ICANotes EHR for Behavioral Health: All You Need to Know

ICANotes EHR for Behavioral Health: All You Need to Know

Behavioral therapists looking for an electronic health record system may have stumbled upon ICANotes EHR. The software reduces administrative workloads in inpatient and outpatient settings. 

Read on to learn more about how it works, including its features and pricing.

icanotes ehr software

What Is ICANotes EHR?

ICANotes is a web-based electronic health record system (EHR) founded in 1999 and designed for behavioral therapists. It integrates practice management and billing with features such as patient charts, note templates, appointment scheduling, messaging, online payment, and telehealth. The EHR is fully configured for behavioral health, therapy, psychiatry, and addiction treatment centers.

With ICANotes, therapists can automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks and focus more on patient care.

ICANotesHealth EHR Software Features

Mental health charting

ICANotes EHR software offers note templates for initial assessments, progress notes, SOAP notes, group therapy notes, treatment plans, substance abuse charts, and discharge summaries. Simply go to the patient’s chart on the platform and add notes on their charts. You can select from pre-configured fields that show symptoms, interventions, suicide/violence risk assessment, and more.

The EHR automatically generates narrative notes from your field selections, removing the need for lengthy documentation. Also, you can add custom buttons for your diagnosis and link to a treatment plan. Afterward, the EHR lets you electronically sign and print your notes.

Secure document management

All your data is converted to electronic files, eliminating the space and cost of paper filing. You can then access your documents through the ICANotes platform, keeping your records organized and accessible at all times. Your notes can be locked and protected by passwords and electronic signatures.

ICANotes EHR is HIPAA-compliant and includes features to prevent unauthorized access. Transmitted data is fully encrypted and password-protected. The EHR also includes access logs and alarm reporting, ensuring protection for all access points.

ICANotes EHR for Behavioral Health: All You Need to Know

Patient Portal

ICANotes EHR offers two types of patient portals: basic and premium. They help you engage patients better while reducing face-to-face interactions for billing tasks, scheduling, and inquiries. Patients can access their portal securely through the platform.

The Basic Portal allows patients to send secure messages and access their medical history. The Premium Portal adds Online Intake, where patients can enter and update medical histories. It also includes custom web-based forms, e-prescription requests, appointment cancellations/confirmations, and email appointment reminders.

Patient self-scheduling

Patients can request or self-schedule appointments through ICANotes EHR. They don’t need to wait for staff to schedule an appointment. Once the appointment has been set, patients can sync their schedules with Google Calendar. The process also complies with the rules of HIPAA, not allowing third parties, including Google, to view the data.


To speed up the billing process, use an EHR like ICANotes. The platform provides an easy way to submit electronic and paper claims, monitor authorizations, automatically post remittances, and produce billing reports. You can create superbills, financial statements, and CMS forms from your dashboard.

Using the billing feature requires entering specific data like billing rates, patient demographics, and clinical notes. As a note-based program, the EHR generates a claim when you create a note. The platform also helps create an accurate billing report.

Insurance scanning and claim tracking

ICANotes EHR accurately captures proof of insurance. It checks the patient’s eligibility, eliminating the complex process of doing it yourself. You can electronically submit the insurance claims to a clearinghouse through the EHR platform.


Telehealth provides the privacy and convenience that many patients need. Through online consultations, ICANotes EHR helps you conduct secure assessments, video-based telepsychiatry, and manage medication activities. However, checking your state’s telehealth laws before using the service is strongly recommended.

To use the telehealth features, you and your patient will need a computer device with a microphone, speaker, and camera. The EHR platform automatically launches telehealth capabilities through the patient’s chart, appointment, or chat room. Once the session is launched, the EHR sends your patient an email or text message with a link invitation.

ICANotes EHR for Behavioral Health: All You Need to Know

How Does the ICANotes EHR Work

ICANotes EHR offers all the essential electronic record keeping, billing, practice management, and telehealth features. You can start using the web-based platform out of the box. There are no required downloads. 

All you need is to enter patient demographics, therapy notes, and your practice’s information to start enjoying its features. The EHR automatically updates each time you input new information.

ICANotes EHR Pricing, Free Trial, Free Version, and Live Demo

ICANotes EHR provides pricing, free trials, and live demos upon request via its website. To ask for pricing, enter your name, email address, and message using the Chat function on its website. 

You can also sign up for a free trial or schedule a live demo on the website. Sales appointments include one-hour demos, thirty-minute demos, or a 15-minute Zoom call. 

The EHR software for behavioral health currently does not offer any free version.

Getting Started With ICANotes EHR

Using the ICANotes EHR system as a new user begins with choosing a subscription that includes all the features and add-ons you want. Once you’ve subscribed to the software and gained access to its client portal, you can go through its several 45-minute training sessions. Doing so will help orient you to the platform’s fundamental features and functionalities.

You can also chat with ICANotes’s support team to request training classes and individual training sessions.

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