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June 2, 2023

Safeguarding Privacy With HIPAA Forms for Patients

In this article, you will learn why HIPAA forms for patients are necessary for healthcare providers and how they protect…

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patient information management

Patient Information Management: Guide to Healthcare Data Handling

Confidentiality and protection of patient’s medical records is a paramount priority in the healthcare industry. But with the increasing intricacies…

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Personally Identifiable Information: Why Is It Important?

Learn about personally identifiable information (PII), its importance, and how to secure this important information.

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protected health information - featured image

Protected Health Information: What Is and Its Importance?

As a business owner or company, you are obligated to protect your customers' sensitive and confidential data. Protected Health Information…

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falsifying medical records

The Dangers of Falsifying Medical Records: A Deep Dive

Falsifying medical records is a serious issue that has long plagued the healthcare industry. Despite the laws and regulations put…

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hipaa compliance solutions

HIPAA Compliance Solutions for Healthcare Organizations

Latest statistics say the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) recorded more than 300,000 HIPAA-related complaints since 2003. Of…

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HIPAA Faxing Policy

HIPAA Faxing Policy: A Guide to Protecting Patient Privacy

Despite the prevalence of more advanced communication tools nowadays, the healthcare industry still heavily relies on faxing to share vital…

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How to Secure and Protect Patient Information in Telemedicine

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the demand for telemedicine services, with doctors now providing one-to-one consultations and issuing prescriptions virtually.…

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HIPAA compliant emails

5 Easy Steps To Send HIPAA Compliant Emails

A question that baffles the most well-versed healthcare professionals even today is - What Email is HIPAA Compliant? If you…

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