Fax services and machines first rose to fame in the 1980s for very good reasons. They are very efficient, easy to use, and required no additional infrastructure. They are also very cost-effective and low maintenance.

For years, fax machines dominated the business world when it comes to communication and document sharing and transmission.

Even with the advent of emails and various online messaging apps, fax services continue to be one of the most essential tools in offices and businesses. It has evolved and taken a more modern form, making it more accessible and convenient to use.

But why are fax services still relevant to this day? What do they offer that other, more modern platforms don’t?

Are fax services very reliable?

Sending and receiving emails can offer so much convenience, but sometimes to a fault. With emails, it is so easy for highly sensitive and urgent messages to be buried deep within your inbox or spam folder. How many times have you experienced spending at least a couple of minutes just to find that one particular email?

Even worse, there is always a slight chance you might not even receive the message at all. With fax, you are almost always guaranteed that you will receive the message with ease. It’s almost hard to miss fax when you are sent one.

Does sending fax prove to be more safe and secure?

Unlike emails, sending a fax does not go through various networks and servers before the message gets to its intended recipient. There is a direct line between the sender and the receiver.

On that note, the risk of fraud or being hacked and intercepted is extremely low. Using fax machines to send or receive files and documents is a lot safer and more secure, which comes in very handy if you send or receive highly confidential documents like contracts, health records, and other legal documents containing personal data and information.

Do faxes allow you to receive instant confirmation of receipt?

One of the most significant advantages fax services have over other technologies is the ability to receive confirmation pages or receipt that contains information such as the sender and receiver’s fax numbers as well as the date and time of the transmission.

This piece of document can provide legal protection as well as a paper trail for your transactions and communications. It also gives you a sense of comfort and security knowing that the recipient had actually received your message.

Has faxing kept up with the times?

Fax services have certainly kept up with the times. With modern fax technology, you don’t even need to own a machine to send files and documents. Everything can be as easy as a click of a button or a tap on the screen.

There are now fax service providers that offer apps that let you transmit files and documents using your computer and even your smartphones! Faxing these days is as easy and convenient as sending an email but a lot safer, of course.

Do fax services make paperwork manageable?

Handling and managing paperwork can be such a daunting task, especially if you have to go through mountains of files and documents. Thankfully, faxes can make the process of organizing and sorting such a breeze.

And with online fax services widely available, you can store all your documents in a cloud or your computer. You don’t need to have a special cabinet for all your files because everything can just be accessed on your device. It’s more convenient and great for the environment as you can go the paperless route for your documents.

Even better is that you don’t have to go through piles upon piles of papers just to find the right document you’re looking for. With modern faxing, you can just type the specific fax and then you’ll easily find it.

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Do faxes have legal standings?

Aside from transmission or confirmation receipt, fax signatures are also acknowledged as valid in contract law. This means that in legal battles, faxes hold weight whereas emails are still not considered as admissible evidence.

Is faxing still very cost-efficient?

Traditional faxing only requires you to have at least three things: paper, ink, and the fax machine itself. All these do not cost much considering the advantages of fax services. 

However, with online fax services like iFax, you don’t even need any of those anymore. There is no need for any additional equipment as you can now send and receive fax using the devices you probably already have at your disposal. Plus, the service now comes with more features and inclusions now for you to take advantage of.

Can fax services also serve as an emergency communication channel?

It only takes on IT failure to derail a business operation, which is why it is always wise to have an emergency communication channel. Having some type of fax service, be it traditional or internet, can ensure that your business will operate as is in cases of IT problems or failure.

Do businesses still use faxes for their daily transactions?

Faxing has been in the game for a really long time now, and while some might consider this as an obsolete technology, there are still plenty of big companies especially in the healthcare, finance, and manufacturing industries that heavily rely on it to send important files and documentation. Government departments still use faxes too.

These are just some of the reasons why faxes are still relevant even after decades of existence. They continue to prove that they can still boost your business and improve your communication channels in ways other new advancements can’t.

Even though there have already been plenty of technological advancements when it comes to document sharing, there definitely still is a place for faxing in this digital age. They remain very reliable. 

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