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Best EHR for Pharmacies in 2023: What You Should Know!

Digitization has brought new opportunities and challenges to the healthcare sector. Nowadays, the need to proactively manage health records is a must. With the help of digitized information, it is now easier for hospitals and clinics to manage patient data and maintain the optimum standards of health care. Pharmacies also need to do the same.

By choosing the best EHR for pharmacies, pharmacists can focus more on ensuring the quality and safety of each medication. The utilization of EHR also provides pharmacies with relevant and up-to-date patient information. Without timely access to patient information, pharmacists are constantly facing the challenge of ensuring the accuracy and appropriateness of each prescription. On top of this, EHRs are also essential in developing a streamlined workflow. 

This article aims to enumerate the benefits of using EHR in pharmacies and its integral function in maintaining efficient pharmacy operations.


What is EHR software?

An Electronic Health Record software is a secure system that is used by healthcare providers to manage and store patient medical records. EHR allows doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers to easily view and update a patient’s medical information, such as their medical history, test results, and medications.

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Best EHR for Pharmacies in 2023: What You Should Know!
What is the best EHR for pharmacies?

What Is EHR?

EHR, which stands for electronic health records, is a digitized version of paper-based health records. Based on this, EHR for pharmacies denotes the access and usage of electronic health records in a pharmaceutical establishment. With EHR access, pharmacists can efficiently communicate and work together with the patient’s health care provider to provide better patient care.

Do Pharmacists Use EHR?

Pharmacists use EHR to ensure the quality and appropriateness of each medication. Without proper and up-to-date access to relevant patient information, it can be difficult for pharmacists to evaluate drug effectiveness and monitor possible adverse reactions. Simply put, EHR access allows pharmacists to become more involved in a patient’s treatment course, allowing them to take a more proactive approach in dispensing and compounding prescription medications.

Benefits of Using EHR in Pharmacies

Choosing the best EHR for pharmacies offers a lot of benefits. With it, pharmacists have a better way to increase their productivity and improve workflow. Speaking of which, here are some of the many benefits of using the best EHR for pharmacies.

  • It provides timely access to patient information and eliminates the frequent need to clarify drug orders.
  • It allows pharmacists to evaluate medication lists and identify possible discrepancies.
  • It helps reduce the risks of medication errors.
  • It helps validate and improve the accuracy of drug prescriptions.
  • It promotes better collaborative care and helps ensure the patient’s safety throughout treatment.

What EHR Do Pharmacies Use?

The implementation of EHR systems in pharmacies is now becoming the norm. It is common to integrate EHR access to a pharmacy’s existing pharmacy management system like WinPharm and PrimeRx. There are also comprehensive EHR systems like Cerner EHR with built-in features for pharmacy management. In this regard, knowing how to choose the best EHR for pharmacies and fully take advantage of its benefits is a must.

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Best EHR for Pharmacies in 2023: What You Should Know!

What Is the Best EHR for Pharmacies?

A reliable EHR system allows pharmacies to function more efficiently. It also lets pharmacists coordinate with other healthcare professionals and have direct access to relevant patient information. Speaking of which, finding the best EHR for pharmacies isn’t an easy task. The good news is we’ve already listed down some great options below. Go ahead and check out our top picks for the best EHR for pharmacies and see if any of them suit your needs the most.


PrimeRx is a pharmacy management/EHR system for independent and retail pharmacies. It is full-packed with features that help improve a pharmacy’s productivity. With PrimeRx, pharmacies can easily monitor and determine whether a patient has any medications dispensed by other pharmacies.


WinPharm is one of today’s best EHR for pharmacies. This comprehensive pharmacy management system has an eCare plan feature that allows pharmacies to have a streamlined method of exchanging patient information and create care plans to provide an optimum outcome towards a patient’s overall quality of health.

Practice Fusion

Practice Fusion is a cloud-based EHR system. It allows pharmacies to work on prescription refills with more ease and convenience. On top of this, Practice Fusion boasts full HIPAA compliance, making it one of the most secure EHR systems for pharmacies.

Abacus Pharmacy Plus

Abacus Pharmacy Plus is a pharmacy management solution that makes integrated prescription processing more efficient for pharmacies. With its detailed patient profiling feature, it’s easier for pharmacists to identify and avoid possible drug interactions which can be deemed harmful to patients.


GuardianRx is best known for its cloud-based pharmacy management and EHR integration solution. It also flaunts a flexible platform that provides streamlined access to electronic health records. With it, pharmacies can efficiently perform comprehensive prescription evaluations and schedule refills which significantly helps lessen the workload.

Best EHR for Pharmacies in 2023: What You Should Know!

Improving EHR Interoperability Through Fax Integration

Improving EHR interoperability helps ensure the accuracy of patient information across different EHR platforms and healthcare management systems. One of the goals of EHR interoperability is to lessen the need to share PHI outside of EHR systems through phone, fax, and even paper-based exchanges.

One good way to improve EHR interoperability is through cloud-based faxing. With cloud-based faxing, it’s easier to integrate fax into an existing EHR system. Doing so allows pharmacies and other healthcare professionals to fax health records from one healthcare platform to another.

When it comes to fax integration, cloud-based fax services like iFax provides developer-friendly fax API that pharmacies and institutions can seamlessly integrate into their existing EHR system. 

Using the iFax fax API to fax electronic health records offers many benefits. Here are some of them:

  • Streamlines the faxing process while improving productivity and workflow.
  • Works with JSON, Ruby, Python, and other programming languages.
  • Fully customizable faxing functionalities with a free API test key.
  • Ensures secure faxing in every encrypted fax transmission.
  • HIPAA and GLBA compliant faxing.

Final Thoughts

EHR systems in pharmacies have proven the importance of prioritizing holistic patient care. By choosing the best EHR for pharmacies, pharmacists can perform their duties more efficiently so patients can focus on treatment and recovery.

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