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5 Best Speech Recognition Software in 2022: An Overview

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The primary function of speech recognition software is to convert speech into text. Nowadays, such functionality has become increasingly valuable. With it, anyone can quickly initiate commands and process information just by verbal input. Such advancement in technology has also given birth to virtual assistants that are intelligent enough to understand human language and respond using a synthesized voice.

Speaking of which, we’ve listed down below our top picks for the best speech recognition software that’s powerful enough to let you type and edit your documents using voice!


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5 Best Speech Recognition Software in 2022: An Overview

What Is Speech Recognition Software?

Speech recognition software is a type of software programmed to recognize human speech and transcribe it into text. It uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing to convert voice input into a typewritten format without needing a keyboard. In terms of speed, the software can transcribe at a much faster rate than humans, making it an ideal solution for automating batch transcriptions.

Benefits of Using Speech Recognition

Using speech recognition offers a lot of benefits to individuals and businesses alike. Some of which include:

  1. Increased productivity, particularly in healthcare sectors wherein there is a constant need to transcribe voice-recorded medical reports.
  2. Workload automation. Speech recognition automates the input and processing of data, which lessens the need for manual encoding.
  3. It helps keep labor costs low. Instead of hiring a data encoder, businesses can use software to accomplish various encoding tasks.
  4. Faster turnaround times. Since speech recognition technology can process data faster, businesses can fulfill more requests and accommodate more clients.
  5. Less paperwork. With speech recognition, clients are no longer required to fill out forms. Just dictate the text and let the software automatically fill out the form on your behalf! Such functionality will come in handy for those with impaired hearing or vision.

5 Best Speech Recognition Software in 2022: An Overview

Top 5 Best Speech (Voice-To-Text) Recognition Software for 2022

Not every speech recognition software can perform with such speed and accuracy. Sadly, some software and apps aren’t advanced enough to perform various speech-to-text tasks. If you are looking for professional-grade software with powerful dictation features, you might want to check out our top picks below!

1.) Dragon Professional Anywhere

Dragon Professional Anywhere is one of today’s most advanced AI-powered speech recognition software. It boasts high accuracy and advanced voice recognition, making it ideal for businesses looking for efficient ways to create accurate documentation.

2.) Braina Pro

Braina Pro is a voice recognition program that flaunts a user-friendly interface that works out of the box. It supports over 100 languages. It can also accurately convert speech with accents. On top of this, Braina Pro supports multiple users and can recognize unusual vocabulary, including medical and legal terms.

3.) Google Voice Typing Tool

If you are frequently using Google Docs, you should already be familiar with the Google Voice Typing Tool. It’s a free dictation tool that works with Google Docs and Google Slides. When enabled, you can use the tool to do voice typing. It also allows you to use voice commands to edit and correct your text.

4.) Descript

Descript is ideal for those who are looking for an intuitive transcription solution. This software flaunts a full suite of tools that you can readily use to transcribe voice recordings and audio tracks into text.

5.) Microsoft Azure Speech to Text

Microsoft Azure has a speech-to-text service that can accurately transcribe spoken audio (voice) into text. Thanks to its advanced speech recognition technology, it can apply correct punctuation and easily overcome speech barriers. Developers and businesses can also utilize the service to build custom speech applications powered by Microsoft Azure’s speech recognition technology.

Speech Recognition Usage and Examples

Nowadays, people and businesses use speech recognition in various ways. One clear example is the integration and utilization of virtual assistants in many smart devices like TVs and mobile phones. Apart from this, call centers also use speech recognition software to transcribe phone calls. Speech recognition also plays a vital part in modern learning as it helps students focus more on organizing thoughts and practicing better pronunciations.

Using speech recognition to send fax documents.

Using speech-to-text to fax documents offers the convenience of hands-free faxing. Instead of manually typing each information, you can dictate the content of your fax message. Such a feature is quite useful, especially when sending multiple fax messages. 

Speaking of which, online fax services like iFax support voice dictation. With iFax, you can fax conveniently without needing to type everything. Just dictate your message into the fax software or app, and it will do the rest. It’s hands-free and effortless!

Learn more about how iFax works!

What Is the Best Free Voice Recognition Software?

For basic speech-to-text tasks, a free voice recognition tool would suffice. While there are plenty of free options, you should always go for a product that’s proven to be secure and reliable. You also don’t need to look elsewhere because there’s the Google Voice Typing Tool. If you don’t mind some limitations in features, Braina also offers its Lite Plan for free.

speech recognition for faxing windows

What Is the Best Speech Recognition Software for Windows 10?

Unbeknownst to many, Windows 10 has a built-in speech recognition feature that you can access via Control Panel. When enabled, it lets you control your Windows 10 computer using voice commands and even type anything without using a mouse or keyboard.

You can also use the said speech recognition feature on third-party fax software like iFax. With it, you can effortlessly type custom messages for your documents and have iFax send your faxes securely to any fax number, whether local or overseas.

Three reasons to start faxing using iFax!

  1. Fax anywhere, anytime: Fax using any device and automatically sync your fax records.
  2. Fax integration: Fax from existing software or platforms, including speech-to-text applications!
  3. Fax securely: iFax is a HIPAA-compliant online fax service that uses military-grade end-to-end encryption.

Final Thoughts

Speech recognition has become a vital part of today’s modern methods of learning and communication. Given today’s fast-paced lifestyle, the use of speech recognition software allows people to keep up and boost productivity while automating tedious tasks.

Are you in need of a secure and reliable fax service that supports speech recognition? Use iFax!

iFax is a revolutionary online fax service designed to make faxing simple and accessible! Sign up for an account today to start faxing using any device.

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