What Is Charm EHR?

What Is Charm EHR?

Every modern practice needs a trusted EHR system to store patient records and automate patient management. Charm EHR software leads the pack as an award-winning cloud-based clinical app founded and designed by physicians and patient advocates. It’s a HIPAA-compliant solution for growing practices needing a customizable and scalable solution. 

Here’s our breakdown of what to expect from CharmHealth EHR.

What Is Charm EHR?

Charm EHR Overview

CharmHealth EHR is an ambulatory, cloud-based electronic health record (EHR) solution aimed at small to medium-sized healthcare practices. It prides itself on offering the most affordable EHR solution with its “Use and Pay” policy, where you only pay for the encounters in any given month. This means that if you go on vacation or there’s a lean season, you don’t incur huge fees from the app. 

Charm EHR covers the following:

  • Practice management
  • Patient engagement
  • Revenue cycle management
  • Electronic health records
  • Telehealth

It’s ideal for small to medium healthcare practices in pediatrics, psychiatry, integrative medicine, dental, internal medicine, and family practice. 

CharmHealth EHR Software Features

The Charm EHR software presents the following key features:

  • Electronic health records: You only need a browser to create and manage patient records since everything is securely stored in the cloud.
  • SOAP templates: Custom-built SOAP templates are created for your specific needs, which will let you quickly document patient visits.
  • E-Prescriptions: Charm EHR is connected to over 70000+ pharmacies, so you can conveniently submit electronic prescriptions and approve refill requests.
  • Clinical decision support: You can treat complex medical conditions using customizable decision trees that let you drill down on critical details in a patient’s chart.
  • Lab integration: Charm EHR has ready-to-use lab interfaces for popular labs like Lab Corp. and Quest.
  • Referral management: You can conveniently provide streamlined patient care, be it inbound or outbound, due to smooth data exchange.
  • Immunization registry: Easily transmit practice vaccine and immunization data to the state immunization agency via electronic channels.
  • Flowsheet: Track patient vitals and lab results across multiple visits and easily view their progress.
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Source: CharmHealth, 2021, YouTube

How Does The Charm EHR System Work

Like any other cloud-based system, Charm EHR software works with any browser and is easily accessible on most devices. An active software subscription is required to access your account and enjoy its features. It works as a SaaS (software as a service), eliminating expensive hardware maintenance and providing hassle-free software upgrades. 

With Charm EHR, you can view scheduled appointments, share pre-appointment questionnaires, record patient visits, and maintain comprehensive information about patient’s medical conditions. 

The workflow begins with patient registration, usually accomplished via the front desk, where a patient registers via phone or as a walk-in guest. Patients get their own free account within the Charm portal, which they can use to schedule all future appointments, answer questionnaires, and share medical history documents. 

Charm EHR also provides templates for commonly used prescriptions, lab diagnostics, and data entry. It can also facilitate quick charting of various patient encounters. Charm EHR integrates with major laboratories, allowing requests to be sent directly, with results readily available for review within the software.

After the patient encounter, Charm EHR can facilitate billing and invoicing, including integration with insurance providers. It also supports an in-pharmacy module so clinics can manage their medicine inventory within the platform.

Charm EHR Pricing

CharmHealth EHR offers a free plan with limited functionality. For most practices, the free plan is enough to evaluate the basic functionalities and help you decide whether CharmHealth EHR is worth the investment. The free plan allows 50 encounters per month. 

Their website has a pricing request form where you can complete specific details about your practice, which they’ll use to provide an accurate quote. You’ll be asked to choose from an Encounter Plan, which comes with flexible pricing starting at $0.50 per encounter per month, or a Provider Plan, billed per provider starting at $350 per month. 

You can also opt for add-on integration capabilities such as e-prescription, CONNECT, immunization registry, telehealth, and more. These optional add-ons provide a scalable solution that can grow with your needs. A demo is also available for anyone who wishes to explore more of Charm EHR’s features and functionalities.

best hipaa-compliant ehr software

Charm EHR System Use Cases

There are plenty of use cases for Charm EHR, as they are helpful for any practice aiming for automation. For instance, it offers physicians a secure messaging platform to collaborate in discussing a patient’s treatment and recovery. All the data are transmitted over a secure network and conveniently tagged to the patient for easy viewing and access.

Another convenient use is to manage and control stock inventory, such as OTC drugs, supplements, and lab kits. The front office can quickly access a patient encounter to see the items needed and automatically update the inventory once the items are dispensed. An inventory sales invoice is also generated automatically, reducing patient waiting time and ensuring accuracy. 

CharmHealth EHR comes with Fullscript integration, which lets you access the most extensive catalog of professional-grade supplements. This enables you to prescribe the supplements the patient needs from your personalized store and then have them delivered directly to the patient’s address. 

Getting Started With Charm EHR

CharmHealth EHR offers bustling healthcare practices an integrated and robust EHR system. If you’ve always wanted to digitize your operations but are hesitant due to the high costs of enterprise systems, then give Charm EHR a try. Their free plan is enough to help you determine if the solution fits your team. It will also help you get a feel of what digitization could do for your practice. 

Ultimately, committing to an EHR system is a significant decision that requires careful consideration. You should evaluate all available options and consider the various EHR software in the market before finally deciding on one.

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Kent is a content strategist currently specializing in HIPAA-compliant online fax. Her expertise in this field allows her to provide valuable insights to clients seeking a secure and efficient online fax solution.

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