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how to manage company fax numbers

How to Manage Company Fax Numbers: The Do’s and Don’ts

Faxing for business communications and transactions is relatively easy to manage. However, it could be challenging for companies to handle…

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differences between local toll-free and international fax numbers

Differences Between Local, Toll-Free, and International Fax Numbers

Faxing remains a preferred communication method in key legal, healthcare, and finance sectors. Email and other internet-based applications may have…

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vanity fax number

The Power of Vanity Fax Numbers in Building a Solid Branding

Using vanity fax numbers is perhaps one of the most effective tricks in the books for building brand recognition. It's…

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call a fax number

What Happens If You Call A Fax Number?

Do you ever wonder what happens when you call a fax number or send a fax? Are your confidential documents…

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how to find a fax number

How To Find A Fax Number: Strategies For Finding A Fax Number

Whether you’re doing it the traditional or the modern way, finding a fax number could be quite a chore. This…

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Fake Fax Numbers

Fake Fax Numbers: Why They Exist and How to Identify Them

If there is one massive disadvantage of going digital, it’s exposing oneself to online scams. From phishing websites to seemingly…

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