medgen ehr system

What Is Medgen EHR?

Are you thinking of using Medgen EHR? This article explains everything you need to know about this web-based electronic health records system.

Read on to see if this EHR system’s features, pricing, and certifications suit the requirements of your healthcare organization.

medgen ehr software

What Is Medgen EHR?

Medgen EHR is a cloud-based electronic health record (EHR) system for physicians and healthcare professionals. It is a fully adaptable EHR system with revenue cycle management features, including scheduling, invoicing, charge capture, and claim submissions.

Developed by Comtron USA, Medgen EHR benefits from the expertise of former clinicians, practice managers, technology leaders, and health IT executives. With 35 years of expertise, Comtron has established a solid reputation in the healthcare industry.

Medgen EHR Software Features

Medgen web-based EHR has the following key features:


Medgen EHR meets the criteria set by the Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) for Health Information Technology (HIT). HIT products include EHR systems like Medgen, which promote the smooth exchange of health information.

Medgen mobile app

Medgen offers an EHR mobile app that includes voice recognition. It allows physicians to dictate reports on their mobile devices. The feature is powered by Nuance Dragon Speech Recognition. Nuance technology enables quick documentation, three times faster than typing.

Patient web portal

Patient web portal

Patients and doctors can review medical charts and lab results on the patient web portal. The dashboard shows a patient’s medical history so doctors can quickly prescribe the proper treatment. The UI is easy to navigate and easily understandable, even to new users.

PQRS reporting

The Physician Quality Reporting System provides an incentive payment to physicians for reporting information on the quality of care they give to their patients. It was developed by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services in the US. Medgen EHR includes PQRS in its platform so physicians can easily accomplish their PQRS reports. Note that PQRS has been replaced by the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS), according to the CMS.

Medical Billing

Medgen EHR system reduces administrative workloads with its billing features. Practices can submit claims online, print invoices and financial statements, and reconcile payments on the platform. Medical fees can be recorded during the patient visit and automatically converted to digital claims for submission to insurance companies.


This EHR software lets users view the schedules of up to nine providers on a single screen, offering a consolidated view of appointments and availability. The platform also manages wait lists and efficiently manages surgical scheduling. Meanwhile, real-time analytics provide instant insights into the scheduling process.

What Is Medgen EHR?

How Does the Medgen EHR Work

Medgen hopes to lighten administrative processes and improve efficiency in healthcare practices. It allows physicians to view patient charts and manage their practice from one patient portal. It works like any electronic health record system, helping you record patient’s health information, view appointments, check patient lists, and manage billing processes on one convenient platform. The mobile app allows you to view charts on the go and use speech-to-text to dictate charts.

Medgen EHR Pricing

Like many EHR systems, Medgen doesn’t disclose pricing on its website. Customers must book a demo by going to their website and filling out the form. However, both Capterra and Software Advice show a price tag of $300 per month for the platform. The review sites also affirm that Medgen offers a free trial.

Is Medgen suitable for my healthcare practice?

Medgen is a solid EHR with years of experience tucked under its belt. Users comment that the system is easy to learn and use. If a healthcare clinic needs a basic EHR with revenue cycle management features, then Medgen can be a suitable choice.

However, Medgen doesn’t include telehealth features, which some EHR systems offer. If your healthcare practice doesn’t provide online consultations, having access to such a feature won’t make a difference. If that is not the case, exploring other popular EMR systems like Praxis or Jane is best, especially if you want to offer virtual meetings and gain access to more extensive practice management features.

Getting Started With Medgen EHR

To get started with Medgen EHR, healthcare practitioners should book a demo and subscribe to Medgen EHR. Afterward, you should export your data to Medgen’s system so you can view the patient’s health information. Medgen automatically syncs information into its system when a user records data on the platform.

Moreover, don’t forget to ask Medgen EHR for a Business Associate Agreement (BAA). After all, HIPAA compliance is a must in healthcare when using platforms that store and manage protected health information (PHI). Entering into a signed legal agreement with Medgen will not only safeguard PHI. It will also demonstrate your practice’s commitment to comply with the standards set by HIPAA.

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