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smart folders
December 1, 2022

Smart Folders: An Easier Way to Manage Your Faxes

Creating an effective filing system for your faxes makes locating and retrieving specific documents easier. When you know exactly where…

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fax server

Fax Server: A Practical Guide for Beginners in 2023

Despite being a relatively older technology, faxing remains relevant in today’s highly digital age. Although modern communication tools like email…

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fax over voip

Sending Fax Over VoIP – The Best Fax Solution in 2023?

Despite the introduction of more modern solutions and technologies, faxing remains one of the most trusted and reliable document-sharing tools…

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cancel efax

How to Cancel eFax Subscription: 3 Surefire Ways

Compared to the traditional method, online faxing allows you to easily send and receive documents on your smartphone or computer.…

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fax service

How to Choose a Fax Service Provider: 7 Things to Consider

Faxing is still a necessary process for many companies, despite the popularity of email, instant messaging, and other file-sharing tools.…

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eFax Corporate Plan: 5 Important Key Points to Know

Nowadays, it’s possible to send a fax without using a fax machine. With online faxing, you can simply use your…

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fax medical records

Can You Fax Medical Records in 2023?

It's quite an interesting fact to know that the first-ever fax machine predates the telephone. The world was first introduced…

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best practice management software for dentists

Best Practice Management Software for Dentists: 3-Point Guide

Running a dental clinic is not an easy job, and it comes with quite a handful of challenges. Your clinic’s…

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Insider Info: Does HIPAA Require a Fax Cover Sheet in 2023?

In this highly digital age, everyone is vulnerable to data breaches and information theft. When any of your important data…

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