Epson ET 2760

Epson ET 2760: Making the Right Business Choice

In business faxing, making the right choice for your organization’s needs is crucial to ensure seamless communication and operational efficiency.

We now ask: Is the Epson ET 2760 printer or online faxing service the ideal solution to meet your business faxing needs? By carefully examining their key features, functionalities, and overall value propositions, we aim to provide a comprehensive analysis.

Do you prioritize the convenience of a cloud-based online faxing service or prefer the versatility of a physical printer with integrated fax capabilities? Here, we will help you determine which option is the perfect fit for your unique business requirements.

Key Features of the Epson ET 2760

The EPSON ET 2760 is a great option for businesses that prioritizes efficiency alongside an environmentally friendly solution. Some of its features include EcoTank Technology, wireless printing, and automatic 2-sided printing. It’s a great and comprehensive package that is a good fit for today’s office environment.

EcoTank technology

Unlike traditional fax machines, this one does not rely on conventional ink cartridges. The EPSON ET 2760 uses large ink tanks that can be refilled with Epson’s high-capacity bottles. This unique system removes the usual costs related to cartridge replacements. This, in turn, can be cost-efficient and convenient.

Wi-Fi connectivity

The connectivity settings allow users to connect various devices, such as computers, laptops, and tablets, to the fax machine. This makes printing much more seamless from any location within the office. Say goodbye to cables and welcome flexible printing options.

Auto 2-sided printing

What’s also interesting about this fax machine is that it can automatically print on both sides of the paper. This is also known as duplex printing. The feature is helpful when it comes to reducing paper costs and a much more efficient printing time.

Epson ET 2760: Making the Right Business Choice

How to Operate the Epson ET 2760 Fax Machine

Using the Epson ET 2760 fax machine is a process that promotes ease of use and economic efficiency. The ET 2760, with its cartridge-less printing design and effortlessly refillable, oversized ink tanks, delivers a straightforward printing operation.

To get started

  1. Ensure that the ink cartridge is filled. Simply align the color of the ink bottle with the matching tank, insert the bottle, and fill it to the desired level.
  2. The next step is to determine that the device is powered and wirelessly linked to your chosen device.
  3. The wireless feature offers the versatility to scan, print, or copy from multiple devices without cables, enhancing flexibility and operational efficiency.

Additional points to consider

The ET2760 is renowned for its print speed. Specifically, the ISO print speed reaches up to 10.5 pages per minute for monochrome printouts. For color prints, it maintains a pace of 5.0 pages per minute.

This fax machine also includes a 1.44″ color interface. This intuitive and accessible display simplifies maneuvering through the device’s settings, choices, and various functions. The user-friendly interface accommodates any office user needing the device, providing exceptional convenience.

Overall, the ET2760 fax machine is a superb choice, as it prioritizes user-friendliness, cost-effectiveness, and environmental mindfulness, making it ideal for the contemporary business environment. Its easily refillable ink tanks, wireless capabilities, and duplex printing provide a smooth printing experience.

The Transition to Digital Faxing From Traditional Fax

In today’s business industry, we have seen the transition from traditional faxing methods towards a more digital one. In fact, digital faxing has eliminated the need for physical fax machines, phone lines, and other physical machines required in terms of operations. This makes it a practical and cost-efficient solution.

Thanks to the convenience of online faxing, businesses can easily send and receive fax documents from any device. This means that computers, smartphones, or tablets can be used as long as there is internet connectivity.

Aside from the physical benefits, it also helps make operations much more efficient. Consider that online faxing has made it easy to store, retrieve, and even share various documents. Transitioning to digital faxing definitely allows businesses to adapt to a much more modern and technology-driven work environment that fits with today’s best practices.

Epson ET 2760

Comparing Epson ET 2760 and iFax: Which Is The Best Choice?

When comparing the Epson ET 2760 fax machine with iFax’s online faxing service, consider your business’s unique requirements. Here is a quick glance at the features between the two.

Epson ET 2760

  • Since the EPSON ET 2760 is a physical printer, it is easier when it comes to direct control and immediate access. Making everything rather centralized.
  • This fax machine has its own high-capacity refillable ink tanks that fare much better than ordinary cartridges, making it much more cost-efficient. This also minimizes cartridge replacements.
  • The ET 2760 features wireless printing, which makes printing accessible from anywhere in the office.
  • The EPSON ET 2760 also has dual printing capabilities that help reduce paper usage.


  • Since iFax is an online faxing service, you can access it from anywhere, even from the comforts of home. Making it viable for any workplace set-up.
  • iFax can also handle high-volume orders simultaneously, which is important, especially in busier industries such as finance and healthcare.
  • iFax is also backed up by high data security measures. Which means that all confidential information will always be safe.

When making a choice between the Epson ET2760 and iFax, a lot of factors must be considered. This includes whether you need physical machines or just a cloud-based centralized input. Do you require tangible printouts or would you prefer digital transmissions? Lastly, it will also depend on your business structure and demands.

If you feel that your organization can significantly benefit more from digital flexibility and remote work capabilities, iFax is definitely a much more compelling option. If so, don’t hesitate and sign up for an account today.

Experience firsthand how iFax can help improve your overall business communications.

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