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What Is Athena EHR?

Athena EHR is worth looking into if you are a healthcare professional looking to streamline your workflows with tools for patient engagement, medical billing, and telehealth.

Below are more details about Athena EHR software, including some updated information about its demo, features, and cost.

athenahealth ehr

What Is Athena EHR?

Athena EHR or athenahealth EHR is a cloud-based electronic medical records system. It is included in the athenaOne suite, a comprehensive healthcare platform providing features for electronic health records management, revenue cycle management (RCM), and patient engagement. 

The athenahealth brand was acquired by Veritas Capital in 2019 for around $5.7 billion, Fiercehealthcare reports. Meanwhile, Elliot Management is a minority investor, owning 9% of athenahealth. In 2021, Veritas Capital announced that athenahealth would be acquired by Hellman &Friedman and Bain Capital for $17 billion. The company is led by Chairman and CEO Bob Segert, a leader in the software and IT services industry for more than 20 years.

athenahealth EHR Software Features

Shared patient records

Athena EHR system gives you a comprehensive overview of patient health records. It incorporates new data automatically on patient profiles and helps you share the information with authorized staff, improving care coordination. Athena EMR integrates with CommonWell Health Alliance and Carequality, networks connecting US healthcare providers for data exchange.

Voice powered services

The athenaOne EHR integrates speech-to-text dictation powered by Nuance. Physicians can take hands-free documentation using their mobile devices. Athena EHR creates unique patient profiles when dictation is used for the first time. The platform also supports document templates and custom macros to support a physician’s preferred documentation style.

Population health support

Athena EMR gathers information in one place. Clinical, financial, and client data can be viewed on one platform. Healthcare staff can also view data trends and reports on their dashboard. With evidence-based content, healthcare managers can develop the most suitable care plan for each patient.

athenaOne app

AthenaOne EHR software offers a mobile app so authorized staff can access patient records anytime. They don’t need to be tied to their computers to document healthcare data. App data is then synced automatically with the organization’s computer.

Patient homepage

Athena EMR reduces the time spent searching for a client’s medical records. From the dashboard, healthcare staff can easily search for patient records. The patient homepage shows users each patient’s profile. It also allows staff to take action, such as finding insurance IDs, placing orders, and contacting patients.

What Is Athena EHR?


Telehealth services have become a necessary aspect of healthcare, especially during emergencies. athenaTelehealth integrates with athenaOne to schedule appointments and conduct video consultations. athenahealth EMR sends automated reminders through email and text messages to reduce no-shows. It also incorporates billing features, enabling the entire healthcare process to be completed online.

Patient payment tools

Healthcare providers can send digital invoices with a list of services. Patients can pay their medical bills online using their mobile device. athenahealth has obtained PCI DSS certification and allows secure credit card payments. 

AthenaOne API

athenahealth offers an API with comprehensive features. The API can be configured for various workflows: patient management, appointments, charting, documents and forms, diagnosis and ordering, hospital and inpatient-related information, insurance and finances, obstetrics episodes, practice configuration, provider resources, and quality management.

HIPAA Compliant

Athena EMR enables HIPAA compliance for covered entities and business associates. It offers a business associate agreement (BAA) and includes advanced security features to help providers comply with HIPAA law.

What Is Athena EHR?

How Does Athena EHR Work

Athena EHR is suitable for small practices and complex organizations. Healthcare providers should contact the athenahealth to subscribe and gain access to the platform. They can use the software to manage patient records and appointments, send invoices, request payment, and conduct telehealth visits. 

The EHR also allows two-way communication between patients and physicians. Patients can use their phones or other mobile devices to message physicians, view laboratory results, and request medication prescriptions.

Athena EHR Pricing

The price of Athena EMR corresponds to an organization’s needs. The vendor doesn’t tie up its clients in long-term contracts. To know the cost of Athena EMR, prospective clients should fill out their information on the athenahealth website and wait for the athenahealth team to respond.

Capterra reviews on athenaOne show more information on pricing. athenahealth doesn’t offer a free version or free trial. Verified user reviews also show a 3.8/5 rating for value for money.

Getting Started With Athena EHR

Getting started with Athena EHR is easy. Clients can fill out the form on their website, and the athenahealth team will respond. They can then begin using the platform after consulting with athenahealth experts and subscribing to the service. Once the required data has been entered into the system, the cloud-based EHR platform automatically populates the records for each patient.

athenahealth also suggests EHR training for healthcare staff during onboarding.

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