What Is Kipu EMR?

What Is Kipu EMR?

Are you considering Kipu EMR for your practice? Kipu can help make your workflows more efficient, especially if you’re working in a behavioral health facility. 

Let’s explore Kipu further as an EMR system, including its features, uses, and pricing.

what is kipu emr

Kipu EMR Overview

Kipu is a cloud-based electronic medical record system (EMR) for behavioral health facilities and addiction treatment centers. Like all EMRs, it keeps records of your patient’s medical history, progress notes, treatment plans, lab results, and the like. The platform also offers powerful features to help you engage and manage your patients more efficiently.

Kipu EMR Software Features

Almost all EMRs offer the same basic features. However, many vendors include other helpful features. Here are the key functions of Kipu EMR:

  • Patient dashboard: Kipu EMR offers a user-friendly dashboard where you can easily search and view patient records. The dashboard includes color-coded tagging, photos, patient status, and treatment programs. 
  • Patient charting and documentation: Kipu EMR lets you keep well-organized patient forms and charts to monitor vitals, create insurance claims, and ensure compliance. Documents can be customized to fit your needs.
  • Appointment and scheduling: A configurable calendar shows staff schedules, appointment types, and appointment-related documentation. Manage solo and group appointments and track staff productivity on Kipu EMR’s integrated calendar. 
  • Clinical and toxicology testing: The Kipu Lab Interface uses real-time analytics and machine learning to document lab orders, requisitions, and results. You can see the data in graphical dashboards to make better-informed decisions.
  • Medication management: Managing medications is simpler with Kipu EMR. The medication log shows the patient’s vitals, medications, and other important health information. You can then prescribe medications electronically and order from outside pharmacies.
  • Telehealth: Kipu EMR integrates telehealth features. You can schedule online appointments, set recurring appointments, send automated reminders, and launch video sessions from the Kipu Patient Portal.
  • Occupancy management: Kipu helps you effortlessly understand your facility’s occupancy. The dashboard shows assigned beds, availability, and status. 
  • Team communication: Team communication becomes more efficient and secure within Kipu EMR. Teammates can send two-way messages to deliver timely care. You will also receive instant notifications on important patient events like abnormal vital signs or medication order changes.
  • HIPAA-compliant: Kipu protects sensitive health information and uses advanced security features. It installs separate virtual servers for each client, utilizes multi-factor authentication, and encrypts data. Moreover, it provides a Kipu Business Associate Agreement to clients.
  • HITRUST certification: HITRUST (Health Information Trust Alliance) provides a widely recognized framework for health information security and risk management. On July 11, 2023, Kipu announced that its EMR platform is HITRUST Certified.
What Is Kipu EMR?

How Does The Kipu EMR System Work

Kipu is cloud-based and ready to use out of the box. Getting started is easy:

  1. Sign up for an account by contacting the Kipu Sales Team.
  2. Prepare your documents for import to the Kipu EMR system.
  3. Undergo staff training with Kipu. 

Once you start your rounds, you’ll see your patient records on your device. You can document their vital signs and other health information directly on the system. When you use Kipu lab test features, physicians can review the data in one dashboard and sign from there. 

Kipu EMR Pricing

Unfortunately, Kipu doesn’t disclose its pricing online. Review sites also show that the price is not provided by the vendor. Free trials or free versions are also not available. However, you can book a consultation on their website or call their sales team to discuss pricing based on your requirements.

What Is Kipu EMR?

Example Use Case for Kipu EMR System

Brian Kelly from Destination Hope discusses Kipu as the Best EMR. The treatment center works with patients with severe cases of mental disorders such as schizophrenia and severe bipolar disorder. Their staff must be reachable at all times and be available to receive late-night calls from parents.

Kipu ensures that data is accessible at all times. The platform helps Destination Hope monitor information about all their patients, such as medications. It also lets them know which staff are authorized to access this information. Kelly says that the platform is very easy to use and implement.

Getting Started With Kipu EMR

Before implementing Kipu EMR, you should ensure that your charts are in order and ready to go in the Kipu EMR system. Afterward, Kipu trains your staff on using the system so you can use it. Kipu says that they can get the system ready under 30 days.

As mentioned, Kipu EMR includes HIPAA-compliant features in its system. However, you still have to do your part in ensuring data privacy. Sign the business associate agreement, train staff on HIPAA rules, follow HIPAA safeguards, and ensure that you have a privacy policy in place.

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