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Best EHR for Pharmacies in 2024: What You Should Know

Healthcare facilities and pharmacies should keep accurate medical records to provide timely and effective patient care. Fortunately, it’s now easier to do so with the help of the best pharmacy EHR systems

Check out our handy guide for the top EHR software today.

What is EHR software?

An Electronic Health Record software is a secure system that is used by healthcare providers to manage and store patient medical records. EHR allows doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers to easily view and update a patient’s medical information, such as their medical history, test results, and medications.

Best EHR for Pharmacies in 2024: What You Should Know

What Is EHR and How Do Pharmacists Use It?

EHR, which stands for electronic health records, is a digitized version of paper-based health records. It helps pharmacies and healthcare providers access patient medical records anytime and anywhere with their computers or, in some cases, a smartphone or tablet. With EHR access, pharmacists and healthcare providers can coordinate efficiently to provide better patient care.

Pharmacists use EHR to ensure the quality and appropriateness of each medication. Timely access to relevant health and medication data enables pharmacists to evaluate drug effectiveness and monitor possible adverse reactions. Simply put, EHR access allows pharmacists to become more involved in a patient’s treatment course, allowing them to take a more proactive approach to dispensing and compounding medications.

What Is the Best EHR for Pharmacies?

A reliable EHR system helps pharmacies function more efficiently. Finding the best EHR for pharmacies can be challenging. Having a list featuring the best choices can help narrow down your options.

1. PrimeRx

PrimeRx is an award-winning pharmacy management/EHR system for independent and retail pharmacies. It received four 2024 Stevie Winner awards from the American Business Association, including awards for product innovation and customer service. The EHR packs game-changing features that are sure to help transform the way pharmacies operate.


  • Transfer inventory of certain medications between stores
  • Scan pricing and access patient records across all stores
  • Manage home delivery and curbside pickup
  • Patients choose their preferred pickup location
  • Patients can access the pharmacy’s loyalty program

2. WinPharm

WinPharm is a full-featured hospital pharmacy software for Windows. This comprehensive pharmacy management system lets users identify goals, evaluate challenges, create customized eCare plans, and set patient follow-up alerts. Its features are extensive, and you can view the full list of WinPharm basic functions and clinical functions on their website. We’ve listed some of its key features below.


  • View transaction logs with history
  • Use order templates, report layouts, MARS, and labels
  • Automatically calculate doses due
  • Automate ordering and receiving
  • Full integration with your existing EHR (optional)
Best EHR for Pharmacies in 2024: What You Should Know

3. Practice Fusion

Practice Fusion is a cloud-based EHR system for small independent practices. Its features help users accurately prescribe and process pharmacy orders and refills across more than 98,000 pharmacies. The platform also allows users to send patient follow-ups and medical information securely.


  • E-prescribing for controlled substances (ECPS) is available in 50 U.S. States and the District of Columbia
  • Modify and edit prescriptions while viewing the patient’s chart
  • Drug-drug and drug-allergy interaction checks
  • Up-to-date quick drug search database
  • View the full medication list from any encounter
  • Free 14-day trial

4. Abacus Pharmacy Plus

Abacus Pharmacy Plus is another top EHR for pharmacy use. Pharmacies of all sizes can use it, whether retail, specialty, compounding, mail-order, or hospital. It boasts real-time inventory scanning, so users can immediately respond to stock shortages. It’s also compliant with the Inventory Information Approval System (IIAS), an IRS mandate for retailers accepting FSA credit cards.


  • Preloaded with over 20,000 popular OTC and NDC products
  • Communicate with multiple stores
  • Integrated e-commerce features
  • View end-of-day sales balance
  • Secured price control

5. GuardianRx

GuardianRx is another cloud-based pharmacy management and EHR solution. It’s a flexible platform that combines pharmacy operations and business and financial management features. Using GuardianRx, pharmacies can easily manage prescription-related processes, including inventory and e-prescribing.


  • Send text and email reminders to patients
  • Track patient encounters and outcomes
  • Track patient and third-party payments
  • Uses Microsoft SQL databases
  • Includes over 100 app integrations
best emr pharmacy systems

Pharmacy EHR Systems: Why Your Pharmacy Should Have One

Pharmacies can benefit from EHR systems in numerous ways, such as:

  • Streamlining tasks: EHR systems support automation, which helps streamline various pharmacy operations. 
  • Improving patient care: A pharmacy EHR system allows quick and instant access to specific patient information, which helps check for medication conflicts and other safety risks.
  • Reduced medication errors: Easy access to a patient’s medical history, existing medications, and allergies help minimize the possibility of harmful drug interactions.
  • Better data management and security: Pharmacy EHR systems comply with stringent compliance regulations (e.g., HIPAA) to ensure PHI safety while streamlining data management.
  • Improving collaboration: Pharmacists using EHRs can seamlessly collaborate with other healthcare providers, allowing real-time communication and data exchange.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best EHR for Your Pharmacy

When choosing the best EHR for your pharmacy, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What’s the size of my business? Do I need a full-featured EHR or an EHR with basic features?
  • How many users will the EHR have?
  • Does the EHR have credible customer reviews? (Ask for feedback from actual users if you can)
  • What’s my budget? Does the EHR offer a free trial or a free demo?
  • Is the EHR easy to use? Does the provider offer free training and onboarding?
  • Does the EHR provide a business associate agreement? Is it compliant with HIPAA regulations?

Improving EHR Interoperability Through Online Fax Integration

EHR interoperability means connecting to other software, such as cloud-based faxing platforms. It streamlines healthcare data exchange while ensuring the safety and confidentiality of PHI and other confidential medical information. Integrating faxing capabilities in an EHR system enables pharmacists to fax prescriptions and other documents online without using a fax machine.

Using a HIPAA-compliant fax service like iFax simplifies this process through its programmable Fax API

Our service lets you fax electronic health records directly from any pharmacy EHR system. Its key features include:

  • Supports different EHR systems, including Epic, Cerner, and NextGen
  • Compliance with HIPAA and other healthcare industry regulations
  • Secure fax transmissions with end-to-end encryption, audit trails, and delivery receipts
  • Free API test key and REST API documentation
  • 99.999% uptime and 24/7 support via live chat

Find out more about how iFax EHR integration works. 

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