How iFax Works

How iFax Works | iFax App

With iFax online fax service, not only the setup process is simple and handy but also your business can get rid of the conventional fax machine and other related accessories to save money by opting iFax - your free fax app.

Start using the simplest online fax service today. No fax machine. No fax phone lines. No printing. No busy signals. Start your 7 days free trial now!

How Does Online Faxing Work?

Internet Fax or Online Fax as commonly referred to is simpler than our traditional way of sending and receiving faxes. But, how and what services to opt for and with whom remains an unsolved decision.

iFax being one of the most sought-after productive online faxing apps that saves you time and money while simultaneously offering cutting-edge fax features. With HIPAA & GLBA compliant, iFax allows you to securely start sending and receiving faxes instantly from anywhere.

Account setup & Login procedure of iFax is so easy and simple that within minutes you’ll be up and ready for your iFax online account. You can access your iFax account by email or from your smartphone by downloading the free iFax app.

Along with the rich feature set such as customizable cover page template, document scanner to adding your company logo & digital signature, iFax is truly a powerful professional world’s No1 fax app. iFax can avoid for your business all the paper and maintenance cost associated with conventional fax machines.

How to Send a Fax Online

With iFax, you can avoid all the hassle of purchasing a fax number before you could actually start sending online fax. When you log into your iFax account, you are easily able to send and receive faxes in the most simple way. Also, you can share large size files and add up to 200 pages per fax with digitized signatures on documents.

1. From your iFax account page, click on “New Fax” and add few fax details.

Step 1 - Send a fax online with iFax App

2. Type your text message in the “Comments” section which acts as your fax cover sheet. You can attach up to 10 documents. You can also choose from different available templates design.

Step 4 - Add a cover page | iFax App

3. Click “Send” and you are done. You will get the notification once the fax has been delivered.

Step 5 - Send a fax online with iFax App

Explore more ways of sending faxes online with iFax

Unlike many other online fax service providers, with iFax you don’t need to purchase a fax number for sending faxes. You can send a lightning fast online fax for free with the only iFax.

iFax makes it easy, affordable and convenient to personalise fax as per your wish and send faxes instantly. The iFax app is built for speed and simplicity, merged with tools and features to send faxes without any hassle. Find out about more ways to send faxes online from the below-mentioned options:

Send fax from iFax web app

You can easily send a free fax from iFax web from any smartphone, web, desktop or tablet. Click on ’New Fax’ or ‘Send a Quick Fax Now’ and add few details of fax and recipient. Click ‘Send’ followed by any attachments and your fax will be sent successfully from your iFax web app.

Send fax from iFax app

Click on ‘New Fax’ on the Home Screen in your iFax app. Select Country, fax number and other such details. Click on ‘Send’ and your fax will be delivered in no-time from your personalised iFax app. iFax app is available for different platforms i.e, iFax for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android, Windows.

Moreover, iFax is rated as world’s most popular faxing app for providing free online fax services near you. Try it now free for 7 days!

How to Receive a Fax Online

You can easily access your received faxes online from anywhere by just logging into your iFax account.

1. Login to your iFax web app account from any smartphone, web, desktop or tablet.

Step 2 - Create your ifax account |  iFax App

2. Go to inbox page and to view your new faxes.

Step 3 - Tap to view your faxes |  iFax App

3. Click on the fax attachment to retrieve, open and view your fax pages.

Step 3 - Receive a fax online with iFax App

Explore more ways to receive faxes online with iFax

iFax offers great features for any business may it be small, medium or large and even considered as a boon for entrepreneurs for their startup enterprise. You can send and receive an online fax for free with iFax.

Let us review few easy options that iFax offers to view, forward or archive your faxes.

1) Receive faxes online in iFax web app

Access your iFax account straight from any desktop, smartphone or tablet. Just login and get your received faxes in inbox page.

2) Receive faxes with iFax app

View, forward or store your faxes on the go straight from your iFax app available on iPhone, iPad Android, Windows & Mac.

3) Receive faxes by email

With iFax you would receive fax by email as simple as any other way. Retrieve your faxes as normally as you would in the iFax mobile app or iFax web.