Onco EMR software for healthcare

Onco EMR Overview: Everything You Need to Know

Oncologists have specific needs and unique challenges in managing sensitive healthcare data. If you are looking for a secure and dependable electronic medical records system that can respond to those needs, consider using Onco EMR. 

Here’s everything you need to know about the software, including its description, features, pricing, and more.

Onco EMR Overview: Everything You Need to Know

What Is Onco EMR?

Onco EMR is a cloud-based electronic health record system built for oncologists. It integrates health information, medical orders, laboratory test results, and clinical research features into its platform. With it, doctors can improve the patient care process even while on the go.

The Onco EMR system was developed by Flatiron, a health technology company committed to enhancing cancer treatment and advancing research in the field. To accomplish its mission, the company partners with cancer centers, top developers of oncology therapeutics, and regulators worldwide.

Onco EMR Software Features

CareSpace patient portal

Onco EMR provides an easy-to-use portal where patients can view their health records. Health data is automatically synced on this portal, reducing the need for patients to ask healthcare staff about their data.

OncoAir mobile app

OncoAir is an iOS app that helps you stay mobile while caring for patients. You can view healthcare data like treatment and lab histories while doing rounds or calls. The app also lets you upload notes and capture photos to your patient chart.

Healthcare tools

Onco EMR works with relevant healthcare tools, allowing for smoother workflows. It integrates with Flatiron Assist, Caris Life Sciences and Foundation Medicine molecular profiling, State the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) for e-prescribing narcotics, and MIPS and EOM reporting.

Research tools

The EMR software includes research tools such as the Onco EMR Research Tab and OncoTrials. These are designed to integrate research-related tasks into your everyday workflow, reducing the operational burdens of running clinical trials.

Onco EMR Overview: Everything You Need to Know

Clinical resources

Since Onco EMR is for oncologists, it includes clinical resources that keep your records up-to-date more efficiently. Onco EMR integrates the following:

  • AJCC staging calculators – The American Joint Committee on Cancer staging calculators help determine a patient’s cancer stage.
  • NCCN Chemotherapy Regimen Templates – Onco EMR provides more than 3,000 National Comprehensive Cancer Network chemotherapy regimen templates. This allows physicians to follow standardized protocols for chemotherapy administration.
  • Embedded links to NCCN Guidelines – You can quickly access NCCN information on cancer management and treatment through Onco EMR.
  • UpToDate – Onco EMR provides UpToDate support resource, which allows users to access the latest medical information and evidence-based recommendations while interacting with patient records.
  • Integrated State Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs – This resource ensures that healthcare providers can access real-time information on a patient’s prescription histories, avoiding drug misuse and abuse.

Data privacy

Flatiron partners with academic medical centers and uses data from Onco EMR for quality monitoring and research. Data sets are de-identified in accordance with HIPAA and don’t contain personally identifiable information. You can view Flatiron’s patient opt-out statement for more details on how the EMR software uses healthcare data.

ONC Cures Act Certified

Onco EMR has successfully met the requirements of the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) Cures Act. The Cures Act is a federal law that hopes to accelerate medical product development to improve patient care.

Onco EMR Overview: Everything You Need to Know

How Does the Onco EMR Work

Onco EMR offers key features designed to help oncologists. It includes patient charting, chemotherapy templates, UpToDate resource, and other tools to help you take accurate documentation. Patients can securely view their information on their patient portal, reducing administrative workloads on healthcare staff. 

Additionally, Onco EMR integrates research-related tasks into your workflows, improving the efficiency of clinical trials. You can access these EMR features while on the go using the OncoAir mobile application.

Onco EMR Pricing, Free Version, and Free Trial

Onco EMR doesn’t disclose its price online. A free trial or free version isn’t available either. However, you can fill out an online form to get a quote, request a demo, or inquire about the product. 

The Flatiron support team will respond to your request or inquiry.

Getting Started With Onco EMR

Those interested in using Onco EMR can begin by contacting their sales team. It’s also best to take advantage of its product demo to accurately evaluate whether the EMR software’s features, functionality, and ease of use fit your practice. Exercise due diligence and carefully review your clinic’s requirements to better understand its potential advantages and drawbacks.

According to Capterra reviews, Onco EMR is user-friendly and easy to learn. Flatiron offers customer care through email, web form, or phone. Adopting a new EHR isn’t always easy, but reviews show that the support team stays accessible from onboarding to the onboarding process and even after implementation.

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