best e-prescribing software

Best E-Prescribing Software for Healthcare Companies in 2024

Integration is vital in creating unified software solutions. It links two or more standalone systems to maximize efficiency and improve workflow. This interoperability makes it easier to communicate and access data in real time without any restrictions.

In healthcare, various companies and businesses use integration to optimize data accessibility and deliver value-based care. A good example of this is the integration of electronic prescriptions into existing electronic health record (EHR) or electronic medical record (EMR) platforms.

Given the options available nowadays, choosing an e-prescription solution can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve come up with a list of the best e-prescribing software for healthcare companies and private practices.


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Best e-Prescribing software
Best e-Prescribing software

What Are the Benefits of Using E-Prescribing Software?

E-prescribing software offers a plethora of advantages for private practices and healthcare companies. For one, it simplifies the workflow, allowing faster turnarounds and shortened wait times.

The use of e-prescribing software lessens the need for prescription providers and pharmacy staff to manually input data. There is also no need to verify a prescription manually or in person since most of the work involved is automated.

With e-prescribing software, healthcare professionals can quickly double-check whether a patient is allergic to certain medications. Pharmacists can also check for potential drug-drug interactions before dispensing certain prescriptions.

Since there’s less room for errors, e-prescribing can help healthcare companies save money and avoid incurring losses caused by illegible prescriptions and drug interactions.

How Much Does E-Prescribing Software Cost?

Before reviewing our list, it is important to note the cost of setting up an electronic prescription system. Based on a 2014 research journal published on NCBI, the average cost of implementing an e-prescribing platform is around $42,332, with annual costs of about $14,725 per year. That’s a hefty price tag, especially for small clinics and local pharmacies.

Meanwhile, the price for e-prescribing software greatly varies. It usually depends on the number of providers as well as the company’s needs.

What Are the Top E-Prescribing Systems on the Market?

Here is our curated list of the best e-prescribing software ideal for healthcare software companies and professionals in private practice.

1. AdvancedMD ePrescribing

AdvancedMD’s ePrescribing system seamlessly integrates with the platform’s patient management and billing systems. Companies can rely on this comprehensive solution to implement various e-prescribing tasks, including allergy checks and drug-drug interactions. It also has a pharmacy linking feature that can directly link patients to their preferred pharmacies.

AdvancedMD offers standard and customized bundles, so you can choose a plan that matches your budget.

2. MDToolbox-Rx

While this award-winning solution can run as a standalone, it can also be synced with other systems or platforms. MDToolbox-Rx allows companies to send and receive prescription refills and orders electronically. Users get direct access to its comprehensive library of drug references and interactions.


RXNT is an electronic e-prescribing software that provides the flexibility and efficiency of managing prescriptions at a budget-friendly price. This cloud-based system allows prescribers to automate refill notices and check for allergy interactions. Certified by Surescripts, this software also has mobile applications so providers can easily manage prescriptions using their tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices. 

RXNT is ideal for providers in private practice as it only costs $150 per month. The best part? This rate lets you avail of its full suite of services that includes a medical billing system, a practice management system, and an appointment scheduler.

4. DoseSpot

DoseSpot is an e-prescribing software that is ideal for healthcare companies looking to integrate electronic prescribing into their existing software or platform. It offers two integration platforms: the Jumpstart platform and the Plus+ platform. The former is a plug-and-play software that companies can quickly integrate into their EHR or EMR systems.

Meanwhile, Plus+ is a customizable platform that allows companies to create their own e-Prescribing user interface from scratch.

5. OrderConnect

OrderConnect is a web-based electronic prescription platform. It can either function as a standalone or providers can choose to integrate it into the Netsmart EHR system. Apart from its ability to digitize the prescribing process, OrderConnect has all the tools and options necessary to streamline medication management.

It also makes writing prescriptions easier as it automatically displays essential information at the time of prescribing. A patient’s medication history, allergies, and lab results are all visible at a glance.

Best E-Prescribing Software for Healthcare Companies in 2024

Tips for Choosing the Best E-Prescribing Solution

When it comes to choosing the best e-prescribing software, consider the following factors:

  1. Usability. The system should be easy enough to navigate without the need for in-depth training. It should also function efficiently, with options to automate repetitive tasks such as creating labels or lists.
  2. Scalability. It should be fully capable of handling the company’s growing needs and demands without compromising the quality and level of performance.  
  3. Security. Since digital prescriptions contain protected health information (PHI), the software must have what it takes to safeguard sensitive data through advanced encryption methods.
  4. Compliance. The software should be duly compliant with HIPAA and other federal regulations. Since managing electronic prescriptions involves access to sensitive data, the e-prescribing software must comply with HIPAA rules to help safeguard information from possible cyber threats and data loss.
  5. Integration. The software should support integration with other systems or platforms. This allows medical staff and providers to access data without lengthy request processes and delayed approvals. 

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best e-prescribing software is not only about efficiency and cost-effectiveness; it is also about patient safety and satisfaction. With the help of these modern solutions for prescribing medications, medical companies and healthcare providers can function better and deliver the best quality care that every patient deserves.

Best E-Prescribing Software for Healthcare Companies in 2024

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