Jane EHR Practice Management Software: A Detailed Overview

Jane EHR Practice Management Software: A Detailed Overview

If you’re an individual practitioner or a small clinic, you may feel hard-pressed looking for a suitable EHR solution. Jane EHR software aims to resolve that dilemma by offering a simple, modern tool built with smaller clinics in mind. 

Here’s everything you need to know about Jane. 

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What Is Jane EHR?

Jane is a modern practice management solution targeted at health and wellness clinics. It offers a personalized website where patients can book appointments and complete intake forms before the actual schedule. It incorporates billing features so you can bill patients and accept various modes of payment, including insurance. 

The system also acts as a 24/7 front desk staff, giving your office extra hands to handle administrative tasks so you can focus on other critical processes. 

JaneHealth EHR Software Features

Jane EHR has multiple impressive and useful features, such as:

  • Online Booking: Create custom-branded and client-friendly online booking sites
  • Staff & Appointment Scheduling: Manage staff members’ shifts and patient appointments from a comprehensive scheduler that supports multiple locations
  • Charting: Create custom forms, charts, SOAP notes, and more using over 1000+ templates built to speed up your process of capturing and collecting patient data
  • Payment: Automatically and securely collect client payments by making it convenient for them to pay before or after the appointment. You can get paid right within Jane and use the app to collect outstanding balances. 
  • Online Appointments: Experience smooth online practice management with fully integrated telehealth options. You can conduct one-on-one, couple, or group sessions and quickly copy charts for multiple patients in one session.
  • Billing & Insurance: Collect insurance policies even before a patient comes in and electronically process claims within your Jane account
  • Reporting & Analytics: Stay informed of your business’ health using helpful reports that eliminate the errors of manual spreadsheets
  • Support & Training: Enjoy free data import and one-on-one account setup consultation to ensure you get Jane set up correctly
  • Integrations: Do more with Jane EHR with useful integrations such as Jane Payments (a payment platform), Claim.MD, Clinic Sites, MailChimp, Bench, and more.
Jane EHR Practice Management Software: A Detailed Overview
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How Does the Jane EHR System Work

Jane gives your practice a dedicated landing page that serves as your booking site. It contains the services and practitioners in your clinic so patients can easily find the best times to make an appointment.

Patients create an account within the site and use it to book an appointment. You can create custom patient intake forms that patients can fill out before their appointment. Patients will also get timely reminders about their appointments, reducing the instances of no-shows. You can also communicate with the patient before they come in for an appointment.

Each patient gets an account area that lets them view their upcoming appointments, intake form answers, payment information, and other useful settings. If they can’t book an appointment (for various reasons), they can opt to be part of a waitlist, which they can also manage from their account.

For practitioners, you can access a comprehensive dashboard with charts on your total patients, sales, billings, and more. You can also see who your top patients are and the leading treatments. It is also where you can access your chart notes, which you can duplicate and quickly update to reflect new patient information.

You can also quickly view appointment, billing, and insurance information. When it is time to bill the patient, you can conveniently copy insurance information from previous visits so you don’t retype everything. The system remembers your previously entered data and lets you reuse them for future appointments, saving you from the hassle of manual re-entries.

Jane EHR Pricing

Jane offers three convenient plans. The Base Plan costs CAD 79 per month (plus CAD 25 per additional license), which comes with all the essential features except insurance and billing. The Insurance Plan costs CAD 109 per month (plus CAD 30 per additional license) and has everything from the Base Plan plus insurance and billing.

Should you need a different plan, you can get their custom solutions that start at CAD 54 per month and are ideal for very small practices. They can also offer custom pricing for larger enterprises.

Online appointments for groups are billed separately at CAD 15 per month and are treated as an optional add-on. 

Jane EHR Practice Management Software: A Detailed Overview

Use Cases for Jane EHR System

Jane was built to help modernize small practices and has several helpful use cases for them: 

Expanding your front desk team

Jane works as a full-time admin staff so you can optimize your workforce to focus on other critical functions. The app sends email and SMS reminders to patients and books appointments in real time to help you avoid double bookings and no-shows.

The EHR system also makes billing incredibly simple. It can accept credit cards, track insurance billing, issue receipts, and send direct bills to insurers, all with a few clicks. 

Work anywhere, anytime

With Jane, you’re no longer bound to your office computer. You can conveniently complete patient charts, view appointment details, manage bills, and more using any smart device with an internet connection. Work on your laptop, desktop, or phone running either Microsoft, Android, or iOS.

Conduct secure group therapy sessions

Hold couple, family, and other group therapy sessions online for up to 12 related clients at once. With the optional add-on, each session has no time limits, so you can securely treat patients from the comforts of their homes. 

Getting Started With Jane EHR

Even small clinics can modernize their practices. With Jane, you get intuitive and powerful software that clients and practitioners love. You can expand the capabilities of your office so you can serve more patients with fewer overhead costs. 

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