fax from windows

Faxing is accessible to anyone who has a Windows computer. As long as you are connected to the internet, there are other ways to do it without buying the good ol’ fax machine.

Fax from windows PC services are available online. Some offer free fax services with limited pages you can send, while others offer premium plans that let you send and receive online faxes with ease.

Of course, the goal is to make the process convenient, accessible, and cost-efficient using your computer. We will walk you through the different methods below. But first, let’s explore the benefits of using an online fax service using your Windows computer.

What Are the Benefits of Sending Fax From Windows Computer?

Are you still using a legacy fax machine? Maybe it’s time to consider online fax services that allow you to send fax from your Windows computer in an instant. There are no maintenance costs, no need to replenish paper trays, and most of all, it’s environment-friendly. It’s the fastest way to send and receive faxes, offering you incredible benefits, whether it’s for personal or business use.

  • Convenience and Flexibility – online fax services are intuitive that allows you to send and receive faxes straight from your computer or mobile device without printing your documents. You can attach your faxes, and the recipient will receive them as if you sent them using a fax machine. Moreover, online fax services have software that works across iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac.
  • Security – internet faxing services use strong encryption to secure the transmission on the internet. In this way, they protect sensitive information from cyberattacks and snoopers. Enterprise-grade services are equipped with 256-bit end-to-end encryption and offer two-way authentication to secure your accounts.
  • Affordable – online fax subscriptions offer monthly plans and pay per fax. If you only need to send one-time fax to a company or institution, the pay-per-fax is a good option, especially if you only send a few pages. Monthly subscriptions range from $7 to $20 or more for personal and business use. You can send hundreds and thousands of pages per month.
  • Suitable for Teams and Enterprises – if you have a large team, internet faxing is your best bet because each member or employee can send and receive faxes straight from their mobile devices. Whether they are at the office or outside for client meetings, faxing is within their fingertips. No more delays on critical documents like contracts, applications, and reports. They can fax them right off the bat.

Send a Fax From Windows Computer Using Online Services like iFax

fax from windows computer

Prepare the following before you proceed:

  • iFax account (free trial or a paid subscription)
  • Windows computer
  • Stable internet or Wi-Fi network connection
  • Recipient’s fax number

Sending a fax is super easy when you have an iFax account. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Visit www.ifax.com to register a new account. You may do this on a web browser or sign up using your mobile device and avail of the 7-day free trial via Windows Store, Apple Store, or Google Playstore.
  2. After signing up, iFax will take you to the main dashboard. The interface is like your email’s inbox. This is where you can view the sent and received faxes. To send your first fax, click the ‘New Fax‘ button.
  3. A window will pop out showing a fax cover sheet to fill in, including sender, recipient, subject, and comments. Click the arrow [left or right] in the middle screen to change the fax cover page template.
  4. After filling in the details, upload documents from your Windows computer. Click ‘Add Documents’
  5. Click ‘Send Fax’ when you’re all set and ready. iFax will prompt you to notify the recipient via email of the fax you sent.

Send a Fax Using Email via Web Browser


Another way to send a fax is via email. As long as you have the recipient’s fax number, then you may proceed.

  1. Open your Gmail, Windows Mail, or email client of your choice and compose a new email.
  2. Type ‘send@ifaxapp.com’ in the ‘To’ field.
  3. Type the recipient’s fax number, including international and local code, without spaces or dashes in the subject field. (e.g. +12512509117)
  4. Type comments in the body, as this will show on the fax cover page.
  5. Attach the documents that you need to fax and then send the email.

Send a Free Fax From Windows Computer With FaxZero


Last but not least, another way to send a fax using your Windows computer, without signing up, is FaxZero. You can access this using your Windows web browser.

  1. Fill in the Sender and Receiver’s Information.
  2. Attach the documents you need to fax and fill in the texts for the fax cover page.
  3. Don’t forget to type the confirmation code.
  4. Click Send Free Fax Now if you are sending a maximum of three pages + cover page. Otherwise, you need to pay $2.09 per fax, a maximum of 25 pages.

Try any of these options so you won’t have to visit an outlet or store that offers self-service faxing. Furthermore, if you think switching to an online fax service like iFax boosts your productivity, then why not give it a try and download the app now. More than 5 million users rely on its services and features. Maybe, it’s for you to find out why they love it!