Are Fax Services Still Relevant? 9 Interesting Facts About Faxing Online!

Are Fax Services Still Relevant? 9 Interesting Facts About Faxing Online!

Andria Pacina

Alexander Bain invented the first fax machine way back in the 1840s. However, it was not until the late 1900s that fax machines eventually rose to fame. For years, fax machines dominated the business world. They were the go-to solution for business communication and document exchange.

Today, fax machines may no longer be as widely used, but many individuals and businesses still use fax! How is this possible? Thanks to the modernization of fax services, faxing has been given an entirely renewed form!

So, how do fax services manage to stay relevant in this day and age? Here are some interesting facts about faxing that you should know!


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Are Fax Services Still Relevant? 9 Interesting Facts About Faxing Online!

How Can You Fax Without a Fax Machine?

Fax services continue to thrive because of more advanced fax technology. Nowadays, faxing is possible even without fax machines. All that is needed is a stable Internet and an Internet-ready device. Faxing also became even more accessible. Instead of searching for nearby fax services, you can conveniently send your faxes online – at the comfort of your own home!

What Is an Online Fax Service?

What replaced fax machines are online fax services that allow users to fax via the Internet. An online fax provider gives you the advantage of using your computer or laptop to fax. Faxing online is also easier than traditionally sending facsimiles because there are no complicated machine setups. You also get more freedom to choose how you want to fax. If you do not want to pay for recurring subscriptions, you can look for online fax services that offer one-time fax.

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Online Fax: 9 Interesting Facts That You Should Know!

Did you know that there’s more to faxing than meets the eye? Below are nine interesting facts that are sure to provide you with more insight as to what online faxing is truly all about!

1.) Faxing has evolved!

Fax services have certainly kept up with the times. With modern fax technology, you don’t need to own a machine to send files and documents. Everything can be as easy as clicking a button or tapping a screen. Fax service providers also offer apps that let you transmit files and documents using your computer and mobile device.

Faxing these days is as easy and convenient as sending an email but a lot safer!

2.) Fax services are very reliable.

Nowadays, there is a wide selection of fax service providers. You can also do an online search to look for fax service reviews. This way, you’ll know which service to get and which service to avoid. A reliable fax service provider can guarantee that your faxes will arrive safely and on time.

3.) Using the Internet to fax is safe and secure.

Traditional faxing may pose security risks, but things have changed for the better. Modern faxing offers more ways to secure fax transmissions and avoid various cyber threats that lead to information breaches and data loss.

4.) Fax services provide transmission receipts.

One of the most significant advantages fax services have over other technologies is the availability of confirmation receipt that confirms the date and time of the transmission. This piece of a document can provide legal protection. It also serves as a paper trail for your transactions and communications.

5.) Faxes are considered legal documents.

Aside from transmission receipts, fax signatures are also considered valid in contract law. This means that in legal battles, faxes hold weight whereas emails are still not considered admissible evidence.

6.) You can finally say goodbye to tedious paperwork!

Handling and managing paperwork is undoubtedly a daunting task, especially if you have to go through a pile of documents and paper folders. With online fax services widely available, you can store all your documents in the cloud! You don’t need to have a physical cabinet for all your files because you can conveniently access your fax records online.

7.) Online fax services are not only convenient but also cost-effective!

Online fax providers like iFax offer affordably-priced plans for sending and receiving faxes. You can also choose a subscription or service that best suits your budget. If you are not a frequent fax sender, you can simply choose to pay per fax! There’s no need to worry about paying overly expensive fees only to fax a few pages.

8.) In times of emergencies, you can rely on fax!

It only takes an IT failure to derail a business operation, which is why it is always wise to have an emergency communication channel. Having some type of fax service, be it traditional via Internet, provides your business a way to deal with urgent and pressing matters.

9.) Faxing is still widely used in the business and healthcare sectors.

Regular users may not use fax that much. Even so, many businesses and healthcare providers continue to use fax as one of their primary methods to send and receive documents, especially ones that contain sensitive financial and health information. Plus, it looks like these sectors aren’t thinking of stopping anytime soon!

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How Can You Fax From Your Laptop?

With modern faxing, it’s easy to send faxes using only your laptop. To do this, you need to use a fax service like iFax. Once you have a fax service, you can install fax software on your laptop or use your web browser to access your online fax dashboard. Check out our detailed guide below to learn how to send faxes using your computer.

How to use iFax to send faxes from a laptop or computer

What Is the Best Online Fax Service?

Finding the best online fax service can take up a lot of your time, but you don’t need to go through all of that. If you use iFax, you are guaranteed to have a secure and reliable fax provider that will keep your faxes safe and accessible using any computer or mobile device. iFax is simply modern faxing at its finest!

Final Thoughts

These are just some of the reasons why faxes are still relevant even after decades of existence. They continue to prove that they can still boost your business and improve your communication channels in ways other new advancements can’t.

Even though there have already been plenty of technological advancements when it comes to document sharing, there definitely still is a place for faxing in this digital age. They remain very reliable.

Do you want to experience all these benefits and so much more? Start faxing online today! Sign up for an iFax account and feel at ease knowing that you can send faxes anywhere at any time!

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