Meditech EHR Software: Features, Pricing, and Demo

Meditech EHR Software: Features, Pricing, and Demo

Hospitals looking for an interoperable electronic health records system may consider Meditech. A platform that comes with various tools for practice management, Meditech EHR enables instant access to patient records and other vital documents.

This guide includes everything you need to know about Meditech EHR, including its features, price, and core purpose.

Meditech EHR Software: Features, Pricing, and Demo

What Is Meditech EHR?

Meditech Expanse EHR is a full-featured electronic health record (EHR) system. The software allows healthcare providers to protect data, connect remote sites, communicate with patients, and improve administrative workflows. It can be implemented as Meditech as a Service (MaaS), a cloud-based alternative to the Expanse platform. 

Used by thousands of healthcare organizations, Meditech has made a name for itself in 23 countries. It’s packed with features that hospitals need, including telehealth, practice management, billing, appointments, and reporting. 

The Meditech EHR system boasts a 30-year partnership with HCA Healthcare, which was recognized through the CHIME Collaboration Award in 2021. The award acknowledges the two institutions for partnering in healthcare innovation. Meanwhile, HCA Healthcare was ranked the no. 1 medical facility on Fortune 2023 World’s Most Admired Companies list.

In 2023, the research firm KLAS recognized Meditech as a top vendor. The EHR was judged Best in Klas for Acure Care EMR (Small). Moreover, it ranked in several categories: Overall Software Suite, Overall Physician Practice Vendor, Acute Care EMR (Mid-size), Home Care EHR (Health System Owned), Ambulatory EMR (Health System Owned), and Practice Management (Health System Owned).

MeditechHealth EHR Software Features

Expanse Patient Portal

The Patient Portal allows patients to make online appointments and avoid the long lines in waiting rooms. Patients can also pre-register or update information through the Portal, respond to pre-visit questionnaires, or scan a QR code for contactless check-in. 

MHealth app

The MHealth Android or iOS app is the mobile counterpart of the Patient Portal. It offers a secure way for patients to access their health data on a mobile device. 

The MHealth app allows patients to exchange messages with their care team, book appointments, pre-register consultations, review laboratory and radiology reports, pay their medical bills, track immunizations, request prescription renewals, and view their medical history and forms. It captures patient consent automatically through forms that enable electronic signing. 

Virtual consultations

Virtual patient care has become a standard, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. Meditech offers a Virtual Care solution so patients can stay connected to their physicians through video visits. It also features Virtual On Demand Care, allowing care providers to manage and deliver health and medical services via remote access.

Expanse Genomics

Physicians can order genetic tests and store the results on patient charts. They don’t need to launch another system, manually enter their orders, and open the EHR to document the order. Test results are returned as flat files (usually PDFs) in an insightful format, facilitating pharmacogenomics drug-gene checking and effective treatment. 

Expanse Point of Care

This feature gives nurses and therapists access to Meditech EHR on smart tablets or mobile devices. They only need to scan patient wristbands or use the search functionality to access patient charts. Their smart devices will also show real-time status monitoring for all patient-related activities.

Meditech EHR Software: Features, Pricing, and Demo

Claims management

Meditech EHR enables claims checking and error resolutions. Insurance data is captured accurately to facilitate timely billing and collection. Healthcare staff can submit claims through the EHR, process payments, and create A/R follow-up and appeals. 

Inpatient scheduling board

Meditech EHR manages therapists’ schedules with an easy-to-understand scheduling board. Users can quickly scan each therapist’s schedule on a color-coded calendar. This simplifies coordination among care staff and allows individual therapists to focus more on patient care.

Meditech API

Meditech EHR provides RESTful APIs that users can deploy within the platform. The APIs are protected through firewalls, load balancers, and encryption. It also uses authorization and authentication features.

Meditech EHR Software: Features, Pricing, and Demo

How Does the Meditech EHR Work

Meditech EHR works as an EHR system with practice management features. Physicians and care teams can check and update patient charts, monitor patient activities, view their schedules, conduct virtual appointments, and give e-prescriptions on the platform. Tasks like scheduling, claims management, and bill payment are automated, reducing the hospital staff’s cognitive and administrative workload.

Meditech EHR Pricing

Meditech EHR pricing is unavailable online. Customers need to reach out to the software provider’s team to get a quote based on their unique requirements. 

A free trial or free version is also not available for testing. However, healthcare providers can request a product demo.

Getting Started With Meditech EHR

To get started with Meditech EHR software, customers should reach out to Meditech and ask for a quote. They may ask for Meditech Expanse EHR or the cloud-based MaaS. The latter operates on a subscription model, which is more affordable than an enterprise-level EHR.

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