PBX control panel, you’ll need to enter the IP address of your computer with the port number (by default: 1800) into the web browser address field (e.g.,

Billion PBX Review: What You Need To Know

Billion PBX for Business: Pricing and Licensing

While downloading the Billion PBX software doesn’t cost anything, making it work requires purchasing a specific license package or subscription that would also depend on your business needs and calling requirements.

Here’s an overview of its current license offerings and subscription plans:

4 concurrent calls 

Permanent license = $120
License + ShareIt technical support = $12 monthly

8 concurrent calls 

Permanent license = $225
License + ShareIt technical support = $22.50 monthly

32 concurrent calls 

Permanent license = $755
License + ShareIt technical support = $75.50 monthly

128 concurrent calls 

Permanent license = $1,900
License + ShareIt technical support = $190 monthly

You can check out Billion PBX’s official pricing page for additional details on its available license packages and subscription plans.

Is Billion PBX Suitable for Small and Large Offices?

Given its features and functionality, Billion PBX best suits small and mid-sized organizations looking to benefit from features that can lower costs while achieving better communication efficiency and scalability. 

If you are an enterprise or a business looking to cater to a larger number of clients while ensuring compliance with regulatory standards, consider looking into iFax’s secure and HIPAA-compliant VoIP calling solutions.

With iFax, you can do more than send and receive online fax. Our platform offers a comprehensive business communication suite, providing everything you need to work efficiently and stay connected.

Request a demo of iFax today to see how it works.

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