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The online faxing industry has been steadily growing for the last few years. It’s no surprise that with all of the new technologies in place, it is now possible to send and receive documents via email or web browsers without ever having to print, scan or fax them. This is great news for professionals who want access to their documents whenever they need them. However, there are security concerns when sending sensitive information over the internet.

While online faxing offers the convenience and flexibility you need, others might be wondering if the documents they send through these fax apps or software are safe from the prying eyes of cyber attackers. So, is online faxing secure? This blog post will explore the key points of what you need to know about how safe these online fax services are and if they are the right tools for your business.

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Is Online Faxing Secure: How Do I Know if I’m Using a Fax Online Service?

Is My Privacy Secured When Sending and Receiving Faxes Online?
Final Thoughts

Is Online Faxing Secure: How Do I Know if I’m Using a Fax Online Service?

When sending faxes via the internet, you should search for an online fax service that encrypts all data, including images, to ensure their safety. You will also want to check the companies’ privacy policies to ensure they are reputable. Some of these providers use third-party companies for their website hosting, which provides another layer of protection because several IT firms specialize in robust and secure management.

Here are some things you should check for additional layers of security so you would stop asking the question, ‘Is online faxing secure?’

Is Online Faxing Secure With the Use of 256-bit Encryption?

Premium online fax services deploy 256-bit AES encryption for fax transmission. It’s the next generation of 128-bit encryption, which was quite susceptible after a slew of security breaches were found in 2015, including passwords and users’ personal information. The 256-bit AES encryption has a larger key size, providing better resistance against brute force attacks.

An encrypted connection ensures that you and your recipient are the only people to see your sensitive data in transit. When you use an online fax service with 256-bit AES encryption, you, the recipient, and the fax provider’s servers hold a copy of your file while it’s being transmitted over the internet. Once it’s received, you become the only person holding access to this file.

Typically, online fax providers delete it from their servers as soon as you download, share or print it. But others allow their users to do it manually, giving you complete control of the faxes sent online. Therefore, when you use this method, the online faxing service is secure.

Is Online Faxing Secure With the Use of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)?

The use of SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is another important consideration when choosing to send documents via an online fax service. This security protocol ensures that any data passed between two systems remains private. It encrypts the data to ensure that only authorized parties can view it.

SSL requires both parties (the person sending and receiving the document) to be authenticated, which means the sender and recipient’s identities must be verified.

Check if the online fax service website uses HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) technology, which provides an extra layer of security when browsing their website via SSL encryption. Remember that an unsecured website will only display HTTP in the URL bar and not https:// – If you see this, enter at your own risk.

is online faxing secure with HIPAA

Is Online Faxing Secure With the Use of Two-Factor Authentication?

Two-factor authentication adds another layer of security when logging in to your online fax account via an app or web browser. It’s highly recommended for all online fax services. You can usually set up a code generator, so it works independently without additional apps or add-ons. The key is to have something in your possession that will generate a random code, making it even harder for cybercriminals to crack.

It’s useful whenever you log in to your online fax service account on multiple devices. You either receive a random code via email, SMS, or phone call. This capability will keep all other devices and computers linked under one username and password, making it hard for attackers to log in since they need that unique code to access your account.

Is Online Faxing Secure With the Use of HIPAA Compliant Fax Software or App?

HIPAA Compliance refers to the privacy laws that are enforced in healthcare institutions. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, also known as HIPAA, sets out measures for protecting the personal information of anyone who is medical insurance, healthcare, medicine, and related sectors. It includes steps for reporting any breaches of in-patient data or unauthorized access to this data.

It’s crucial to protect documents containing sensitive patient information from being accessed without authorization because they can lead to fines, penalties, and even jail time if one is found guilty of breaching these privacy rules. Faxes containing PHI (Protected Health Information) must be sent over secure channels to ensure maximum privacy when sending these documents outside an institution’s walls.

The online fax service provider should have a HIPAA-compliant software or fax app that will cater to the faxing needs of healthcare professionals, doctors, and other individuals in the medical and healthcare sectors.

Is My Privacy Secured When Sending and Receiving Faxes Online?

Yes, your privacy is completely secured when you use an online fax service to send documents worldwide. This type of secure communication does not rely on phone lines but digital networks through which data are transmitted in packets using standard internet protocols (TCPIP). As these packets cross international boundaries, they are encrypted using additional protocols to ensure maximum privacy.

When it comes to receiving faxes, all files are stored locally on your device until you have access to them. There is no need for any online fax service provider to retain the original document after it has been received and successfully downloaded by its intended recipient.

These online fax providers only keep a copy of the file in their servers if you need to send or download it as long as necessary. Some services even delete the file immediately after you download it through an app or web browser. So, you don’t need to worry as to whether is online faxing secure or not.

Final Thoughts: Is Online Faxing Secure?

There are much confusion and misinformation about the safety of faxing online. We hope this post has helped clear some things up for you and answered the question, “Is online faxing secure?” If the key points mentioned above are present, then the online faxing service you are using is secure. A free trial allows you to explore the features and experience the fax app yourself so you can check if it matches your business needs. If you have been considering getting an online fax account, we recommend taking advantage of the free trial so that you can try it out before making any purchases.

Consider the iFax app and download it for free. You have access to any of the plans for free within 7 days. iFax ensures that all your documents are kept safe on your phone or tablet and in your email inbox – remember to set a strong passcode. iFax uses 256-bit AE encryption and deploys SSL on the website if you wish to access the service on a web browser.