What Is Cerner EMR? 2024 Comprehensive Guide

What Is Cerner EMR? 2024 Comprehensive Guide

Cerner EMR is one of the leading EMR systems today. But will its features fit your healthcare facility? 

Read on for a comprehensive overview of this popular medical software suite.

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What Is Cerner EMR?

Cerner EMR is one of the leading electronic medical records (EMR) or electronic health records (EHR) software today. In June 2022, it was acquired by the IT company Oracle, solidifying its place as an EMR solution. Definitive Healthcare’s Top 10 inpatient EHR vendors by market share shows that the U.S.-based vendor ranks second, just behind Epic Systems as of August 16, 2023.

Cerner EMR provides extensive features and products for both inpatient and outpatient settings. The platform’s flagship product is called Millenium, popular for its comprehensive analytics capabilities, clinical documentation tools, Dragon Medical One Voice Recognition, and longitudinal record creation. 

Because of its rich features, Cerner EMR is an ideal platform for hospitals and health systems that need to manage significant volumes of data. The platform enables them to organize patient records across various sites and simplifies ordering processes.

Cerner EMR Software Key Features


Cerner EMR helps medical staff efficiently and securely access real-time information remotely. Healthcare staff can check patient charts, upload images, dictate voice commands, document allergies and symptoms, search data, and sign off progress notes from the platform.


Cerner enables interoperability between devices, healthcare apps, and other EHRs. It integrates with CommonWell Health Alliance, which connects disparate Health IT vendors, providers, and government agencies so they can seamlessly exchange data and deliver quality healthcare. Thousands of ambulatory services, laboratories, pharmacies, and other health providers are connected to CommonWell Health Alliance. Cerner also uses the CareAware platform, which allows validated medical devices to connect to the EMR, regardless of the vendor used.

Speech recognition

Physicians can deliver more efficient care with PowerChart Touch. The app enables you to record patient care on mobile devices using voice dictation. The integrated speech recognition app incorporates a secure medical language model to assist physicians in different specialties.

What Is Cerner EMR? 2024 Comprehensive Guide

Physician documentation

Cerner’s EMR works with various physicians in over 40 specialties. The PowerChat Touch apps serve physicians who specialize in surgery, orthopedics, neurology, and other areas. Cerner offers flexible documentation, letting them customize patient lists, screen layouts, and other features. 

Order management

Cerner EMR offers an efficient order communication system (OCS) to reduce costs and improve healthcare delivery. Healthcare staff can place orders and receive clinical decisions on their orders immediately. The platform helps clinicians communicate effectively and access reports whenever they are needed.

Emergency medicine

Cerner FirstNet is an emergency solution that supports emergency teams. It tracks patients and provides real-time data before a patient arrives. Healthcare staff can quickly make decisions on bed management and customize requirements such as length of stay.


Cerner imaging solutions are integrated into the EMR. Caregivers can view cardiovascular, clinical, and radiology images so they make better decisions. Various forms of multimedia, including digital ECG objects, can be accessed in Cerner EMR.

How Does The Cerner EMR Work

Getting started with Cerner EMR is easy. Contact Cerner on their website to get a customized quote and demo. Reviews attest that Cerner is a solid platform that’s very easy to implement. However, it’s recommended to run staff training, especially for providers that are switching platforms. Since Cerner EMR has rich features, using it might come with a steep learning curve depending on the provider’s workflow.

Cerner EMR Pricing

Cerner doesn’t disclose pricing on its website. Several users remark that the platform is expensive but worth the cost. Healthcare providers should schedule a demo or talk to their sales team so they can customize a solution that fits their requirements. Cerner EMR can accommodate small, medium, and large organizations. 

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Use Cases For Cerner EMR System

Cerner EMR has a large customer base with thousands of installations. The Oracle Cerner website shows that the Wirral University Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust reported 12 percent improved efficiency after implementing the EMR. Cerner saved the institution 27 minutes in doing rounds and £60,000.

In 2005, Cerner became a key partner of the Department of Defense (DOD) and US Coast Guard (USCG) hospitals and clinics around the world. In 2018, its EHR system and population health solutions were selected by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Sending a Fax From Cerner Using iFax

iFax offers multiple integrations with other software, including Cerner EMR. Once subscribed to our fax service, you can send and receive secure faxes directly from Cerner without the need for physical fax machines or analog modem.

Healthcare providers can rest assured that their faxes remain safe with iFax and Cerner EMR integration. Add to that the fact that our service offers free BAA so users can maintain HIPAA compliance while using the two systems. 

Request a free demo to get started.

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